What do women want?

Likewise, you husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honor to the wife, as to the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered.
1 Peter. 3,7

Woman is a fascinating creature: gentle, caring, tender, graceful, she is a thin vessel that should be held with the utmost care being afraid to drop it. It has been recorded in the history of Europe that men, captivated by passion, gave her their hearts surrendering to the slavery of love voluntarily. They wrote poems in her name, erected in her honour temples and threw at her feet conquered kingdoms. At the same time there has always been a lot of criticism along with the praise.

Since ancient times women had to endure the attacks of men accusing them of inconstancy. Why poets were not so favourable to the fair sex? Might there be in these allegations a bit truth? Let us, for clarity`s sake, refer to the examples taken from ancient literature:
According to Virgil, a woman is a creature, who is always fickle and changeable.
Here's some more of the similar judgements:
"The words of girls are lighter than falling leaves".
"There is nothing more unbearable than a rich woman".
"Two women are worse than one," says Plautus.
"Women are more changeable than a gush of wind".
"A woman is never silent."
Remember also the words of Plautus, that a woman is


Read also the words of Catullus:
"Trust me that what woman in love says passionately should be written on wind and swift water.
A woman often wins, because entreaties and tears are her weapon".

After reading those words, you have a feeling that poets could not see femininity in a woman, they simply looked for their male reflection in her. Virgil, for example, praised in his poems  love to the stronger sex, and because of that, perhaps, he was nicknamed Virgil (lat. virgina. virgin).

One of our friends, who was a thirty-two years old man, could not find a life partner, or rather make a choice. After listening carefully to his views on what should be his future spouse, the idea that he was looking for a wife with the traits of man came to mind immediately. He was advised: "You need to look for a guy and not a girl, because those traits that you really like, relate more to the strong half of mankind". Meeting him six years later, no one even doubted what kind of answer he would give to the question, whether he found his mate. After all, representatives of one sex with the traits of another are extremely rare. Physiological differences in the body structure and different social vocation (female`s - to produce offsprings), at the same time form different attitude to life, different view of things and, consequently, another kind of behavior.

Man is a form of life. Nature has the ability to survive adapting to harsh environmental conditions


due to its diversity, using us as a tool, thus prolonging itself. One species disappears replaced by another. Life on earth did not cease when the dinosaurs became extinct, moreover their extinction opened the way for the development of other species. This is only possible because of the diversity of living species.

Woman has its own purpose in nature as well as man. Nature worries only about one thing: preservation of life forms. A girl, who later becomes a mother, instinctively cares for her future child. She has a painful choice of a male: his physique and his ability to support their mutual family financially. Choosing a life partner preference is given to appearance for the subsequent realization of their personal ideals of attractiveness that are embodied in their children. Human culture has distorted our natural form of behavior, and we often get married for conveniences, money and an opportunity to make a career and so on. However, it is impossible to wipe out the call of nature completelly. Nature tends to overcome culture taking care of a renewal and preservation of the genus. Moreover, the fact that man still exists as a species and have not disappeared from the face of earth, we owe much to our beautiful half. In the wild the human body is programmed for instinctual survival, we limit ourselves only when constrained by social conditions. Therefore, sometimes people give vent to their passions, unable to resist the temptation. This happens often after a sudden change in living conditions, when those qualities,


which were necessary for survival in past difficult situations, become uncontrollable.

What do we mean when we talk about emotion? Is it external behavior or internal judgment? Woman is expressive and prone to vent her emotions, but she is not always guided by them, as she instinctively worries about the offspring and makes a choice not only for herself, but also for her future child; this instinct leads a woman all her life. A man, like a moth, flies to a beautiful flower and making a choice he is instinctively guided by his emotions. The deficiencies that we find as in the one, as well as the other sex, may be deemed to be such only from a personal point of view.

The wisdom of women in their rationality, ability to make the best choice. The wisdom of men in their perseverance, due to uncontrollable emotional attraction to the object of their desire, their dream, their beautiful second half.

Emotion is also a cause of adultery. A man can find a more beautiful, tender, desirable woman. Women cheat when their husbands sometimes are not able to create even the minimal material conditions, not paying enough attention or even humiliate her. Just imagine: a husband always watches TV laying on a couch, his wife comes home in the evening exhausted from work, and he does not try to change anything. A woman likes to feel protected by a strong male hand.

From the above we can draw the following conclusions.


When we speak about a woman, we usually say that she is beautiful. It is more proper to say of a man that he is handsome. Beauty is an emotional assessment. The loveliness and tenderness of a woman tend to lure a man waking in him desire and love. If you take the maximum degree of a female`s desire to bring the man under her entire control, it turns out that the woman just wants more power over him to fully satisfy the instinct of preservation of species. If she gets what she wants, her desire begins to subside. By reaching its peak the stimulus also disappears. Those men, who surrender into the hands of women completely, become not interesting to them, in some cases, even nasty. Women want to have a masculine force under their control. When a man hears a gentle word, tender request, his unbridled power surrenders to the charming captivator. Thus, women feel a protection of the strong hand. Especially, those men can  achieve success with women, who are masters of promise. We do not speak here of pointles sky-high talks, but those ones that are seemed very easy to be fulfilled, and only something trivial constantly prevents a man to do it.