Second Story about Rooster


    In the house across the road to our hero lived a Young Rooster. And he was so proper that it made everyone ill. His territory was always in order, and in the house – only one Hen and one Chick.

     One day the Old Rooster, who as usual was lounging on the stairs of the old house, noticed that something unusual was happening in the neighboring yard.

     Through the gate Chick strolled with his backpack, then Hen appeared with a pompous look and then stumbling over everything reluctantly crawled out the Young Rooster.

- Honey, maybe you will not go away? Chick is still small and may spend another year at home next to us...

-But my Dear, what will our neighbors, whose children already go to school, say? No, Chick needs to learn, to gain knowledge. You understand.

     With a heavy sigh, Young Rooster nodded. He hugged Hen and Chick. His eyes were filled with tears. All the way until they reached the turn in the road he stood, following them with his eyes and sniffling. There they disappeared, and he continued to stand there and dig in the sand with his leg.

     His thoughts were interrupted by a voice:
Young Rooster looked around and saw his neighbor.

-Come here! – waved Old Rooster with his wing.
     Reluctantly, Young Rooster went to the next yard.

-Well, what? Yours are gone?
-Yes, - said Young Rooster with a heavy sigh
-For a long time?
-Until the day when young Chick will be educated.
-It's good... What are you going to do?
-Don't know yet. Hen wrote a list of things to be done...
-Give it here!

     Experienced Rooster looked through the multi-page list, then set it on fire with the flame from his cigar and put it to burn out in a leaky basin.

     Young Rooster looked perplexed at his actions.

-So, tonight you come to me, – said Old Rooster.
-What for?
-We will celebrate the departure of Hen and Chick.
-And how? – Stammering, asked the Young Cock.
-Well, as always - young hens, sauna...
-But I have a family, I can't...
-You are family fool! In the evening you come to me. Understand? If you like the party – you stay. If not – you get back home. Nobody forces you.

Young Rooster nodded and walked back into his yard.

     Old cock lit a new cigar. "Ah, youth, green!" he thought. "Wimp out. Wife left. Ugh! I hope something happens."

* * *

     Many days and months passed. Old Rooster died and lived in another world.

     Young Rooster came out into the yard. Proud, straight shoulders, eagle eyes. Not a bird – a feast for the eyes. Little chicks were running everywhere. They stumbled over his feet, fell down, raised their heads and said: "Hi, Daddy!" Giving them the right direction with his leg, Rooster went on.

-Hey, how long will you be packing up your things?
-Oh, Dear, wait a bit. We have not gathered them all yet.

     Rooster walked impatiently around the yard. Today his Hen and Chick were departing to enter the College. "Why is she taking so long? When will they leave me alone at last?"- thought Rooster.

     Concentrating, Chick picked at something with his leg in the sand.
-What are you looking for?
-A worm.
- You have already finished school. And you must understand that worms live in the soil. What are they teaching you!
-Our teacher said that sometimes something can be found where you least expect.
-M-Yes. She's right... My darling! Are you coming?
-I am running!

      Hastily kissing Hen and Chick, Rooster happily followed them with his eyes and waved his handkerchief. As soon as they were hidden behind the turn, the handkerchief flew into the nearest bushes.

     Turning to the fence, Rooster took out his cell phone and sent sms to his girlfriends, wherein he made it clear that he is temporarily free. Then, after stretching his legs, he ran across the road to the old house and quietly went along the wall. Stepping aside with his leg for balance and peering around the corner, he found the young hens near the manger....
     "My school!" - thought the Old Rooster with pleasure. He made himself comfortable on the cloud, smoking a cigar and watching the scene in the yard. "With my help at least one became a real Man!”