Shark s Tooth

The shark was swimming freely across oceans and seas. The shark felt alright, cool and a bit hungry. There was a ship on a horizon or at least it looked like a ship and the shark thought, I will get a whole lot hungrier when I get to that ship.
The silhouette indeed became the ship. The rusty and the abandoned type one. Half sunk but still afloat. The shark thought, I could see if there are any of those little fish around as I am indeed hungry and could try some of those yellow tails, and there she was sneaking around poking her nose trying to find some fish.
This starving shark. It was one of those butterfly fish or mackerels that the shark thought were hiding behind the propeller blades of the ship. The shark rushed ahead and broke her tooth. She kept biting the propeller again and again. The shark was mad. There was no fish around and her tooth was broken and now she was in pain and still hungry. The shark decided to swim away from the ship and find a dentist.
The dentist she was swimming to didn't really care much about sharks. That dentist thought that sharks were scary. So when he saw the shark he couldn't move or speak and stayed still in his boat shaking and scared.
The shark asked him to help her out and had her mouth wide open. The dentist was afraid to move his finger. And the shark was really hungry. The shark waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and there was pain and the dentist wasn't helping and she felt so hungry so she ate him. The shark ate the dentist and felt alright about it. The only other thing left was that tooth ache. She felt silly biting that ship. It was made of rusty iron. So the shark swam away to find another dentist. The one that was not scared of her.
And if he was she would eat him too since she figured by the time she gets to him she would be hungry again.
The other dentist was taking a nap on a small boat of his and he was dreaming of butterflies. The shark woke him up and opened her mouth. The dentist didn't want to get into shark’s mouth and the dentist inside the shark was motioning him against it. The shark said, Fix it and I’ll go away.
The dentist was afraid but he was brave and opened his dentist bag and took out his tools and got to work. While fixing he got the other dentist out and both of them were working together. The shark got hungry again but the pain was gone and the dentists did a good job on her new tooth. The shark thought about eating them both but then thought about the ship that was cold and rusty and lonely out there. And she thought that it was probably no different in her stomach. It's lonely down there especially when she was hungry. So she said, Thanks! and swam away to find some bitter fish before sunset.