Задача Тысячелетия и желание победившее разум

The simple-minded people think, what if the Fields medal as well as the Clay Millennium prize were attributed to Perelman, then there are the Prizes. But he refused them both, and, so, his extremely complicated proof has no Prize attached to it. The deal with Prize is not finished, therefore, in the end, the Clay Institute still can give us the Prize. The process is not finished, until the ``champaign is opened''. The right social behavior is the necessary part of the scientific process.

The original Universe has maps with metrics in them. The metric is the Pythagorean generalized theorem. This original metric is being modified ``by hand" to become the perfect sphere. However the Scalar Curvature is infinite, in general case, if the metric determinant is zero. But in the perfect sphere there are places of zero determinant. (like the north and south poles, and the r=0). This 3-dim metric can be transformed into 4-dim metric with nonzero determinant, but the transformation to 3-dim metric (with non-zero determinant) is, obviously, not possible (because one dimension would be zero). Therefore, the Poincare Conjecture is wrong, in general case.

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