The final blow to Atheism!

The faith is the faithfulness to the knowledge. Do you agree? I know, the God am: from nothing only nothing comes. It is knowledge. So be faithful to it.;

The atheism is unscientific and the atheism will not outlast the theism. Do you agree?; Word "A-theism" means not only "No God", but also "instead of obeying God". Therefore, all sinful deeds are atheism! Just learn the letter A in Greek language!

atheists will recall forever this conversation, because the memory of dead opportunities to repent is the key part of the tortures.;

Wake up, Jesus Christ is waiting for you! What is the reason of evil and the atheism? It is not the wish to be free and, thus, to "sin brains out". It is something else, something wicked. So, I tend to call it "craziness". The satan has invented the craziness! Therefore, the existence of atheists proves, what Neo-Darwinism is wrong and there are real miracles in the world.

So I am theist now. How come? Aren't we all atheists? Just the deeply hidden ones? Yes we are, brother, yes we are! Only saints are theists.;

Atheism is a claim (or not a claim - same damn), so it can not be proved (or not need a proof - same damn). The bottom line is this: atheism can not be proved, therefore it is unscientific.
"How is it being a claim or not being a claim the same damn thing?"
Because the bottom line ("atheism is not proved and can not be proved ever") is applicable to both scenarios: claim or not claim. Also to both expressions: "can not be proved", and "a proof is not needed".;

"If anyone needs to repent its you for being mental and trying to imfect everyone with it. Being an asshole aint gonna get you into heaven....freak;"
I am sure, You wrote this hatered comment to God. Why? The reason I am "bad" is my Christian faith! So, who to blame and kill? Jesus Christ! Can He die again? I am sure this possibility is not closed in atheism. The science is working the weapons out. Give us some time, and you will eat the flesh of Jesus and drink His blood!;

Christian lady:
"He's not saying "can't see can't believe" he's saying "can't see so I have to have faith. Atheism need faith, probably more, than us Christians, that's all he's trying to prove. But all of you that are getting offended are either convicted or upset this man proved you need faith to be an atheist just as we need faith to be a Christian. Done and done.;"
Now atheist does agree, what atheism needs strong faith. See: atheism adjusts oneself to any turn of theism: atheism is cancer of theism. The satan is the "God's monkey." Former atheism rejected faith, now it embraces false faith with full heart. Theism is scientific because introduces God. The atheism is unscientific, because introduces Nothing. Thanks, I surely like you, sister in Love!

;There are no bonfires in the middle ages: check the years. The middle ages ended much more than 20 years before the first sign of bonfires. The reason, what atheists blame the Middle Ages in bonfires is the unconscious hatered to Christianity. The hatered, which comes from serving dead god, drives atheists to call themselves "A-Theists" in the internet, these hatered drives them to invent lies and confusion ("the bonfires in the Holy Middle Ages"). It is fight for the death against Almighty. The devils in flesh feel, what they must to destroy Jesus'es people and to destroy also atheists. To hurt this One and only Lover. Listen to the song "I love to hate You", it is hatered against Jesus Christ. 

1) you have not even proved any possibility of atheism being true, so stop to attack the scientific Christianity. 2) There was reason for Jesus Christ be humble and poor: the Adam's rebellion on the planet. The God is most hated One on the planet, same hate then, same now.

Atheist: "How the hell can we hate something that don't exist?"
Do you hate Captain Hook? Yes you are, yes you are, brother! This fiction is the reflection of satan for your damaged soul. My soul is healthy, so I face the satan in the face.

Atheist: "People are atheists. Therefore atheism is true... Unless you're referring to how this god creates purpose and meaning for specific people... Who would hate Captain Hook?? He's awesome!;"
The high philosophy is not subject for this pub. High intellectual philosophy one finds in the peer-review journals. Do you agree? But the childish things we can talk about. Atheist: "who would hate Captain Hook?? He's awesome!" Me: so you hate the Peter Pan instead? After all, he is just a virgin! Like the Jesus Christ is the Virgin. Man, the Hook was meant for you to hate. I'm sure it was plan of the story author. Do not perverse the story of satan and the Jesus. It is reflected as Hook and Peter for your damaged soul.;

It is unpleasant to die, but I will be resurrected, just like the Jesus Christ. It is the historic Truth, what the Jesus is resurrected. Jesus is not dead! Any false religion is simply atheism. The letter A means also "instead of", so the atheism is simply "instead of True God." Therefore it is convenient for atheists to be members of the "church of satan", of the "Spaghetti Monster church".

Nobody believes in false god. So, having false god is to reject the Jesus Christ. It is perfect Truth: atheism has false god, the Fr.N. called it "dead god".

"Atheists don't believe in dead gods, they believe that no god ever existed, that they are fictional beings like characters in books, that people made them up either to explain things or to control people.;"
Sorry, but thanks for Wikipedia quote. However, sorry: in the middle ages the Nation voted for the existence of God. Now the community tends to vote God out. Surely, the God is dead now, amn't He? Therefore, atheists have the dead god to serve, which are you doing in internet and in the church of Spaghetti.;

Of course, the atheism will not outlast the theism. What to deny, if there would be no theism on the planet? Just show me, what the Reality without god is possible. If you can, then the atheism would be scientific. Otherwise - unscientific. Theism is fully scientific. See the parable: Bob came home and sees a bird. So, there is non-zero probability, what Jesus came and left the bird there. But also there is non-zero probability, what No Jesus came. No Jesus is Alice. Atheist can not show the slightest probability, what No God has created the Nature. So, the atheism is unscientific.;

What is the faith? The faith is the trust in the knowledge. Or you have better definition of faith? Therefore the dis-belief in God is the rejection of One. Latter is the false knowledge of this person. Any atheist is sure in one thing: "God is not proven." It is lie. There are many proofs, which are not debunked. God is proven very well. Secondly, if atheism has no claims, then it is agnosticism. The work of Steven Hawking was to make from the Gravity such Universe, which can be God-free. It fails. Therefore, atheism has no science behind it.;

Atheist showed no repentance:

"Basically, imagine a world that rather than being one of fate and prophesy, it's one of cause and effect, and that coincidence can cause a creation event rather than a creator (who, in turn, would have needed to be created). It's unscientific to make assumptions about there being 10000 gods and goddesses for example, when there's no evidence to support any of them any more than assuming the world is simply what we can see ourselves. The path that requires the least assumptions is the best route, at least until some of those assumptions become more than assumptions from finding proofs.;"

so I answered him:

You are dropping many anomalies from your ideal picture. As examples: Placebo effect, the miracles of the Holy Church (the Holy Fire and others), the sights of UFO'es, the strange "dust-ification" of World Trade Center. All these anomalies seem to rewrite the basics of Science. Secondly, it is the horror for me to die, so I would take the possibility to get into the right Church and be saved!

Atheist has replied:
"The gamble of going into the "right" church to be saved would be harder than the lotto".

Just get to know the God and you will discover His Body - the True Church. 1) Which God is better: existent or unexistent? If the existent, then 2) which an existent god is better: the good One or evil? 3) If you prefer good God, then which God is better: who shows goodness or who not? Etc.

The time has not come yet for the promised dramatic surgery. There is dis-harmony in Nature, otherwise it is just about the same harmonic to kiss a girl or to kill her. If such drama makes no difference to the God of Spinoza, then such god is Einstein's fantasy only. What is more true: to kill a beautiful and kind girl, or to kiss her? Who decides what is true? The True God. Do not refuse to have Standard in your head!;

Many atheists say, what they do not believe in god. But they are not equipped with scientific mind. Indeed, the human, who used to thinking, would find the probability for the Reality, which would be without God. You are free to say: "it is your job to prove God". But I am asking from myself, not the proof, but the certain mathematical probability of No-God scenario. Are you willing to help, or I must pay you?

You have the burden of proof to prove your god. All your comments about "the atheism" are confusing and irrelevant. ;

What to prove? You simply choose your god. Which god do you like? Existent or unexistent? Atheists like the unexistent one. But you are out of the line? You are more original than they are? And I have no burden, because I am not paid for this. Do you call me a slave without salary for your burden? Isn't it audacity???

"Are you saying that if there was no theism, then there would be atheism?" No. Atheism is like a parasite on the tree, is like a cancer in your body. Without the organism, there will be no cancer either. The cancer will not outlast your body. You do not need to prove the unexistent God, because such god does not exist. All you need to show, is to make the atheism possible. Is the atheism possible even with zero scientific probability? Or even with the non-calculable probability? If yes, then it is unscientific.