The Second Birth of the Discovery

Firyuza Yanchilina

I should to mention that there was a period when Vasily left his theory for as much as thirteen years
He opened his basic formulas when he was a second-year student. This happened just before the call to the Soviet Army. There was such a stage in our country when students began to be turned into soldiers right during their studies. No one "at the top of the country" especially thought about the intellectual potential of the state. What will happen to the guys if they are torn out for two or three years in a very peculiar and tough atmosphere, where they think in categories "from fence to lunch" (Russian joke)? Vasily also had to serve two years in the Far East.
But he managed to open two of his important formulas. The first showed the dependence of the speed of light (the fundamental value characterizing the features of our space) from the gravitational potential created by all the stars, nebulae, in general – all the matter of the Universe. Vasily opened this formula in one of the holidays of the “Interweek”. Those “Interweeks” were in the Soviet time. We did not quite understand their meaning, but realized that they were aimed at strengthening friendship among the peoples of the world. These holidays were a little crazy. People shouted from the stage shouting slogans in support of some political revolutionaries from backward countries. The crowd around shouted the Komsomol appeals. Someone's scarecrow burned in a huge fire. I do not know whose, but, probably, something or someone bad. According to my recollections, no one understood anything, but the emotions of some of the participants were boiling.
One of those evenings Vasily finally found a formula. The room in which he lived was empty, because all went to the Interweek. How not to take advantage of this freedom!
Vasily's mental tension, colorful and emotionally saturated internal images: this is a special conversation. His discovery occurred very interesting and not usual. It was accompanied by dramatic emotional events. Vasily told me that he stepped into the Chaos. Really took a step. Otherwise, he would not have understood the beyond world.
When he took this step, the condensed space condensed, turning into a transparent drop. In this drop the formula sparkled. The formula of light, the formula of equilibrium of the Universe. When he returned to the real world, he was a little feverish because of the increased temperature.
The second formula, showing that the product of Planck's constant and the speed of light is a constant value, was discovered by Vasya in the same year, in the summer. In late August, he specifically arrived in Novosibirsk Academgorodok from his native Barnaul to show his first formula to Kulakov. The dormitory was being renovated, the commandant was not there. Vasily climbed into his room on the 3rd floor through a balcony. There were not even mattresses on empty bed. It was hard and cold to sleep on them. Vasily opened the lock from the inside in the room and went out into the corridor. He saw in the corner a large piece of linoleum left by the repairmen. He turned it into a cylinder, put it on the bed and climbed into it. It turned out something like a sleeping bag. It is in this rolled-up linoleum Vasily was visited by another discovery, the second formula cleared up.
Kulakov's reaction cooled the ardor of the student: well, if Yuri Ivanovich did not understand him, then what to say about others!
Then there was service in the Soviet Army, Perestroika, the disintegration of the USSR, inflation and unemployment. Discoveries have departed to a very distant future.
Vasily returned to the formulas, one might say, by accident. The state was already collapsed by that time. The people opened new opportunities.
One of Vasily's friends, Zhora, moonlighted at a small store, selling and giving out video (for a day or two) to watch. Now these videotapes have sunk into oblivion, have become a rarity. But that time they were carriers of important information in the form of all sorts of overseas films. Zhora, taking advantage of his official position, brought in the post-graduate dormitory (in which the trainees and young scientists also lived) videocassettes. Friends were stuffed into a tiny room of five square meters and watched American products.
On some day, Zhora said that everything was over. He leaves the store, because he needs to seriously study science.
Vasily first upset that statement. Then he suddenly remembered that he had formulas! And he promised with all those gathered that he would give his discoveries a complete form. Actually, that was the beginning of the "new history" of the theory. It was at the time when I met Vasily on the street and when he tried to explain to me his fundamental achievements, but inadvertently brought me into hypnosis. In a sense, thanks to the "theory of Chaos and Light," we have more than friendly relations. Vasily called me his main discovery. In his and my life a new, grandiose stage began.