Пугаем адом атеистов!

Атеист: "Вы не доказали, что ад существует. Так что ваше предупреждение ничего не значит для меня."

Давайте проверим. Вы собираетесь в театр. Кто-то выбегает, крича "бомба!" И вы не будете просить доказательств, не так ли? Побежите тоже, только пятки засверкают.

Atheist: "You haven't proven that hell exists yet, so your warning means nothing to me.;"

Let us see. You are going into theater. Somebody runs out screaming "bomb!" And you will not ask for the evidence, will you? You will run out too.

"Well, I know that bombs exist, and that sometimes people bomb theaters, and whether the bomb threat is real or not can actually be tested before I die.  These are all traits that a bomb threat has that your hell lacks.;"

There are dis-believers in terrorism. (world is large, so they must be), then it is O.K. for them not to save themselves?

Thanks for conversation, brother in love. But I would moderate the f-word out. The f-word should be banned. But let us think: is the atheism sin or not? If not, then in Heaven will be atheists only? But will there be comfortable with rejected God? I mean, His love is very touching.

By rejecting God, Who is talking through me, you are hurting His feelings. Isn't it hatered, to hurt lover's feelings? So, the bad communion would be in Heaven: hater and the hurt One.

Atheism can never be proven, so it is wrong. Therefore, following is Absolute Truth: Jesus Christ am God. So, any activity against His doings is criminality. Jesus is Savior, so who ever opposes, must be punished in criminal order.