The blind trust can lead to faith

The Morgan Freeman, the leading TV star of the pop-science, has said in secular channel: "I am man of Faith." The faith is the following the Knowledge in your life. The faith is the faithfulness to the Knowledge. If you know, what tabaco kills, then do not smoke, please. But if you do not know this yet, you can trust the warnings on the cigarettes packs. But what if you extremely want to smoke and is willing to take the risks? Such an "excuse" to smoke the many people have. But in case of hell-warning is the entire different situation: the hell is the exactly infinite suffering. The smoking cigarettes will give you the young painful death, but the pain of hell is the infinite longer and the infinite stronger.

Reltzik replied something like "hell is not real, the cigarettes are real".
You have missed the meaning of blind trust. Blind trust is the following the good meant advise without even having the proofs. You can blindly trust the hell-warning of the theism without ever having any regrets. You better to start looking for True Theism, because you got to know, what there is the hell-warning. Just like gotten infinitely painfully doomed by unknown sickness, one starts to look for rightly suggested treatment. See film: Pilgrims Progress - Journey to Heaven, 2008.

Suppose an evil human forces you to harm Yourself. There is not a strong motive to do the sin (the rejection of genetic Christian faith is sin). In fact, the sins are motiveless. But the irrefutable motive (to run from hell) provides THE FACT, that the promised pain in hell is infinitely strong and infinitely long. Disbeliever: "I don't fear something which I must imagine." The information came not from your imagination, but from outside world. You have nothing to imagine!

The Jesus Christ am the Way, the Way to knowledge of the True God and of His True Church. Therefore you can start as unbeliever, as a pagan, because of blind trust in hell-warning. While you would walk the Way, do not lie to Yourself, do not confuse Yourself: the True God and His angel will invisibly guide you to safety. Staying atheist does not mean the walking to True God.

Now how the trust is leading to the faith? Look here:

The true God hates sin, hates the satan, hates the false gods (ie. the idols). "True God" is the designation of the very first life in the history. Life objects exist, and therefore the True God am. No life can be without the very first life, so the true God am the Life. Then He knows the life, He am omniscient. Because He am omniscient, He am also omnipresent. He am able to Judge and His word am the Verity and the Law. Do you love life? Then do love and obey the sovereign King, the holy and true God -- the Holy Trinity. He is not under the law, He am Himself the law and truth to all the people.

The atheists have lost the genetic Christian faith in their conscious mind, but the faith (and, thus, any possible knowledge, e.g. that the math identity 1=1 is true) is in their subconscious mind. Without the feed from conscious thoughts, the subconscious mind will soon die. The human would become like anti-theist.

Please do no say: nonsense, bad English, etc., without the proof. I must be respected just because I am a human.