Даже в атеисте есть ещё очень много добра

In above picture, we have following depiction of an atheist, he is divided:

Atheist: “Please define "sin" in non-religious concepts.”
There are many things, what you prefer to be slowly and painfully killed, than to do them: 1) betraying your homeland, 2) saying f-word to your father, 3) pissing onto your child's grave. 4) etc. All this is sin. The sin is what you never ever do, you rather die, than do a sin. Somebody in this post said, what pissing on own child's grave is not the sin, but the sickness. Enjoy my reply: "any sin is the sickness."
The atheist is divided, there is a crack in any atheist: the conscious says "No True God, No soul, No freewill, No life, No way, No intelligent design, No sin, No evil, No good, No saints, No wonders, No miracles, No theists, No Verity, No authority, No forbidden words, No insults, and all - No. No....".
But the subconscious do have the definition and recognition of any of these No-es. In the subconscious they are Yes-es! Yes: True God, Yes: soul, yes freewill, etc.
Atheist: “Please provide evidence for this.” It is philosophical conclusion: having only No-es you are disabled, impotent, living dead, a mindless bio-robot. You are not any of these terms. Therefore, your Christianity is in subconscious. The atheism is in conscious.