First Story about Rooster


     In the yard of the old wooden house, where little chickens run around, imposingly lounging on the steps and smoking a cigar, sat a rooster. He was a seedy rooster, no longer fit for soup, but who still doesn’t miss a single chick.

     The sun was hot. Rooster enjoyed doing nothing. Suddenly he noticed some movement. Turning his head to the left, he found that from behind the house a young hen appeared with an intention to go to the opposite side of the yard.

     Throwing his cigar into the nearest bushes, the rooster stood up, stretched his legs, ruffled his feathers and neatly trimmed his crest, and went across to the hen.

     She stopped, blushed and looked with surprise at the rooster. He slowly walked around her and proceeded to initiate a conversation.

-Madam! What are you doing tonight?

-Oh!  I don't know...  - prattled the hen.

-Would you like to play badminton?

     Bird looked puzzled at him, clapped her eyes and was silent. "Ready!" thought the rooster. "Take it!" But he considered himself as a gentleman, therefore before to get her into the bushes, he decided to feed the chosen hen. Putting a wing around the woozy hen’s shoulders, he led her to peck the grains...