Why Is It Important To Know About Human Rights?

First of all, let me start with question: What does «human rights» mean? That is not real rights that are written in some Constitutions or Declarations, not lows or other legal norms. It is something more than people can imagine, more important and more valuable. It is only small part of human perception towards to other people, a moral connection with nation and surely, with oneself. The human rights are like a notion that is very hard for understanding. But today I would like to explain why do we talk about it - why do we have to talk about it and never-never keep the silence?
So, the world history has a million examples, when fatal mistakes had been made because of silent agreement. There are Second World War, Genocide and Holocaust. I want to consider each point here to prove that there is no such enormous and cruel crime than crime against the human rights.
1. War and terrorism. I have combined these concepts only due to ideological and political motives and terrible consequences such as victims. These dreadful processes can be worldwide or local, but they always bring themselves a human rights violation. We should consider next point more particularly. Because it is monstrous even for consciousness.
2. Genocide. Who are you? Are you Ukrainian? Jewish? Armenian? Greek? Do I need to continue? I think no. I guess you have already realized. My heart is breaking on little pieces, when I just see how much violence has been then and now in the world. Do you understand almost every nation had Genocide? Do you understand? I don’t!
1932-1933: 2,2mil Ukrainian people had been killed by communistic power by an artificial hunger.
1933-1945 (Holocaust incl.): 8 mil. (by unofficial statistics there is 15 mil. and more) Jewish were murdered, poisoned by gas. All they were subjected to tortures and the cruelest tests.
I am Ukrainian-Jewish and even for me it’s hard to talk about it. And I know and feel it with each cell of my body and brain: Genocide is the most catastrophic thing that could be made by humanity, as it violates the human rights on the deepest level. Generally  it is connected not only with my nation - it is connected with everyone, even with those, who doesn’t realize up to the end what is means.
Also we must never forget the human rights, as they are the most important moral rights for life, for happiness, for love. Firstly, it is choice... to be alive, to be happy, and to be loved.
Consiquently, it is necessary to remember: even if the human rights are violated – you must stay human. You always ought to value a price of freedom.
Dispite of the bloody spots in human rights evolution, our life is continuing.
And love is the best weapon against evil.