Обьективность и адекватность победила на Кресте!

God's Reality is the objective Reality for us. The God (“God is Love! - gospels Christian, - Love unites!”) unites the subjective realities of good willing individs.

Each of us has own, private, personal inner world. The Harry Potter (film ***) and the Mister Smith (film: Matrix) is making own reality also outside their bodies (but their realities are sick, they are not happy in the mess they made). The uniting reality is the objective reality, it belongs to the Holy Trinity. We are not stronger than the Holy Trinity, His reality penetrates our small realities. If our reality (so called subjective reality) is not compatible with the objective reality, we feel pain and discomfort; we are then in the mental clinics, or in the hell fire. We are constructed that way, what we must be compatible with the Objective Reality: like the printer is compatible with PC. Because we are designed like the Printer for PC, we must love the Holy Trinity.

Love and compassion (compatibility), is in the song. And all the Children (God's Children!) say: “We don't need another hero (the Jesus Christ is our Hero!) we don't need another world (the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church is our World!)”