2. 8 procents of my DNA is from Neanderthals

3rd-4th June 2015
Great Britain, Nottinghamshire

2.8% of my DNA is from Neanderthals

My results in 23andME
I am estimated 2.8% of my DNA is from Neanderthals.
Eanna Balzina-Balzin (you)


Average 23andMe user 2.7%


H5a is a subgroup of H5 ==== THEY DID NOT GO DEEPLY == MY mtDNA H5a2 by FTDNA


They are still calculating my ancestry results
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2.8% моего ДНК от Неадертальцев  по тесту американской компании 23andME

2.7% результат средний среди клиентов 23andME

Теперь я точно знаю что мои предки были и неадертальцы.
Их не осталось - они были убиты все. Но 2.8% моего ДНК ещё хранят память о них

Т.е. неадертальцы и хомо сапиенсы не просто жили на одной местности в одних пещерах. Но ещё и секс имели и детей имели.

Проценты у каждого в его генетике будут свои. У кого какие.

МитоДНК они мне показали как H5a от гаплогруппы H5 или H по результатам 23andME
Компания Genebase показала аналогично H5a от гаплогруппы H5 или H
Компания FTDNA дала более точные результаты H5a2 от гаплогруппы H5 или H

Каждая компания имеет свои фишки обработки данных и свои базы данных и технологии.
Компания 23andME. к примеру. это возможность узнать среди прочего ещё и проценты в генетике и в ДНК от неадертальцев.
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2.8 pro-cents of mine are similar to DNA Neanderthals from caves in Croatia

I would be interesting if they will develop their tools to compare with Neanderthals from all caves, including from Siberia and with Denisov from Denisov cave in Siberia in Altai in Russia too

and with monkeys. horses, mammals, sea mammals too.

These 2.8 pro-cents similar to DNA Neanderthals from caves in Croatia may be not from the sexual activities and sharing genes though this, but as Home Sapience and Neanderthals had a similar ancestor in the past. But  I may agree with scientific results too as right as numbers is so different from 0 till 4 pro-cents as common with Neanderthals -- so ... interesting to look for mtDNA and YDNA still with the connection to these common DNA in pro-cents too. as these genes may be transferred and from maternal side.

the sex of human Home Sapience from the 23 pair of chromosomes

XX would be a girl, a female
XY would be a boy, a male

so, the father gives X chromosome from his mother or Y chromosome from his father.
so, 23rd pair of human chromosome XX for female, where one X is from her mother and another X chromosome from her father or more right to say from her father's mother.

and each person is a half of genes from his mother and a half of genes from his father.
so, each person is 50 pro-cents from his father and 50 pro-cents from his father.

In the cases of closed relations between ancestry of parents as from a small closed group of people
each child has more that 50 pro-cents of each parent in the own genetic.

so, this number 2.8 pro-cent as common to me and The Neanderthals might be more high as my father's mtDNA is H5 and my mother's mtDNA is H5a or H5a2

so the genetic relation is closed and each numbers of similarity by maternal side would gave more high number as a mixture of genes.

Than a baby born, he/she/they has/have 50% from the mother's genes and 50% from father's genes.

So, when a baby from a sexual mixture between Home Sapience and Neanderthals had his birth in a deep past,

The the First Baby from a sexual mixture between Home Sapience and Neanderthals had 50% from the Home Sapience's genes and 50% from Neanderthal's genes.

These 2.8% for me as shared genes in my mtDNA with Neanderthal's genes from the cave in Croatia compares with 50% for me as shared genes  in the DNA of The First Baby from a sexual mixture between Home Sapience and Neanderthals in the deep past show the long time distance of this event in the past.

So, 50%  as common with  the ancestor Neanderthal mixed the own genes with Home Sapience dropped till 2.8% for me as for their distant descent via the long time difference.

Scientists put the time 40,000 years back as the disappear of The Neanderthals.

But plenty people have from up to 0% till 4% of their DNA as shared with The Neanderthals.

Nigerian people in Africa have the average 0,3% of their DNA as shared with The Neanderthals.
Japanese people in Japan have the average 2.7% of their DNA as shared with The Neanderthals.
Chinese people in China have the average 2.5% of their DNA as shared with The Neanderthals.

I am, my birth was in Russia, with my ancestors from Siberia-Altai, have 2.8% of their DNA as shared with The Neanderthals from the caves in Croatia.

There is not a possibility to compare DNA with DNA Neanderthals from different caves and places and countries and Siberia and with Denisov remains from Denisov's cave in Altai Siberia - here was a mixtures in caves of remains of  Neanderthals, Denisov Human group and Home Sapience.

There is not a possibility to compare DNA with DNA of monkeys, mammals, sea mammals.

Jews had a long tradition to be married in the closed groups so this tradition might saved DNA and genes of their deep ancestry for a more long time, as each baby had more that 50% of DNA of their parents, especially more that 50% of DNA of their mothers.

So, if The First Baby was a mixture of 50% of DNA Home Sapience and 50% of DNA  from Neanderthals.

And this numbers as 50% of DNA  from Neanderthals dropped later via the disappear of Neanderthals to less and less.

In the case of a closed small groups with a sexual family relation, each child has more that 50% of DNA from his father and more that 50% of DNA  from his mother as practically parents are genetically related to each another.

One popular example of this is Jews, Hebrews, Ashkenazi Jews. But really the some for plenty other small closed groups and tribes.

If we would look for crocodiles in the some really small closed place in the river and beaches around, - all crocodiles are genetically related as they live in the some place over millions years and they genes resistant to survive.

Humans DNA are not so resistant to survive as crocodiles genes as more modern and new and easy to mutate or to pick a wrong combination of genes as dominant genes. Really, to survive - we need to have the open borders with the possibility to cross to pick pairs to make families and kids.

My father's mtDNA is H, H5

My and my mother's mtDNA is H, H5a, H5a2

This is H, H5 gaplogroup, as related and the some female maternal ancestor for mothers' of my mother and my father and me.

My DNA shared 2.8% of DNA with Neanderthals whom lived in the cave in Croatia.

Neanderthals disappeared, probably, 40,000 years back.
Genetic said that Home Sapiens moved to migrate from Africa around 60,000 years back, around 40,000 years back, .... etc and that that mixture with Neanderthals living at that deep time everywhere - in Europe, etc.

Or, may be, Neanderthals had  disappeared 40,000 years back or they would not able to mixture their genes with Home Sapience.

Please take my apology if I put some information and data wrong  - you may check all yourself in 23andMe web-side and other web-sides in Internet on in books in library.

Kind Regards
Eanna Inna Balzina-Balzin

On Russian

Каждый ребёнок имеет половину генов от отца и половину генов от мамы.
Каждый ребёнок имеет 50% ДНК от отца и 50% ДНК от его мамы.

Люди образовались как Хомо Сапиенсы от небольшой группы в 200-220 тысяч человек выживших в Африке после некой глобальной Катастрофе 60 тысяч лет назад и затем мигрировали с Африки потоками миграций дойдя и до Европы. Где жили неадертальцы.

Неадертальцы исчезли около 40 тысяч лет назад.

Учёные находят гены неадертальцев в генетике современных людей от 0 до 4 процента.


Японцы в Японии имеют в их ДНК 2.7% генов неадертальцев как среднее значение.
Китайцы в Китае имеют в их ДНК 2.5% генов неадертальцев  как среднее значение.
Нигерийцы в Нигерии в Африке имеют  в их ДНК 0.3% генов неадертальцев  как среднее значение
Я имею 2.8% генов неадертальцев  в моём ДНК

ДНК неадертальцев брали по данным неадертальцев из пещеры и Хорватии в Европе.

Сравнения в неадертальцами из другим мест и пещер и пещер в Сибири и Алтае не далеют.
Потому нельзя сравнить было бы изменения результатов.

Сравнения ДНК с ДНК неадертальцев и Денисовца и Хомо Сапиаенсов из пещеры Денисова в Сибири на Алтае не делают. Потому нельзя сранвить результаты.

Сравнения ДНК с ДНК обезьян. ЛОШАДЕЙ. млекопитающих. морских млекопитающих и дельфинов не делают - узнать процентное отношение одинаковых генов.

Но это нормально - любая наука развивается и накапливает базу данных и факты и аналитику.

Каждый ребёнок имеет 50% ДНК от отца и 50% ДНК от его мамы.

Т.е. первый ребёнок от связей неадертальцев и хомо сапиенса имел 50% ДНК от представителя группы неадертальцов и 50% ДНК от представителя группы Хомо Сапиенсы когда случилось вдруг это первое событие.

Данные от выше чем 0% до 4% в современных людях показывают - если сравним с 50% генов неадертальцев в первом ребёнке от связей неадертальцев и Хомо Сапиенсов количество дистанции времени от того момента и от того момента когда эт смешение генов прекратилось - это 40 тысяч лет назад когда неандертальцы исчезли.

Говорят. Люди убили убили их всех.

А сейчас генетики и археологи и биологи и историки и масса людей открыли вдруг для себя неандертальцев и их культуру и почувствовали как не хватает их.   Часть людей хотели бы возродить их обратно к жизни.

Был шанс сосуществовать - две или три и четыре или сколько человеческих рас вместе. Что-то вроде американского фильма было бы Звёздные Войны с разнообразием форм жизни на людей и видом человека.

Человек разумный - Хоум Сапиенс - это по сути агрессивный доминантный вид с которым трудно оказалось ужиться на планете. И который убивает даже представителей своего собственного биологического вида.

В Библии благославление людям от Бога плодиться и размножаться. И Завет Иисуса Христа - Не Суди. Прости. Не убий.

Убивают то порой самых беззащитных. Кто не могут постоять за себя. А потом агрессивные убийцы плодят свой род дальше - и это род постоянно желает с кем то идти и воевать.

Даже когда мир и никто не нападает вообще.

Неандертальцев  не стало около 40 000 лет назад.

А их гены до сих пор в современных людях. больше 0 процента и до 4 процентов - у кого как.

Когда жили в пещерах вместе - было 50 процентов в среднем. Эти 0-4 процента остаток и показывает огроное количество лет когда жили вместе.

Мы не может судить наших предков кто выживали и какие они были там потому как все они дали нам жизнь.

Гены неадертальцев дали людям устойчивость к иммунным инфекционным заболеваниям и к холоду. Кто их имеет - болеет реже.

4th June 2015
Great Britain, Nottinghamshire

Frosty mornings in Europe

2.8% of my DNA is from Neanderthals

2.8% of my DNA is from Neanderthals from the caves in Croatia Europe by 23andMe tests results

so, one of my ancestor was from a genetic mixture from Homo Sapience and Neanderthals,
having 50% of DNA from Neanderthals from the caves in Croatia Europe as the first baby and a child

there genes are dropped from 50 pro-cents or more or less or equal to now till 2.8% in the modern time in me in my genes.

Neanderthals  disappeared, vanished about 40,000 years back in time.

Modern people are carers from up from 0 till 4 pro-cents genes in their DNA from Neanderthals.

These genes from Neanderthals are resistant to the infections, a coldness.

Homo Sapiens  came from the hot Africa and Arab Peninsula while Neanderthals lived in another climate in Europe for a while, for a really long time, having a good immune system resistant to the weather condition and the nature in these places.

The mixture of genes with Neanderthals helped Homo Sapiens to survive on the new weather condition areas really successful to wash down till a nil all Neanderthals about 40,000 years back.

Really, we see now as local people of Russian Ethnic Group in Ukraine attacked by other people whom came from other land, towns, places, countries whom may have their wish to vanish, to disappear all locals as a white European race of local Russian Ethnic and to fill this land by theirs.

But here a cold snow winters in The East Ukraine and so it would be hard to survive here for strangers from more warm countries, including refugees from Africa and The Arab Peninsula in the East Ukraine with a cold snow winters and icy roads as surfaces.

Plenty people said they feel they miss Neanderthals as their feelings after 40,000 years of their disappear.

Probably the some feelings will feel future descents of American, British, Europeans after a time too... as they realized how many humans of their human Homo Sapiens, a white European race, locals in their places of living for centuries, murdered to stop to live in our modern time in Europe.

Frosty mornings in Europe

- Please, sit to eat with murders
One table is for all.
- O, Thank you. May be later.
Not ready yet, of course.

They gone. They gone forever.
Not try to find a smile.
And a frozen face forever
to keep without a smile.

The frost at an early morning
The fog on a summer day.
Fallow from the mouth-
if it'll stop - it will be the end.

Frosty mornings in Europe again
and again убивают людей
чьи вина что живут
на своей стороне
и растили своих детей

Eanna Inna Balzina-Balzin

2.8 процента моего ДНК от неандертальцев

Frosty mornings in Europe

2.8% of my DNA is from Neanderthals

Ианна Инна Бальзина-Бальзин
Eanna Inna Balzina-Balzin