Перевод рассказа "РашынЖып"


When I worked as a foreman in the quarry foreigners had visited us periodically. Black, yellow, all sorts in General. Usually they met the chief engineer or someone of equal rank.

But this time, whether the chief engineer had disappeared somewhere, whether day was shitty, but to meet the visiting representative of the company Komatsu fell to me.

The alien was not Japanese but American, surprisingly. He didn't spoke Russian, the translator didn't take. As later explained he just wanted to look at the work of the excavator and to see from him some indicators. This here is an independent cowboy, damn it, was involved in our Yakut Prairie.

He came in a jeep. I wouldn't let him in the quarry of course. Generally forbidden to get down foreign vehicle in quarry,  and the more this kid of burger and Coca-Cola.

Since I was warned in advance about his arrival, where to carry a yank I knew.

A slight difficulty was that I spoke English about as well as he spoke Russian.

...On the edge of the quarry we met, shook hands. I listened to his short speech and nodded slightly, for polite I am. Actually I had no idea what he was talked, maybe what state secrets quizzed, I don't know. But the law of  hospitality and all that. In General I agreed with him, I don't know what exactly.

With a sweeping gesture he invited me to his jeep, showing signs that we are now comfortably go down to the quarry to the mine.

I showed the answer gestures, what the fuck he guessed, because it's quarry, it is spring, the stones were falling from the sides, and really we'll take my car.

- Rashn jeep! - wide gesture I pointed to a dusty UAZ that is to say "Goat".

What is really Rashn the yank realized barely looked up. Slightly rolling his eyes, he pointed a finger at "IT" and asked something. Judging by the tone - he didn't trust me. Though in his place probably I would have done the same, because the Car had the appearance of an elderly disabled person. And huli what the fuck him to have a different look when it was so many years that they have at this age people are already thinking about wills.
- Not bsdo, sir! - I encouraged him, - Jeep is the zaepis for quarry!

Probably, he understood me, because fearfully nodded and climbed in the passenger seat.

What to say. The car inside was much more dreary than the outside. Naked green metal in the cabin does not correspond to the idea of comfort. Anatomically skewed seats were not allowed to stretch out in the chair, and the sound of the engine UAZ, has caused a sharp spasm of the American body.

Grasping the front handle on the dash, he turned his frightened eyes forward and froze.

At first all went well and judging by the movement of his lips, Amigo liked the trip. But here we drove to the quarry.

...Warm outside... Past the sides periodically the whistle of stones, some of them loud thumps on the wounded hood... under the wheels is not American Highway. And dust. No, no. DUSTY!

Provocatively twirling the steering wheel and Bouncing on the seat, I periodically glanced at his guest. Guest also rode furiously in the chair, fought about iron inside rashn jeep and tried to speak. Periodically I talked on the radio, I constantly slammed the doors, which opened on the go, mine and his. As a result, the expression of the eyes of a comrade has become somewhat insane and farewell.

- B-b-b-u-a-e, -  hopping American friend obviously something I wanted to say.

- BAD - roads?! There is a little bit. Stuff will break. We'll break through. - I showed some knowledge of the English and added gas.

- B-b-b-I-t-e-a-a... - it clearly wanted to convey to me what that important idea.

I have no great stock of English words, and beginning with the letter "b" only two of them.

-BOTTLE? - to clarify, I asked the second familiar word. Well you never know, maybe thirsty?

- N-n-no-o-u-u...N-n-n-o-o...b-B-at-t-t.... B-b-y-y....

We arrived, I braked near the mine. We got out of the car, with difficulty identifying as homo sapiens because of dust.

- Not a bottle! No! - Amigo startled look on the rashn jeep. And, shit, almost accent-said:
- Bljat!

...It turns out he also knew of a couple of Russian words.

Жаль, что не на нашем.

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