Whirlwind. A dream

 I*m going by car across the square. My father is driving the car. I turned back and saw the Whirlwind, black with a big tube. Oh, how great it was! The tube bent towards me. First I have seen two  colours: green and violet. I asked to stop the car and I began to watch the Whirlwind. There was a strong movement in  the tube with the circles of different shades - violet and green. How beautiful it was!
The tube turned towards the sky. And now I see only black thick mass, which approaches to me very fast. Where can I hide? I*m running by the house. It*s very small. The people are hurriedly leaving it. Quite nearby there is a nine-storeyed building. It*s rather big, but it*s not obstacle for the Whirlwind. There is no place to run to. The Whirlwind is already above a two-storeyed house, where I*m standing now. But it doesn*t touch me and the house. I find myself in a grey mist in three metres around. I like it, though I am sure that the Whirlwind is just above me.Suddenly I saw a small spot as a tennis ball beside me. I touched it and said: I love you" It became very light at once and the birds began to sing. The trees began to blossom and the flowers began to smell. A woman appeared in front of me. She talked to me.