The Light of Queen Library. Chapter 1

(translate by the help of my friend Roshaida Haron)

Chapter 1. Masks ball or for 317 years before the events of our time
Queen and King convened the ball. It was supposed to be the most magnificent fancy ball, and Versailles shone as never luxurious. He seemed transformed. Even gold shimmered in its decoration like the light of the sun. The King of France and his Queen waited a special guest. Yet she never appeared among the people. But now she promised to come.
Hour has struck. Versailles plunged into the candlelight, and now it has got the luxury of a mystical hue mysterious carnival. Nobody  really know  who  Milady Alicia La Sven was. But a letter from her caused much puzzlement,  even from monarchs. Even  her very name was strange though  mixed with several entities.
When night descended over Paris, the guests began to arrive. First came  the  Count and Countess of O'Renua. The  Count  who was riding a black horse, came  as a mysterious stranger, wrapped in a cloak. His face was concealed in a bird mask, and  his hand is constantly touching the hilt of his sword. The Stranger calmed  his horse and climbed the stairs of Versailles.  He stopped to  adjust his hat, and his eyes fell on the angel, who was passing by. The lowly girl looked at him. At first, he confused her with his wife  whom he wanted to divorce. His lifestyle of "servant and warrior"  was not always suited to Sophie Lonkrua, and she often commented his  outfit before the choice. But then, there were times when he was happy with her, and it was necessary to seek a compromise. And not one duel behind him. However, the one book was found  at last ...
The moon was unusually high in that day. People say it's called the Supermoon. The Angel stopped so that the moonlight shone in an incredible way,  stressing her pristine, almost childish beauty. No, it's not Sophie. Shown in the eyes of this lovely creature, this proud girls, was  cold, and despair, and surprise. But the smile gave hope. She held out her hand. Previously, it’s long sleeves concealed cuffs. They remind  of petals and wings. The luxuriant dress was quite expensive. "Princess or Duchess, no less" – thought Jacques Lonkrua. On her fingers were a few rings and the delicate wrist  was decorated with Tibetan bracelet-protection. Jacques  bowed and kissed her hand. Mask with feather sare not completely covered her face. The stranger was probably a foreigner,  as she  was very cautious.
- Milady – butler  offered her his hand  and helped her  entered the Palace. – All  as you have requested.
Little Angel nodded and went into the palace with him. Jacques tried followed her, but he was not allowed. Well, this was not the first time!
Looking high up, he slipped away somewhere among the columns in the hall. He could not forget the unusual color which  reflected in the eyes of Milady . She seemed to silently called out to him. No wonder  she seemed  similar to his wife. The angel disappeared among the nobles. As if by magic she disappeared for a while.
Jacques threw his sword on the floor when he climbed up to the balcony. Already someone started playing the mazurka, and then the ball started. After Jacques quarreled with the Cardinal, he was kicked out of the palace, and now he is persona non grata. Somewhere among the guests rang whispers of  "Swan" "My Lady." "Milady". It's  was all about the mysterious stranger, who did not leave  Jacques’s soul. Although she was young, but she was not a child. And in her gesture, when she held out her hand, there was something ... from the Queen.
The carnival costumes  were beautiful. Jesters, birds, mysterious ladies and men in masks ... Jacques cautiously picked up the sword and went into the hall. The Ball of the Hypocrisy was in full swing. The eyes of Monsieur Lonkrua were black in the shadow like the night outside the window.
- Lords, we had the great honor for us, - declared King. - Today, among us, is Milady La Sven, known  as.... Her title "the Soul of Library".
- Exaggerate, Your Highness. You know how I came reluctantly. – Milady said in her was noticeable accent and the fact that it was hard to say.
The guests heard the voice of La Sven before they saw the girl standing on the stairs in a dress, whose beauty dazzled all flowery dresses of the noble ladies. She searched among the guests  for someone.

Jacques leaned against  the columns. Duchesse De Latverie approached him, offering a wineglass.
- Today you are a nymph, madam. - Jacques  was ogling her.
- As soon as your wife tolerates your character. How many have you killed in a duel? – The Duchess sipped from his wineglass.
- You know, my last duel was for Sophie.
- Not the last.
Jacques looked away, sipping from a wineglass. When the  duchess  white hands touched him, he flinched. Her blue eyes burned.
- Come today after the ball. I feel lonely. Wait, what did she says? – The Duchess was distracted by the quiet but clearly audible voice of Alicia La Sven.
- What's her name?
- Jacques, you really do not know? It's Alicia La Sven, Swan, the most mysterious clairvoyant, which is called the Soul of Library. But why, I do not know. Sophie and I also went to quite a lot of reading.
- Hush, Michelle ...
Jacques listened.
- Today, an event took place at night, which can change the course of history. - Said the young lady. - Your Highness, your library is empty.
All gasped. After all, it was a treasure trove, and this was only talking about books!
- I'm sorry, but this fact made me come to you. After all, you promised me to keep the thing that brought a daughter of Yaroslav Mudrog, Anna. I just need it.
- I do not know  you, - replied the king.
- Very sorry. - Milady came down the stairs and went into the hall. - Then you can continue the carnival.
When Milady started walking down throughth the marble, a garden began to grow  behind her.  This was a miracle , but  someone began to shout and cursed at her. But she walked without noticing anyone, and now the staircase of Versailles became a waterfall. Jacques forgot his lover, the Duchess and began to follow her.
- What awaits us! - Someone called after her.
Milady looked around. She thoughtfully examined all.
- I dont know. You erase your memory and repeat the same mistakes. From time to time you are constantly committing the same ...
- She's a witch! - Called Cagliostro.
The cardinal wanted to grab  the mysterious guest, but she only she one could go on the staircase covered in waterfall .
- I only want my book. I come to you in vain.
The girl was confused. Suddenly, a bright flash blinded the entire Versailles ... And when the light faded, the carnival continued, as  before. The  garden and the waterfall were gone. And on the floor  a pen and a note were left behind. Jacques picked them up, but did not have time to read ...
In the middle of the night Jacques woke up in a cold sweat. He saw a black maze, and heard the voice of Alicia La Sven, who  was calling him. When he found her, she was in the ball dress, but without wings. Black Wolf growled at her, and she closed her face with one hand, and the other hand was put forward. Bright lights broke the darkness. But when the lights went out .... everything disappeared.
- Alicia!
- Why are you shouting? Who is it? -  Michel De Latverian  was baffled.
- Nothing ... just a nightmare.
Jacques began to dress.
-  Why are you a hurry?
- I'll walk. It does not matter. Do not wait for me.
He kissed the Duchess and went out.
Paris. was  like frozen in  time. Jacques took a long walk through the streets, then came back and took the horse. The horseman rode slowly along the bridge. Although the main square was far away,  he could smell the stench from here.
The girl stood on the bridge and looked at the river. She was so familiar! The girl laced her fingers and looked very disappointed. She  did not have the wings behind the back, but the sleeves became wings. The white-lilac dress in the moonlight was like a delicate flower, which is tilted his bud. Next to her the night smelled differently. Like the book, like the night violet. She did not notice the rider. His eyes were dark that night, curly brown hair lay on his shoulders. He was acquainted with many women, but Alicia stole his thoughts.
All the girls, he knew, were similar in appearance , and so they always  have been. And Alicia. Even his wife Sophie was something similar to Alicia. But none of them was both young and adult, as the girl swan. Alicia.
He just stood there, near her and folded his arms.
- I ... It seemed that I was looking for you.
- You do not seem, I was too busy for us to meet ... - quietly said Alicia.- You are too confused, sir.
- I agree. This night is absolutely not like any other alongside you .
She looked at the moonlit path on the river and did not say anything.
- What happen  to my book ....
- And what kind of book did you lose? It was in the  king’s library?
- Yes. Veles book. You probably do not know it. Nobody knew about this, I could  used it to store things, but the king assured me that while I found for another artifact necessary to him, it he will retain the book.- Alicia looked at Jacques through the mask. - I give him an artifact, but the book has disappeared. Then I learned about the carnival, and he  agreed to come ...
- And to  allay their suspicions, when you discovered the loss of the entire library?
Jacques took off the glove and put his hand on Alicia's . Such small palm, his arm tucked  itself under her arm. And her heart was beating. She knew how dangerous this is, but ...
- In general,  other people are searching for it, but I just ... Why am I so want to trust you?
- Why do I want to be with you?
- Because you're a man, Jacques, and I'm ...
- You are the most beautiful young creature that I’ve ever met ...- lovingly replied Jacques.
- Oh, come on!
Alicia removed her hands.
- When you  left.. I saw this garden, waterfall ... Who are you? It's so dangerous.
- I know.
Jacques had  placed Alicia on his horse when he heard the cries of the  Cardinal's gendarmes. She  could be executed. After all, she had done the impossible, and it scared people. Moreover, she publicly expressed his suspicions.
- You have at the temples .. Ivy. - noticed Jacques.
- Yes I know.
He took her away, and they hid in the garden. Alicia was standing with  her back to him, and  hands that wound around her waist. She was calm. She was not alone.
- Veles book ... And where it? - The man asked.
- It is called differently. This book is Slavic Magi, but if you find it, then it is fake. Just a chronicle.
- Just a chronicle but with so much noise, does not  correspond, - Jacques smiled.
- If I knew why she need it for the Cardinal and brotherhood, if .... The book itself was written about all history of human. Maybe she wrote something about what ought to be silent ... Do not be surprised.
- Hush, my lady, someone  is looking for you.
Jacques covered her with his cloak. The Cardinal’s musketeers  burst into the pavilion, where there  Jacques and Alicia were standing. Lonkrua’s cloak  successfully hidden the young mademoiselle.
 Every rustle frightened her, but she remained  calm. From it emanated the incredible heat.
- Where is Milady? - asked  the musketeer. - What are you doing here? Tonight?
- Milady? Who is Milady? Where? - the tall man was  surprised.
- If you hide her, both you and  pay  with your head!
Decree of the Cardinal is to deliver her to the palace.
- And what did she do? - Jacques by insensible degrees hugged her  tighter. Surprisingly, her was not noticeable under his cloak.
- She's a witch. And the magic is forbidden.
- Inquisition is not here, is  it not? No, she’s  not here. Maybe on the bridge.
- Mark my words, sir.
- Adieu, Monsieur (Goodbye, Monsieur).
Only when the musketeers  finally left, did Alicia and Jacques breathed freely.
- You cannot stay here, Mademoiselle.
- I understand...
Alicia was asleep on his arms. But when they went out of the arbor, and her mask has fallen on the floor, they were immediately arrested. Cardinal himself came.
- Let her go! - Jacques took his sword.
- Be quiet, young man, you can’t challenged me to a duel! - Cardinal smiled slyly.
One of the servants of Cardinal took Alicia. She was still asleep.
- She did not do anything wrong, she just wants  her thing returned!
- Today, the King signed the decree. If she had not make magic, it could be otherwise.
- No!
Jacques rushed towards the musketeers, but two of them took him by the hand, and a third wounded him. Jacques was not able to stop them. Perhaps it was a black wolf that attacked Alicia in  the dream.
Some time later, he found her in a dungeon. She was silent. But when she saw him, she came and looked lovingly at him.
- If I had not fallen asleep, I would have stopped them. But let it be as it is. You're hurt, Jacques?
- I can’t forgive myself that did not for not saving you ...
- Come back tomorrow morning. Wait a minute ... - she opened the pendant and took the key. - I have a house. The house is a salvation. If something were to happen to me, keep the key with you.
- Why did the King and Cardinal hate you?
- Because they are afraid of magic.
- Tell me who you really are?
- People were close to the truth, calling me Soul of the  Libraries. I am a lady  Alicia La Sven.
Alicia snuggled to the grille, and Jacques too.  How would it not ached like the wound, that was bandaged. Now  all he wanted was to be with Alicia.
She wrapped his face in her hands and smiled.
- Please do not let them kill yourselves, - begged Jacques.
- Me...
Jacques kissed her on the lips, and even the grill  could not stop them.
- I'm not omnipotent, Jacques. I'll wait for you tomorrow on the square ....
But the next day, he arrived late. Jacques woke up late, and then he heard a commotion. The  noise brought him to a remote  square. A servant of the Cardinal stabbed Alicia, and the whole incident attracted a crowd of onlookers.
- No! Oh, God, no!
Jacques rushed to Alicia. She was still breathing.
- Jacques ... - she smiled faintly. - You arrived late ...
- No, don't die, please, you can heal yourself, yeah? - Jacques leaned over her.
And the Duchess, his paramour, and his wife Sophie, who had bribed the Cardinal’s servant  to perform the stabbing,  were also present  in the  square . He suddenly realized that he had never  like them as he had loved the young mysterious lady Alicia even though it was for only  for one night.
Not against the killing was the Cardinal, who hid the La Sven's  book.
- No ... But I can do something else. Have you the key?
- Yes...
Jacques could not stop the tears.
- Then you'll find an exit.
Alicia's hand fell to the floor ... from her side,  small conifer grew near her hand. Then it began to sprout into a forest, and the people fled without looking back. Escaped and those who are guilty of the tragedy.
- Alicia !!! - Jacques cried.
Garden  grew and began to  materialised the columns and the stairs in the distance . Jacques realized that Alicia had created something new, and this she  did it from her last strength.
- Babe, wake up . The wound is not fatal, is  it?
But she was silent. Only the incredible greatness seemed to appear around them. It was not Paris.
Every tree here meant something. And only a few have been just trees. Equally stunning was the rose garden and maze-orangery.
Alicia turned into light and became thousands of stars in the arms of Jacques Loncrua.
He went through the maze. He soon came to the door, near which stood a little old blue-eyed man.
- Milady gave you a key?
- Yes...
- Give me, please. Do not be afraid. She is sure what she sees in you. Only you'll be a completely different person. - Grandfather was trying to comfort him.
- Hold on. And where am I? - Jacques took off the gloves and hat.
- In the Library, World of Knowledge, in its very heart. You are the first person that her ladyship  Alicia chose herself. She did not need to come ...  I could find  it alone.
- And I could not give her away  ...
- Do not worry.
Grandfather opened the door and Jacques see saw a beautiful library.
- Welcome. The  Librarian....