Религия служит лекарством, ведь так?

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Official position of our civilization:
"Debate - Christopher Hitchens
vs Alister McGrath - Is Religion a Poison or a Cure?" on you-tube.

Let us look the history. Until the end of Middle Ages, the religion was the only way. Then came the Darwin or his likes and the official civilization has produced: "Is the Religion poison?" So, logically, comes the age with efforts of S.Hawking, which is "religion is poison, so let us poison the theists".

Albert below: "These days, when so much evil is perpetrated in the name of religion, the question applies."

The question is wrong. It asks simply "is the religion poison?" The correct one is: "You know, what false religions and atheism are poisoning our civilization. What can we, the true religious people, do?"

"No one living on this planet has any idea of an "ultimate truth."" It is kind of nihilism, isn't it? But I am not nihilist. For example 2+2 is 4. It is ultimate truth, isn't it? Otherwise it is no point to keep such research institutions like Research Gate and viXra. In that case we shall just rob some banks to prolong our vacations on Florida beaches.

Dutta: "Religion is a healthy way of life. People make a mistake when they think that religion deals with the issue of God.". The Prof. Dutta is seen by us as very good man. He advises us to follow all 10 commandments. Is it correct? Shall I quote the commandments? Be well, happy ones!

The following of the very first commandment ("love your God") means, what you are not the atheist. Thus, atheists are wrong. Latter means, what atheists are sinners. Is it correct?

So, our "advanced" civilization has failed to follow the first commandment and has produced this: "Religion is poison, so let us poison the theists." (check the text in my post). Therefore atheists and others criminals have rejected the first commandment, and, thus, have violated also the second commandment, which is: "All people are brothers and sisters, all people are relatives out the same blood. So, love the people! Do not poison them!" Is it correct?

The 10 commandments is the core of our civilization. Atheists and other nihilists do reject the first two, so all remaining commandments loose their definition. Who in hell has commanded the Commandments?! Therefore atheists are mind-less enemies of the Life itself. Truly Criminals. Pure scientific approach, brothers, I have, pure Science! They poison us by cigarettes, by genetic modifications, by chemicals in food, by terrorists, by ISIS, by vodka, by sodom-ism, by payments for aborts, by greedy wars, by hunger and air pollution, by forcing on us the atheism, false religions and Darwinism in public Schools. And by asking stupid and criminal questions: "Is the Religion the poison?" Be well, happy ones!

"Dmitri, Be truly religious. I wish you all success."

The problem with your attempt to be kind, is following. You do not mean that. Otherwise I would read here the golden words: "Praise the Lord, I see now the Truth, I am sorry, ask me as much money as you wish to save the atheists through the wonderful logic with help of Jesus Christ." The faith is to be faithful to the Knowledge. I know God. I have proofs.

A house without basement can not exist. Society is like this house. Remove the ground, and you loose the Society. So, there is Verity and Verity is Jesus Christ.

Religion is cure, isn't it? - ResearchGate. Available from: [accessed Jan 1, 2016].

ССпасибо, вы наверное писали для нерусских ммудил, только вылаживать то на русском сайте зачем..., или это непонимаемый новогодний поддарок.
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Добрый друг, Анатолий. А вы заплатите мне за перевод 1000 баллов. Что я, буду снисходить к вашей языковой импотенции даром?

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вернее нужно 2500 баллов. Заранее благодарен. Ждём-с перевода баллов на мой счёт. Анатолий постигнет ТАЙНЫ ВСЕЛЕННОЙ И НЕБЕС!!!

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Звиняйте, как то не наработал ни денег и баллов... Да и согласен с вами, зачем вам - образованному (который просит заплатить за дискус) пикироваться с ГПТУшным образователем...
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Ну у каждого бомжа найдётся достаточно бутылок после того, как Россия-матушка вкусила "нового года". Найдётся на 12 долларов США, которые мне нужны за языковой перевод. Это один раз в магазин сходить, или один билет до ближайшего города.

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Есть одно интересное нравственное правило в русской культуре - в группе дискуссии если кто то не знает иностранного языка, принято разговаривать на общепонимаемом языке... То вы, уважаемый Дмитрий, и воплотили в напечатанной статье, как ОбРазоВанный человек...
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Нет проблем. Переведу статью в раздел "проза на иностранном языке". Будет всё по закону.

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По западному закону или нравственному закону... Ведь все последние действия западного мира говорят о различии нравственных канонов и западного понимания Небесных нравственных законов... или у нас с вами и в этом разница понимания...
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"трудящийся достоин пропитания", ведь так Святой Дух сказал в Библии? Мне не заплатили за труд. Берите словарь и давайте, друг.

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