My page translated into English

Love is a mystery of two enchanted hearts.
They don't teach the laws of love in schools.
Love can not be explained by wisest of the smarts,
-When fell in love, they too become love's fools.
Кeep sacred secret of your love - to others not be mentioned,
Because just by one, to you devoted heart, your love deserves attention.
Alas, with destiny no one can argue.
To some it's generous, for others there is no bargain.
Not fairly the fate awards us with love gift;
Those lucky ones get lots of it, unfortunate get grief.
While heart is pushing blood in veins, it's always braced for love, no matter will it bring the joy or peril,
And how heart on Earth could feel - incapable to grasp in Heaven or in Hell, nor angel, neither devil.
Man's tenderness is stingy on the words, rare are male tears, which have the taste of salt,
But heart of man is not, however, bound by the armor, made of steel, and not protected is from pain his soul.
Though nightingales get older too and their warbling during nights alas gets shorter,
But poet's trembling heart refuses to be calm, because love and art are both immortal.
Don't play with destiny the game of hide and seek.
Your fate will find you everywhere,
In Hell or Paradise, it doesn't care.
Today - you're Prince, tomorrow - poor and weak.
There are in life some rare moments, which make the living worth its price,
When talk is done directly by two pairs, two pairs in each other sunken eyes.
Hours are flying, years - running, and centuries shall pass,
And just Art's magic surely knows where lies to Glory path.
The world is full of novelty, but only one will always stay in fashion,
There is no greater wonder one could find on Earth, than wonder of love passion.
As for two galaxies, for you and me, the fate has ordered to disperse ...
The cruelty of truth is simple -  accepts it common sense, but heart does not accept this curse.
I'm born to be a fish but wasn't hiding in deep waters out of fear,
- Perhaps that's why did not succeed with the career.
I do not have enough of water on the land,
Yet swimming, wagging tail, requires soul to bend.

My life - you are my golden fish,
I can not ask you to fulfill my wish.
From myself I swim away in a poetic verse,
But always wake up in the net again at coast.
Perhaps the power of the Death is one and only force, which cuts 
The chain, that yet connects for life two loving parted hearts.
When two decide to set each other free, to break and part,
The cut runs not between the two, but deeply through each lover bleeding heart.
Our lives - are distant islands, each is caught in own cage,
Love of two is torn asunder by the difference in age.