The Arkaim. Annigilatoins of Spirits

Feature film treatment 

Georg Davitashvili, Alexey Pozharsky, 2010-2015

Genre: Mystical Thriller/Science fiction/Detective/Drama
Logo: There is nothing that is not subject to "it"

The plot is built around the project of a radiotelescope that the young astrophysicist Andrey Evtushenko plans to build on top of one of the mountains in Arkaim, Chelyabinsk region.  A dramatic struggle unfolds between the oligarch Glotov, the German Interpol agent Sch;fer, his Chinese colleague Yanu Chzhan, and the mysterious third force the spirit of Andreys late Grandmother, the Schaman Tatma. Unexpectedly, the astrophysicists wife, the neurologist Olga, finds herself in the very epicenter of the events together with her 7 year old patient named Dasha the miracle survivor of a horrible explosion in the Moscow metro, with the late shamans spirit entered into her.

Created by:
Story and Script George Davitshvili, Alexey Pozhanrsky
Director George Davitashvili, C-Director Walter Crochmal
Composers Brian Eno, Eduard Artemyev, Sainho Namchylak, Alexander Senko, Chrysto Kirilov
Visual effects Windmill Lane VFX company
Animating artiststhe Alexander Petrov Studio: Igor and Elena Pisarenko, Elena Petrova
Production Designers George Davitashvili, Elvira Abdrashidova, Ike Symonyan

Andrey Eutushenko, astrophysicist (35) Stas Shirin
Olga, his wife, a psychoneurologist (34) Milla Jovovich or Olga Zaitseva
Radomir Askoldovich Glotov, an oligarch (65) Brus Willis, or Mickey Rourke, r John Malkovich
Evelina, Glotovs Assistant (30) Olga Kurilenko or Milena Sannikova
Klaus Sch;fer, a German Interpol Officer (42-46) Antoine Monot or Jurgen Vogel
Yanu Chzhan, a young woman; a Chinese Interpol Officer (37) Ksun Zhou
KelemchiBairamovna, Andreys mother (68) Sainkho Namchilak
Tatma, the late shaman, Andreys Grandmother (75) Sainkho Namchylak
Father Eumeniy, an Orthodox Priest (53) Evgeny Sidikhin
A hermit shaman, Melchizedek (55) Mickey Rourke or Boris Grebenshikov
Rayzantsev, the Legislative committee chairman, Chelyabinsk region (65) Vladimir Steklov
Valenitin, an Interpol colonel in Russia (50) Fedor Bordarchuk
IlyaSemenovich, department head at the clinic (69) Alexander Pyatkov
Frau Humboldt (68) Hanna Schigulla
Glotovs boxing partner (46) Roy Jones

*            *            *
...Somewhere in the dark of the outerspace an old shaman woman is banging a tambourine  A cell phone rings in a Dom Hotel Haupfbahnhofroom in Cologne to awaken the scientist and astrophysicist Andrey Evtushenko. Its his mother calling from the distant Chelyabinsk region to tell him of a warning visitation of his grandmother Tatma or, rather, her ghost - during the night. Andrey has no idea what his mother is talking about, so he ignores her words. And when driving along the streets of Cologne in a taxi to Oberpfaffenhof, the international center for research in Space travel, to present his report at the international astrophysicist symposium, he is stunned by a vision of his Grandmother Tatmas ghost throwing itself under the wheels of his taxi.
Later at the conference hall in Oberpfaffenhof, Andrey struggles as he gives his report presentation. He is prepared to speak of the possible methods, ways and tools of protecting the Earth from meteors like the one that fell in Chelyabinsk. But a new vision comes to him. He sees a huge shaman tambourine rolling from the middle of the room towards his pulpit, ringing its bells. Completely off his stride now, Andrey begins talking of something absolutely unplanned, like the planet Nibiru inhabited by the Annunki gods approaching the Earth, lifes extraterrestrial origin and new genetic codes. The unexpected revelations from a young Russian scientist arouse a wave of unhealthy agitation in the audience and among the journalists present. A certain Klaus Sch;fer from the audience (who will later turn out to be an Interpol Officer) takes a video of Andreys speech with his smartphone.  Later, at the Cologne airport, introducing himself as a German publicist writing on para-scientific subjects, Sch;fer tries to start a conversation with Andrey, but to no avail. 
At the airport in Moscow Andreys beautiful green-eyed wife Olga picks him up.  They are then approached by a young lady named Evelina. She explains that shes fulfilling a task for her boss the powerful oligarch Radomir Askoldovich Glotov to invite Andrey, immediately upon his arrival in Moscow, to be a guest at the Oligarchs country-side villa, to relax and to worship some Head of God. Saying hes not feeling well, Andrey politely declines the oligarchs invitation.
As they drive back to the city, Andrey tells his wife (who is a staff psycho-neurologist at the Russian Ministry of Emergencies) of the visitations from his Grandmothers ghost and the tambourine rolling towards the speakers pulpit in Cologne. Upon hearing this, Olga offers seeing Father Eumeniy, an Orthodox priest, immediately. The priest is a retired military psychologist who was her supervisor at some point when she was a student. She often sends to him her religiously dependent and brainwashed patients, as the modern methods of Western psychology and psychiatry are usually powerless in such cases.
Father Eumeny realizes that whats happening to Andrey is out of the ordinary. He advises him to go immediately to his mothers house in the Chelyabinsk region, so that there he can have it all figured out. However this isnt the only reason why the priest sends Andrey there. Whether by coincidence or divine intervention, in Arkaim in the Chelyabinsk region lives his old-time friend Borya, who saved Eumenys life during the Afghanistan war. Now that friend of his is a hermit shaman under the name of Melchizedek. Andrey doesnt know whether he was baptized as a child, or not; nevertheless, Father Eumeny strongly advises him to recite the Lords Prayer to himself, even in his sleep. While Andrey was inside the church talking to the priest, Olga also gets close to having a vision: the old lady asking for money outside the church door resembles her of the Bulgarian seer Vanga to whom her late mother took her as a child. Andrey returns to the car and announces that, following Father Eumenys advice, tomorrow he flies out to his homeland the Chelyabinsk region. There he will meet with a shaman. Olga is enraptured. She enthusiastically promises to join him there by the end of the week so that she can also get to see the legendary Arkaim

The oligarch Glotov, an elderly man with a shaved head, tries calling Andrey. Andrey informs him of his plans of flying to Chelyabinsk the next day. Glotov decides to visit the young scientist at his home. Glotov appears to be genuinely interested in his plans of the telescope construction in Arkaim, and is willing to act as the main investor, thus enabling this very expensive project to become a reality.  When driving to Andreys house in his limousine, Glotov sets a task before his assistance Evelina to hook up with Olga and strike up a friendship with her.  Glotov explains that Olga isnt just an experienced psycho-neurologist, but that shes also psychic, and possesses the talent of a seer - the Bulgarian seer and prophetess Vanga herself gave her a blessing when she was still a child (Olga was born in Sofia while her father worked at the Soviet diplomatic corpus there).

As they talk during the visit, Glotov demonstrates a remarkable knowledge of Andreys background. He knows that Andreys father who advocated the theory of an extraterrestrial origin of the life on earth, was involved with some top secret governmental business. He died in mysterious circumstances in the late 1960s, having not returned from the mouth of the small Berende river in Yakutia, where he had found a mysterious village of people who were hiding from civilization.
Evelina, fulfilling Glotovs task, tries to win Olgas friendship by confiding in her when the two of them sit in the kitchen. Evelina complains of her loneliness and badmouths the beast Glotov.

After a candle-lit ladies invite gentlemen dance, flattering toasts and compliments to the host, Glotov leaves the scientists humble abode, accompanied by Evelina and a squad of bodyguards. Olga gives Glotov a symbolic gift an ivory figure of an amahuako Indian shaman  (amahuako is an extinct South-American Indian tribe).

After Glotov leaves, Andrey is taken aback by a call from Klaus Sch;fer. Sch;fer tries to find out why Andrey made such a strange speech at the Oberpfaffenhof pulpit. Andrey is bothered and annoyed by the German publicists questions. He ends the conversation abruptly. Olga has to calm him with sedatives.
The next morning at the airport Evelina shows up to give a sleepy Andrey a letter from Glotov to Mr Ryazantsev, the head of the Chelyabinsk Region Legislative Assembly. The letter concerns the construction of a radio-telescope on one of Arkaims mountains. Andrey leaves. Evelina, following Glotovs orders, continues imposing herself upon Olga. She asks Olga to give her a ride to the city. Olga agrees, and as they drive, Evelina flatters her in all possible ways. She suggests the two of them should have coffee some time. Later they sit in an outdoor caf;. Evelina continues badmouthing Glotov. Shes had quite a few drinks, so she tells Olga that Glotov wants to enslave her husband Andrey. Then she suddenly suspects that Olga wants to get Glotov for herself, and makes a scene upon that assumption. This results in Evelinas dragging the table cloth with everything on it off the table. Olga has to pay the damages.

Sch;fer studies his video of Andreys speech at the conference in Cologne. Hes amazed to notice a vague round object rolling towards the speakers pulpit. He consults with the Prof. Frau Humboldt at the University of Cologne. Being an orientalist, she recognizes that object as a typical shaman tambourine. Sch;fers colleagues from the police inform him that there are marks on the front of the taxi the astro-physicist used in Cologne, as if a life-size doll bumped into it. However the driver or anybody else who was around, including the police, didnt see anyone running into the car. Supposing that a mysterious third force could have interfered, Sch;fer decides to fly to Moscow immediately in hopes of shedding some light on the ghostly matter.

In the meantime, Sch;fers colleague in Hong Kong, the Interpol officer Yanu Chzhan a young and beautiful Chinese woman gets in touch with him.  She informs him of a hacker attack at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange: seemingly out of nowhere, stocks of the aerospace corporations EADS, Satcom-Airbus andVizada were put out on the trades at unrealistically low prices. In a tone that makes it clear that Yanu and Sch;fers relationship is beyond being merely professional, she hints quite openly that it would be a good time for him to fly to Hong Kong and figure out whats happening there: a strange Cyprus offshore fund is involved, and Yanu suggests that it most likely belongs to Glotov.Yanu has already taken aim of the broker acting on behalf of the hedge-fund, but she needs Klaus help other than that, she, in fact, just misses Klaus terribly! Sch;fer asks Yanu and her Chinese colleagues to keep an eye on the broker, and get as much information on him as possible. He himself will be in Hong Kong shortly, but on the way he has to stop in Moscow for a day or two, as it seems that, besides Glotovs own evil will, some mysterious third force has intervened. Yanu thinks that Klaus is joking on the account of the third force.

Andrey is flying to Chelyabinsk. Next to him, an elderly Buddhist named Bolot-Lama is seated. He is going to the grand opening of the new Chelyabinsk Buddhist center of the Diamond Way and the dedication of the newly built stupa.  There are other lamas aboard as well, seated all over the aircraft and chanting prayers non-stop. Suddenly the aircraft starts shaking, having gotten into a turbulence zone. The passengers start panicking, while the lamas remain surprisingly calm as they keep praying.  A young oriental-looking flight attendant tries to explain to the passengers what they should be doing in that situation. At some point, as the turbulence continues, a round object in a plastic bag falls out of somewhere. It almost hits the flight attendant in the face, but she catches it. Horrified, Andrey recognizes a shaman tambourine! The flight attendant holds the tambourine against her face, and then abruptly throws the tambourine behind her head, and now Andrey sees not the young womans face, but the old and wrinkled face of Tatma, the shaman, his late Grandmother! Then the old shaman bends to Andrey and in the voice of the young flight attendant asks him to fasten his seat belt and sit uprightly. She walks on attending to the other passengers, and as she turns he sees her beautiful young face again.

The aircraft makes an emergency landing; the Bolot-Lama explains that he was absolutely calm because he knew that the aircraft wasnt going to crash.  He goes on to explain in near-scientific terms that death isnt a reality, and that all living matter communicates within itself. Prayer allows plugging into that communication and acquiring the knowledge necessary for foreseeing the future. The Bolot-Lama invites Andrey to join him and the other Lamas for the grand opening and dedication of the Buddhist stupa in Chelyabinsk. As they ride the bus later, the Bolot-Lama explains to Andrey the meaning of the main Buddhist mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum. After the ceremony he advises Andrey to repeat this mantra to himself unceasingly even in his sleep. This reminds Andrey of Father Eumenys advice concerning the Lords Prayer

In the meantime in Hong Kong the beautiful Chinese Interpol officer Yanu detects the computer of the broker who single-handedly purchases at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange the securities of the large European aerospace corporations that have all of a sudden dropped in price significantly. Yanu informs Sch;fer of that; he is at the time in Cologne; she tells him that shes begun monitoring the broker.
After the ceremony Andrey takes a taxi and heads to the Legislation Committee to deliver the letter from Glotov to its Head, Ryazantsev. Having read the letter, Ryazantsev is skeptical on the account of the construction of a radio-telescope in Arkaim. The oligarchs wish to finance the project doesnt make sense to Ryazantsev either. Suddenly, as their conversation draws to a close, Ryazantsev lowers his voice and tells Andrey of how the Altai and Yakut shamans can bring the souls of the sick people back from the underworld kingdom of Erlik back to their bodies. Sometimes they would take a soul from a donor who soon dies. Andrey finds such a speech from the government official to be rather strange.
(After Andrey goes away, leaving Ryazantsev to himself, the latter mutters something like, he wants to compete with us, well, lets see the murderers son wants to come and see the place where his father committed the dirty deed)
After the trades close at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Yanu traces down the broker. Having photographed him from afar, with the help of the Interpol database she finds out that he is a Swiss citizen, someone named Patrick Zeiler, a bank clerk. To her own surprise, Yanu finds out that its been 5 years since he died or, to be more precise, he disappeared in the Alps when he was skiing, and his body was never discovered. Yanu finds his Facebook account and sees that the last time he wrote on his wall was about 5 years ago, and the last pictures uploaded were of him in a ski suit and goggles, with snowy mountains in the background. And after that point, the wall was filled with friends' posts offering condolences to the family and expressing their own sadness for losing him.  How can it be then that he is now alive and well, and in Hong Kong of all places? Yanu puzzles Klaus with this question as she calls/skypes him when hes already driving to the Cologne airport to fly out to Moscow

Andreys Mother, Kelemchi Bairanovna, lives in a small cottage on the outskirts of the city of Magnitogorsk.  Andrey takes the same taxi to get there. The driver lets Andrey drive, as he suddenly feels tired he worked a night shift the night before, delivering cargo to Kyshtym, and says he needs a nap. He is now fast asleep. Taking a turn, Andrey hits the brakes abruptly: a huge black bird flies, full speed, into the wind-shield. Andrey starts getting out of the car, but before that he sees in the drivers mirror his late shaman Grandmother sitting in the back of the car. She smiles a toothless smile, and then chuckles and covers her face with a huge tambourine. Andrey turns around but finds no one there. The dazed Andrey get out of the car and drags the dead falcon by the wing to the side of the road, and that very moment he hears a horseman approaching; galloping and hooting, the rider comes straight at him and throws a horse-head mallet at Andreys feet. Then the horseman gallops away. Andrey bends to pick up the mallet when the dead beard suddenly shrugs and flies off into the sky. Shocked by what hes just seen, Andrey puts the mallet into his jackets inner pocket. He dials Olgas number, but her number is not available.

In midnight Hong Kong Yanu follows the broker. He has medium-length brown hair and sunglasses. Hes dressed quite extravagantly an orange jacket and dark green pants. The broker moves around the city on foot or by taxi all evening long, stopping by different bars.  At one of the bars he orders a shot of black vodka. Then he takes a taxi and heads to the local red light district, WangChai. A young Caucasian blond runs out to meet him out of the doors of a place that has a poster of a woman in a bikini at the entrance, is most likely a strip bar, and together they drive off in the taxi. Yanu follows from afar in her car

At his country-side villa, with the sculpture of the legendary King Berendeys head in the middle of the yard (Berendey is a descendent of the God Veles), Glotov is yelling at Evelina for her drunk behavior at the caf;; Evelina says that it only helped her secure Olgas trust. She immediately calls the scientists wife and, having apologized, promises a compensation: she will take her to an elite spa salon frequented by the oligarch Glotov himself. Olga consents reluctantly, which Evelina presents to Glotov as her doubtless triumph.  From Glotovs further communication with Evelina and his secret hacker employees working in a bunker in the basement of the villa, the oligarchs plan becomes clear:  he will use Andreys super-powerful telescope to perform the greatest cyber-diversion humanity has ever known, which means decoding hundreds of military and civil artificial satellites, which will enable Glotov to control all processes via the Internet, including banks and finances. Glotov awaits the Annunak gods from the planet Nibiru, - one of such gods was, at some point in the past, the god Veles that Glotov worships, and by the time they arrive in 2016, Glotov must become the secret sole ruler of the planet Earth, for which the Annunaks will give him the scepter of power, Kadutsei Trismegita, and will reign forever, becoming immortal.
Sch;fer is already at the Cologne airport when Yanu contacts him again. She reports to him that shes watching the broker whos in a motel with the blonde, but its hard to see through the window what they are doing
Andrey keeps driving the taxi from Chelyabinsk to Magnitogorsk; the driver Kostya is fast asleep, his head hanging. Suddenly, the music on the radio is interrupted by a female speaker announcing that an hour ago there was an explosion in the Moscow metro, and there are casualties, many people have been killed and injured. Intelligence and rescuers are working there now. A minute after the announcement, Olga calls Andrey and tells him that she is working there, and now theres no chance of her joining him  Andrey tells his wife of another vision he had half an hour ago, in the car. He adds that hes inclined to believe that it was not a hallucination, but something entirely different. Olga doesnt have the time to advise her husband what over-the-counter drug he can buy. She is called to attend to one of the survivors. Olga tells her husband shell call later...

She is immediately led to a little girl who survived miraculously in the very center of the explosion. She only has a few bruises, but is in a stupor, staring in front of herself and saying nothing.

As Kelemchi Bairamovna hears her sons story of the mysterious things that have happened to him, the realizes that eezi, the spirits of nature, are angry with him for the idea of building the telescope in the Arkaim. Grandmother Tatma is trying to pacify them at present, but he himself must perform a purification ritual. Then Kelemchi Bairamovna tells her son of the amazing discoveries made by his late father, related to the hypothesis of an extraterrestrial origin of life on Earth. She also told him how the father of the oligarch Glotov as a young NKVD officer and Yakov Blumkins disciple and cooperator, destroyed churches, Buddhist monasteries and other sacred places all over Altai; many Siberian shamans used their powers and performed kamlania to destroy Glotov Sr, but he seemed immune to all their endeavors, as if having made a deal with the devil himself.  Later, after the war, Glotov, Sr was transferred to Moscow. It was then that he stole and brought with him secret manuscripts from ancient tombs. And during the war, Kelemchi Bairamovnas mother, who had lost her husband to the war, - the hereditary shaman named Tatma, had to flee from Glotov, who was after her, from Altai to the South Ural, to the Magnitka construction sites, with her little child. It was there that she first learnt of the place of force the Arkaim. Kelemchi Bairamovna also tells Andrey about the mysterious disappearance of his father after he discovered a hermit berendey village in the mouth of the Berende river in Yakutia. The hermit people were said to be connected by some secret links with Belovodie (the White Waters) or the Shambala. Back in 1987 Andreys father was part of that very first Arkaim expedition, and was the first one to suggest the hypothesis that this was that very Belovodie, or Shambala, or the Land Of Cities. Kelemchi Bairamovna tells her son that his father was one of the few who got close to the secret of the legendary ruler of the Belovodie, the presbyter John, for whose mystery kingdom the Christian popes and kings had searched in vain, and which then the Third Reich emissaries sought also, and, of course, NKVD agents too, led by Blumkin Glotov Srs teacher. It was the Arkaim the Hitlerites were looking for, it was there the SS troops were headed.  So, all the legends of the Earths main places of force point to the presbyter John, known in the Slavic myths as the King Berendey. Such places of force exist in the Chelyabinsk and Irkutsk regions, in Altai and the Trans-Baikal regions; in Mexico and Peru, and by the Giza pyramids; by the Stonehenge, on the Easter Island, in Tibet and in the mountains of Nepal. There is such a place not far from Moscow, in Pereslavl-Zalessky. Its the Blue Stone by the Plesheev lake, not far from the Berendeevo village. Suddenly Andrey remembers Olgas story of her mother taking her to see some blind old lady. Olga was then a little girl and their family lived in Bulgaria. The old lady said that the girl needs to be taken to the Temnata Dupka cave to dip herself into the lake there; the cave was between the Berende and Berende Izvor villages. The little Olga went deep inside the dark cave with her Mom. There Olga dipped herself in the waters three times, and suddenly saw that her Mother who was holding a lit torch, wasnt there anymore. It was pitch dark, and then the girl saw a very tall creature whose body was shining. That creature led her out of the cave, and she found her Mom sitting on a stone just outside the cave. A year later Olgas Mother died of an unknown disease. Then Andrey remembers that theres a huge Veles head statue at Glotovs villa. And Veles is considered by many to be the ancestor of King Berendey. So, its all somehow connected. But how exactly? This is hard for Andrey to comprehend
Kelemchi Bairamovna advises her son to go to Arkaim immediately in spite of the lateness of the hour. She says he should join a group of pilgrims that take a bus every evening to see the sunrise in the place of force. She says he must leave his cell-phone behind: nothing must distract him from his spiritual experience. Andrey follows her advice. He leaves the phone at her house and takes the bus together with a group of pilgrims which includes a self-titled Indian shaman, a group of Hare Krishnas, four shaved-headed feminists, a modest married couple, and some students and tourists-backpackers. The Hare-Krishnas sing their hymns on the way. Andrey becomes drowsy. One of the feminists offers him some hot drink from her thermos. For a moment it seems to him that one of those four girls has the face of the Shaman Tatma!

In the meantime, as Yanu continues to watch the broker and the blonde in the night Hong Kong, she sees the blonde walk out of the motel, get in a taxi and leave The broker isnt with her. Yanu gets closer to the windows of their room and using night vision, scans the room. She doesnt see anyone. Yanu goes into the room armed with a revolver.  She has an electric torch in her hand to help her search the room. Theres no one there, and as she goes into the bathroom she finds a wig of brown hair, that looks exactly like the brokers hair. Yanu informs Klaus, who is flying to Moscow, about the state of things. Sch;fer asks Yanu to deal with the blonde, and send him everything she can find, to which an offended Yanu says that she knows without him telling her what she needs to do right now

In Moscow, Olgas little patient is demonstrating a very rare phenomenon in psychiatry, glossolalia. The girl speaks in an unknown language, in a strange old womans voice. When Olga asks her what her name is, she says, Tatma the name known to Olga too well.  Olga decides to consult her mother in law, Kelemchi Bairamovna. She records the strange sounds the girl makes and calls her husband. His mother picks up instead, as Andrey didnt bring his phone to Arkaim with him; the course of events to follow wont allow the husband and wife to talk on the phone at any further point either.   As she listens to the girls strange sounds, Kelemchi Bairamovna explains to Olga that those are called the shamanic kamlania and the voice belongs to her own late mother, Tatma, who was a shaman when she was living. The language is altai-kizhi. Its a reincarnation phenomena: the third force saved the child when the explosion happened, and then the shamans soul went inside her to use her as a medium to tell Andrey of the danger of building a telescope in Arkaim in the Chelyabinsk region. Later it will turn out that the girl is from Karelia, and she was passing through Moscow with her parents on a trip. Both of them were killed in the explosion.

Yanu returns to the Hong Kong red lights district to the same strip bar out of which the blonde ran out to meet the broker. A rather unfriendly security guard meets the unexpected guest at the entrance. She shows him her Interpol ID, and walks into the club. She sees the blonde working at the pole. She approaches her, shows the blonde her ID and literally drags her off the podium and into a dark corner to talk. She asks her what her name is and, most importantly, what she was doing earlier that night in such and such motel with the man in the orange jacket. Yanu films the blonde with her smartphone in the flickering and flashing lights of the strip club. The blonde gives her a Russian name Svetlana, and in broken Chinese explains that she hasnt gone anywhere at all that night, working at the pole the whole time. And everyone dozens of people, including the staff and the security guards, and of course the public, and of course, also, the cameras can testify to that. When asked if there are other blondes at the club, Svetlana says that she is the only one there and that she is really glad of that. Yanu interrogates a barman and a security guard. They both testify to the blondes not having gone out in the past 6 hours. Yanu informs Sch;fer that she has lost the broker who has mysteriously vanished into thin air, leaving only the wig behind in the motel room, and the blonde gal seems to have not left the club that night! Now Yanu is driving to her hotel to sleep for about 4 hours, and in the morning shell get back to her work on the broker and the stock exchange.

By the end of a hard day at work Olga ends up going to an elite spa-salon with Evelina. But almost immediately, Olga gets a phone call from the clinic, and has literally to get out of the swimming pool. Its the girl again, speaking in the old-woman voice in that strange shaman language. Evelina drives Olga to the clinic. She suggests her accompanying Olga as an intern and gets into the hospital. Learning of the girls shaman kamlania in attempt to warn Andrey of the dangers of the telescope project, Evelina informs Glotov at once. Glotov orders her to deal with the child. He knows all too well just how powerful shaman practices are; he knows they are powerful enough to ruin his plans. Evelina proceeds with fulfilling Glotovs order. She manages to replace the syringe with the sedative prepared for the girl with one with the poison she always carries in her purse.

The evening of the same day Klaus Sch;fer lands in Moscow. Immediately he heads to the Central Interpol Bureau of Russia. There he is awaited by a group of his Russian colleagues headed by a colonel by the name of Valentin. Sch;fer gives his version of Glotovs involvement with the Hong Kong aerospace companies securities going on the trades at a cheap price and their immediate purchase via the Cyprus offshore for further resale. It seems Glotov is pursuing two goals hes creating an unhealthy agitation at the satellite connection market while making enough money for the Arkaim telescope construction with the purpose of arranging his global cyber-diversion. The following resale of the securities at the trades in London or New York definitely presents such an opportunity. At the same time, Klaus speaks of the third force mystic intervention. Quite skeptical as to the third force, the Russian Interpol provides Klaus with everything necessary for getting in touch with Sch;fer and his family, and also hand him the keys to the Interpol flat and a car for him to drive around Moscow.
At that time Evelina drives Olga home in her company car. Sch;fer, having failed at trying to get a hold of Andrey (its already night in the Chelyabinsk region so nobody answered the phone), calls Olga. He makes an urgent appointment with her at her house. Evelina hears it all and informs Glotov immediately. Glotov tells her to take pictures with her phone both of the German and his car.
In a Hong Kong hotel Yanu takes a shower, and walks into the room in a white dressing gown. She goes to bed, turns out the lights and tries to sleep. But then she suddenly hears somebody trying to turn the handle of the door to her room. She reaches for her revolver, goes to the door, quietly; opens it, but only sees the figure of a man in an orange jacket and with a shaved head at the end of the hallway. She goes down to the lobby to ask the staff there if anyone has seen such a man; no, they havent, and the hotels cameras havent detected him either. Yanu sends Klaus the pictures of the Russian blonde, Sveta. Maybe she can help find the trace of the man in an orange jacket. Sch;fer realizes, to his amazement, that the blonde from Hong Kong looks very much like Olga who is sitting in front of him at that very moment. He asks Olga whether she has any sisters, to which Olga says that she doesnt, and Klaus doesnt ask any further questions on the subject.

As Sch;fer and Olga talk, the story of the oligarch Glotov becomes clear. Acting under different names and after a number of plastic surgeries, he increased in the West the capital he stole in South-East Asia from the Soviet Secret Services in the late 1980s. His activities were accompanied by a series of mysterious deaths of some of his former collaborators in different parts of the world. Glotov was a citizen of Germany under his own name, and then suddenly settled down in Russia, from where he was now preparing to conduct his universal cyber-diversion. Sch;fer explains to Olga the role Glotov has given her husband in his plan. Sch;fer also tells her of the NKVD past of Glotovs father, as well as his (Klaus) own knowledge of the ancient magic practices that his uncle, Ernst Sch;fer, an Anenerbe SS scientist, who managed to successfully avoid the involvement in the Nazi military programs and wasnt held responsible for any of their crimes after World War II. He also shows Olga the video with the tambourine he took during Andreys speech, and then as they talk, Sch;fer and Olga come to the conclusion that it was indeed Tatmas ghost that hit Andreys taxi there.
Its almost midnight when Olga receives a call from the post-shock rehabilitation clinic. In the girls ward an unconscious nurse was found, with a syringe with some strange brown substance on the floor that she has obviously dropped. Olga is needed at the clinic immediately. Sch;fer realizes at once that the brown substance is the poison tetraethyl-phosphate. He accompanies Olga to the clinic. The shocked nurse tells them that when she came into the ward to give the girl a sedative injection, the child turned to her and she saw the face of a very old wrinkled woman. The altered child had a real live crow in her hands, and the crow then started flying about the room. The nurse fainted, dropping the train with the syringe. Sch;fer offers taking the syringe to the Interpol laboratory to check the brown substance, and gives Valentine a phone call.
At the same time Evelina calls the clinic and, introducing herself as a TV reporter, tries to find out if there have been any deaths in the clinic among those injured in the metro explosion. She is told that there are no deaths. Glotov is ready to choke Evelina who not only failed to perform her task, but also left a trace the syringe.

Olga goes into the girls ward to find her asleep with an IV in her arm. Suddenly the child wakes up for a moment and says, in her own voice: Om mani padme hum the sacred Buddhist mantra in Sanskrit. On the way to the Ministry of Internal Affairs Sch;fer explains to Olga what the mantra means. Olga is greatly impressed by his knowledge.
In the meantime in Arkaim, where Andrey arrives together with a group of pilgrims, who each go their own way, he is unexpectedly met, and recognized, by a man in Shaman clothing, who appears, as it would seem, out of nowhere. Its the man Father Eumeniy has mentioned to Andrey, his friend, the hermit shaman Melchizedek. He leads Andrey to the center of an ancient village where he offers him to lie down on the ground and talk of his troubles. Melchizedek and Andrey both lay on the ground, the tops of their heads almost touching

The Interior Ministry special operation fighters wearing bullet-proof vests put on white robes under which they also hide short-barreled handguns. They get inside an ambulance car. Sch;fer gets in his car at the Interior Ministry parking lot and drives out through the checkpoint following the ambulance...

Its sunrise in the Arkaim; Andrey and the shaman Melchizedek are both laying on the ground; Andrey has told him everything about his plans of building the radio-telescope there, and of the mysterious things that have happened to him lately.  The Shaman says that those are serious things. The Arkaim connects the Upper and the Below worlds. The Arkaim is the center of the Universe, a portal to other dimensions. Veles ambassadors and their head, the Presbyter John, knew all such places on the planet. No more than eight magicians on the Earth can possess this knowledge at the same time. Melchizedek is one of them. Those Eight possess the secrets of all the world religions and sects; they hear all the gods, the demons and the spirits of all religions and all nations. If a telescope is built in Arkaim, its mirror will close the pathway from the Upper world to the Below world. The tag-eezi the spirits of the earth will be locked away, and thus the connection with Ulgen, or Tengry, or Ahura-Mazda, or Rod, or Sabaoth will be broken. And then will the enraged spirits break free and something dreadful will happen! To understand and feel the third force, Andrey needs to perform the sacred ritual of the Big goroo that consists in walking around all the mounts of the Arkaim, starting from the ruins of an old Arkaim settlement and going up the Shamanka mountain. Now Andrey should go back to his Mothers house, rest properly and prepare for the goroo tomorrow at sunrise he is to be back, and two of Melchizedeks disciples will take him to Shamanka. Until that moment, Andrey should chant, even to himself in his sleep, the mantra in the ancient Avestan language: Ashem vohu vahishtem asti ushta akhma-ai hiad shat-ai vahishta ai-ashem, which translates as: The Truth is he supreme Good for the one whos Truth is the same as the Supreme Truth.  Andrey struggles to repear the mantra after Melchizedek twice. He admits that hes perplexed: Father Eumeniy has told him to recite the Lords Prayer, and then, after the aircrafts emergency landing, the Bolot-Lama advised him to chant the mantra Om mani padme hum What is he to do now? To this the shaman Melchizedek replies that if this be the case, Andrey can say any of these three prayers; what matters the most is that he says the one he feels most acutely with his heart. Having said that, the Shaman performs an ecstatic kamlanie ritual with the tambourine at the fire. He informs Andrey that the spirits have shown favor to Andrey, and his way is covered with lotus petals

Yanu informs Sch;fer who is driving to the clinic following the ambulance that the securities, bought by the mysterious broker, were traded via NASDAQ and were sold by the same offshore fund from Cyprus. The Interpol havent been able to detect where the broker is, but Yanu is continuing to watch the blonde. Sch;fer tells her that things arent simple with the blonde either - she looks very much like Olga, the young scientists wife. Finding Olgas Facebook page, Yanu compares the pictures and is amazed. A shadow of jealousy that she probably doesnt realize herself crosses Yanus own beautiful face

Glotov is beside himself. He doesnt like to leave any evidence, even very indirect. He is threatening Evelina to do away with her for her failure. Angry, he throws at her the shaman figure Olga has given him as a present.  Evelina ducks; he misses, and, hitting the mantelpiece, the figure falls to the floor and breaks. Glotov sends a squad of hutmen to the clinic immediately. They must find the syringe and remove everyone who may know anything of the syringe. They mustnt harm the astronomers wife and the girl, but take them to a small hut in the forest; there they will record the kamlania via satellite telephone, saying the right things; if by some reason this doesnt work, Evelina will have to perform the kamlania instead of the girl and send MMS to the astronomers Momma to the Chelyabinsk region. If Evelina loses her cool and is unable to perform, she must be dissolved on the molecular level. Understanding the absurdity of Glotovs orders and the danger shes in, Evelina has no choice but to submit and get into the car to drive with Glotovs armed squad to the clinic.

As Andrey returns from the meeting with Melchizedek, Kelemchi Bairamovna lets him listen to the recordings of the girls kamlania Olga has sent in. Kelemchi Bairamovna translates for him: his mission is not in making the spirits angry by building his telescope in the Arkaim. Andery must take a pilgrimage so that he can hear the voice of Heaven not with his mind, but with his heart. As she helps Andrey prepare for the road, she packs his snack into his fathers old backpack. Until that moment that backpack was in the house, untouched for decades. They find a few pieces of something that resembles glass, but is in reality of a meteoric origin. Its the pansperm. Andreys father believed that by them the amino acids had been brought to the Earth the building material of the living matter! Some of that pansperm was stolen from Andreys fathers safe by Glotovs people.
The expert reports to Sch;fer and Olga that the syringe contained the chemical tetraethyl-phosphate. Its a deadly poison known not to leave any traces in the victims system. But it is a diphenhydramine ampoule. The syringe also has a small admixture of diphenhydramine. The miscreant seems to have emptied the syringe with diphenhydramine, but not completely as he or she was probably in a hurry and then filled it with tetraethyl-phosphate. Fingerprints on the syringe and the ampoule belong to the same person presumably a female Olga is sure that Glotov and his people already know that the little girl didnt die, and they will try killing her again. The little girl and the whole neurology department have to be protected immediately! Sch;fer dials Valentins number and explains that tetraethyl-phosphate was found in the syringe which means that someone intended to kill the girl and make it look like a natural death. Its possible that the same mysterious third force saved the childs life this time again
Glotov isnt going to be happy about his operations failure, and will of course send his men to cover up the tracks. So theres a chance of catching his people in the act. Until then, they need a covering party. But the girl cant be assigned any security guards openly - this would scare Glotov away. Valentin and Sch;fer decide to send in armed men dressed up as male nurses. This decision outrages Olga, she accuses Sch;fer of using the child. Sch;fer tells Olga that noone will be able to cause the child any harm. Olga tells Sch;fer she doesnt trust him anymore and wont play his games - shes going to the clinic to pick up the girl and take her home. Olga rushes out, and before Sch;fer has a chance to catch up with her, shes in the street, flagging a car and leaving.
Going full speed, the black jeep and the black minivan drive up to the post-shock rehabilitation clinic. Dark figures emerge from the minivan.  A moment later they are in the yard.

The car brings Olga to the post-shock rehab clinic. She gets out and enters the building through the front door. In a few moments she quietly enters the girls ward. The girl has the IV and is asleep. Olga takes the IV needle out of the girls vein, takes the sleeping child in her arms and heads to the door

At that moment four of Glotovs masked hitmen, with handsfree headsets get into the clinic; one of them climbs to the roof by the pompier ladder. Standing in the doorway of the ward with Olga, the girl, with her eyes closed, whispers the mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum. A thunderstorm begins outside. The rain starts pouring, with thunderbolts and flashes of lightening. As the hitmen start looking for the syringe in the neurology department, and one of them finds the head of Department and threatens him with a gun, demanding to be told where the syringe is, a lightening ball flying inside the neurology department kills all the fighters by burning their heads off. The last to be killed is the hitman who was trying to get inside the girls ward from outside, using alpinist equipment; then the ball of lightening explodes. Valentines male nurses are in the hospital at that point.
Glotov looks at the screen thats supposed to be showing him the dots - his people, but they have all disappeared. Glotov calls the jeep driver asking whats going on. The latter replies that a sad fate befell them all. Glotov commands not to wait for anyone and to liquidate the German, the astronomers wife, the girl, and Evelina - the idiot.

Sch;fer asks Olga what happened. Olga explains that a ball of fire killed all the masked men.  Sch;fer tells Olga that now they are driving to the Interpol safehouse and hands her a piece of paper with the address written on it the navigator isnt working very well because of the thunderstorm, and he asks Olga to help him find the way. Thats when Sch;fer sees the black jeep and the minivan following them. The plan changes they arent going to the safehouse anymore because they are followed. Sch;fer asks Olga to duck together with the child.  Sch;fers car is now on the Third Transportation road. The storm is raging and its a dark night. Sch;fer isnt letting Glotovs people catch up with him, but he doesnt know Moscow and is just driving ahead. He informs Valentin by loudspeaker that theres a tail after them. Valentin sees him on his monitors but says he cant send help to them until the thunderstorm ceases.  Now Glotovs hitmen are firing at Sch;fers car, and one bullet hits the satellite antenna. Valentin cant see Sch;fer on the monitors anymore. The chase is now headed towards Losiny Ostrov (the Moose Island). Glotovs hitmen continue firing at Sch;fers car. Lightning flashes in the dark sky, the storm continues, and in the woods, a gigantic moose is gaining speed as it makes its way through the bushes and tree branches One of the hitmen with a bazooka shows on top of the jeep from the roof shield. The moose runs through the woods The hitman with the bazooka on his shoulder takes aim of Sch;fers car, his finger on the trigger, and that very moment the jeep hits the moose whos now in its way. The moose flies up into the air, and, landing on the car, breaks the windshield. His head hits the hitman whose bazooka turns 180 degrees and when he triggers it, it fires at the minivan and the minivan explodes, the jeep catches on fire and explodes also

Sch;fer sees that the chase is over and stops the car. Olga rises and the girl remains still, with her eyes shut When the jeep hit the moose Evelina was thrown out of the car and fell into a gutter filled with rain water and mud. From the gutter Evelina sees how the moose who seemed dead, gets up, and, throwing water and mud with its mighty hooves, walks off to the clearing Her clothes wet and torn, and she herself scratched and bruised, Evelina crawls out of the gutter and feverishly looks for something in her pockets. She finds her mobile phone and calls Glotov. She tells him that she now sees that he wanted to kill her too. She will go to the police and confess everything. Having said this she switches her phone off. Glotov, mad with rage, demands from his hacker employees to find where Evelina is at, but they explain that now that her phone is off this is impossible.

Sch;fers car is driving along the wet road far from the place of the accident.  Sch;fer takes Olga and the girl to the Interpol safehouse. As they drive Olga tries to call Andrey, but Sch;fer snatches the phone from her, opens the lid on the back of the phone with his free hand and throws the battery on the seat next to himself. He explains that Glotovs hackers are able to trace them down using her phone, and then Glotov will send another group. Then Sch;fer calls Valentin and says that Glotovs hitmen fired at his car, and he was sure that they would kill him, Olga and the girl, but something interfered. Instead they set each other on fire and their vehicles are now burning on the highway.  It seems to have been that third force again, Sch;fer concludes. He asks Valentine about the lightning ball that worked on Glotovs men inside the clinic. Valentin struggles with accepting this version all the hitmen killed, and everyone else got out of it without a single scratch! What is he going to write in his report? Who destroyed the hitmen? A third force? Sch;fer offers Valentin a compromise which is to write in his report that the lightning was drawn to the headsets and other communication equipment the hitmen had on. The only thing that still bothers Valentine is that again they dont have any direct evidence against Glotov. Valentin says hes already sent experts and investigators to the place where the cars exploded. If they are lucky, they will find a survivor who will testify against Glotov.

Glotov offers his people in the bunker to rest and wait for him to return. He promises to reward them all for their faithfulness and hard work. Coming out of the bunker, Glotov shuts the massive iron door and quietly locks it from the outside. Glotov goes up in the elevator, pulling out a pistol with a baffler from his pocket. Holding the triggered gun behind his back, he comes into the security room, where one guard is asleep in his chair and the other - at a table in front of the surveillance system monitors. The guard doesnt have the time to look back at Glotov approaching him from behind, as the latter sticks a syringe needle right in his neck, injecting at least half of the contents of the syringe. The guards mouth foams and he goes limp in the chair. Pulling the syringe from the first victims neck, Glotov comes up to the sleeping guard and injects the rest of the contents of the syringe into his neck. The guard foams from the mouth and dies. Glotov throws the syringe to the floor, leaves the room and, with his gun lowered, quickly goes to his office.

Above the villa lightning flashes and thunder rolls. Rain pounds on the roof. In the office Glotov opens the safe hidden in the wall, takes out several passports, a set of wigs and mustaches, different kinds of glasses, puts it all out into a briefcase, and then pulls out of the safe a box with needle glassy formations looking like sea stars. Before putting it in the case, he pauses to say (in a philosophical tone): "If the Living Matter would give all its secrets of the universe, the universe would explode with the abundance of life ..." He then puts the box and also his gun into the case. Then he takes out of the safe a gas mask and a small metal cartridge. Wearing the gas mask on his head, and the cartridge with spray in his hand, he goes to the bunker.  Having gone down in the elevator, he briefly opens the massive door, removes the cylinder pin and throws the cartridge to the floor: the colorless gas, hissing, begins to fill the place
Sch;fer, Olga and the girl are already in the sitting room of the Interpol safehouse. Olga asks Sch;fer to forgive her for having reproached him hes saved their lives. In the meantime the girl, sitting in the middle of the living room floor, sits down on the floor and begins rocking from side to side, waggling hear head. As she rocks harder, she begins chanting in an old-lady guttural voice...

Meanwhile in the sky above Glotovs villa the lightning flashes and the thunder rolls with triple force, as if ready to set the world on fire

The four people in the bunker are on the floor in agony Glotov, wearing the gas mask on his head, opens a small door in the wall of the bunker, presses buttons on a device that looks like a bomb, and sets a 05:00 minute timer. Still in the mask, Glotov walks out of the bunker to the platform and shuts the heavy door. He immediately goes to the elevator, pushes the button to go up...  A powerful bolt of lightning strikes the transformer vault near Glotovs villa. Suddenly, the lights go down in the elevator, and the elevator stops ... In the darkness, pulling off the mask, Glotov yells in panic, "What the hell?.. Who would dare?!.. and hits the elevator buttons randomly The clock of the timer ticks, getting closer to 05.00. The explosion of a solitary villa in the forest area by night looks like the continuation of the storm: the sparks from the explosion dance across the sky for a while, then die, followed by the roll of thunder and the lightnings last flashes...

Little by little, the girl calms down, and only rocks a little longer. Olga, getting down on her heels next to the girl, looks at the child: at first the girl is still, but then suddenly breaks into tears, and cries loudly like a child would. When looking for sympathy, the girl raises her head, looks at Olga, and then throws her arms around her neck and says, "Mom, Mommy, Mommy ...!" Sch;fer doesnt know what to do anymore,  and then all of a sudden the girl rushes to Sch;fer, hangs on his leg, and, looking him straight in the eyes, shouts," Daddy, Daddy, Daddy ...! " Sch;fer looks at the child in utter confusion, then at Olga, whos sitting on the floor crying.

At that very moment Klaus calls Yanu who is watching Olgas twin, the blonde Svetlana, in Hong Kong. Yanu has just seen how the blonde walked out of the strip club and waited for a VIP black car. She got inside and as the car started off in the direction of Yanus car, she could see the driver well, only to discover that the man driving it was who but Radomir Glotov himself, with his shaved head! Sch;fer doesnt make any comments, only tells Yanu that soon he will be in Hong Kong and then hell get it all figured out 

Ryazantsev calls Andreys phone. His mother picks up. He informs her of what has happened to Glotov, and hangs up. Then he says, speaking to himself, that Glotov is playing a dangerous hide-and-seek with the same mysterious us hes mentioned before.

Andrey who knows nothing of Glotovs disappearance and unaware of the events that happened to his wife, the German officer and the others, is accompanied to Shamanka mount by two young shamans. He is whispering a prayer, but which one it is the Lords prayer, the Avesta prayer, or Om Mani Padme Hum is unclear.
Before leaving, Scheafer who, not too long ago, lost his wife and daughter to a tragic accident, buys a huge teddy bear with a blue ribbon around its neck and puts it next to the sleeping Olga and Dasha as he comes back the Interpol flat. They dont wake up. When hes at the airport, Olga calls him to say thank you and says that she will adopt the orphaned girl.

Theres a broadcast on TV about the Arkaim phenomenon. Olga calls Valentin: the girl seems to think that Klaus is her real Father. She asks if it would be possible to connect somehow, maybe by Skype or any other satellite means. Still on the phone with Valentin, Olga hears the doorbell and opens. Some teenager in a hood that partly covers his face is standing there. He hands Olga a small package and immediately turns around and runs down the stairs. Olga locks the door and tries to open the package with her free hand. A small object falls to the floor. Olga picks it up and recognizes the figure she gave to Glotov a few days ago. Taken aback, Olga sits down on the floor. Looking at the paper the figure was wrapped in, she reads: The noble Indians honor both their white and black birds. Theres one other object in the bag a small tablet device with a YouTube video ready to play. Olga hits the play button and sees Sveta who looks exactly like herself saying something in broken Chinese. Shocked by it all, she immediately contacts Valentin and tells him of the figure she had given to Glotov and of the video. Valentin replies that it seems like theres no need of a skype call to Klaus. It looks like Klaus himself will be here soon enough. As to the note, Valentin is ready to hand it to his handwriting experts today. As for the video, the experts will have to deal with that separately Olga hangs up and, sitting on the floor in the hall, leaning against the wall looks at the little figure in her hand with a scared and detached look

Mysterious chords of the Asian zither are heard in the dead of night. A lone pilgrim sits up on the platform on a mountaintop. Above him the starry sky is spread like a canvas. He repeats a mantra or a prayer, and no one can hear exactly what it is In a while one of the stars becomes brighter and bigger than the others. That star projects thin rays onto the Earth through Olgas green eye. The rays reach the place where the pilgrim is sitting in the lotus position

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