deine augen sind so shon, you are so rainbow - these magic moments full of brightness, like spiritual initiation, like sacred gathering, crazy dancing till the end of times, I just feel it, I can not explain whatever language I use, maybe the closest one is music, but it also leads and limited by inner laws, just let it go, just let it be, just breathe and dance again, I see you, eyes see you, just pass the flow, hold on the beat and change the beat, whatever is the beat, there is nothing to deal with philosophy, only music of mind matters, deine augen sind so shon, you are so rainbow, but we need to go, to center of cyclone, we need to catch the flow, to play the role, to write the story, to feel the music, to meet again, another life, another day

глаза откровение, глаза призыв, eyes revelation, eyes invocation, augen offenbarung, augen rufen - how can I forget you, when we danced together so many hours, so many crazy nights, so many lives in sacred tribal vibes like holy pilgrims, like sparkling diamond stars inside the deepest oceans and through the neuroforest, the jungles of insanity, the infinite mindspace, I can not lose you can not lose we can not lose - the flow, the beat, the vibe, the spike, the form, the place, the name, the face are always changing like the wind, the energy is always here, and love is energy, which burns like mystic carnival and sounds like acid flowers, blissfully shining through itself, we are these lights, we are creatures, we are creators, we are the music of universal symphony, the mindspace - manifesting, discovering itself, the art of modulations in infinite dimensions