Quantum Life


Firyuza Yanchilina

In 2003 there was one more significant event. Vasily created the foundation of the theory of life and its origin. It sounds pretentious, but the idea explains the main phenomenon of our planet with the help of quantum mechanics.
I remember, we wandered through an abandoned park on a gloomy October afternoon in Losino-Petrovsky. The rain was cold. Vasily put on a hood of his jacket on his head and told me about his new thoughts. He thought a lot about this topic, and sometimes he had a headache. He has such a feature: with extraordinary abilities, Vasily’s brain is very gentle. Vasily can do no more than two hours of mental activity. Then he needs rest. During this rest, the thought process for sure continues, it simply goes to a subconscious level.
The theme of life was so fascinating that Vasily thought about it all day, forgetting that it was necessary to be distracted. The result was a new direction. He outlined his ideas in the seventh chapter of the book “The Logic of the Quantum World and the Emergence of Life on the Earth”, which Oleg Raev published in 2004 in his publishing house “New Center”.
Vasily believed that scientists in biology would meet the theory at least with interest. But it was specialists who were almost outraged. The situation is similar to the theory of quantum gravitation, which supporters of the general gravity did not even consider accepting.
Vasily hoped that Simon Elievich Shnol would understand his ideas about life, but he began to tell Vasily some arguments against. Vasily did not agree with these arguments, but he did not argue with a good acquaintance. In general, over time, we realized that it's useless to argue with anyone. Practically there were no examples that some confrontations ended up with the opponent taking Vasily's side.
The theory, set out on just a few pages of the book, still aroused interest among a large number of people, albeit not specialists. In 2004 Sergei Doronin wrote to Vasily, a scientist from the city Chernogolovka near Moscow. He said that he had read the "Logic of the Quantum World", it was a gift from a colleague who bought a monograph at a Book Fair. Sergei suggested that Vasya write something for the electronic magazine “Quantum Magic”, headed by him and produced exclusively on enthusiasm. Vasily responded with pleasure, and soon the article "Will the discrete movement help to understand quantum paradoxes?" was ready. Of course, he was sure he would help. But realizing that it can cause irritation to scientists, decided to make the title not too affirmative.
The appearance of the article in the online magazine brought some results in the future. But most importantly, it was the first positive publication experience. Before that Vasily had to read only the refusals of journals, mostly American ones, for which he offered his interesting materials. But their workers, as I already wrote, do not differ in breadth of mind and reason only in narrow intervals.
What is the essence of the quantum theory of life? And most important: how the living thing differs from the lifeless?
Elementary particles, of which a living organism consists, belong not only to it. Their quantum copies are present in all other organisms. Particles of your matter move in other bodies. It can be said that all living organisms on the planet Earth form a quantum computer. It is this computer controls the behavior of all living beings due to non-local connections at the quantum level (this is instinctive behavior). It is thanks to communication through the subconscious with this computer that a person can think. We do not think with the brain, no. Here the famous "thinker" Bekhterev was right. Our brain is only a control center, linking us to a giant supercomputer, whose programs have become more complex and evolved for almost four billion years.
We are all connected by Biomass, we participate in its evolution, and at the same time we "use" the results of what was done before us. The main mechanism that allows all this to be done is the discrete motion of quantum objects.
Vasily wrote some curious consequences of his theory. Suppose an astronaut in a ship flies outside the Earth. And at some point on his native planet, a catastrophe happens and all of humanity dies. What will happen to the space wanderer? He will go mad, because he will lose a non-local connection on a quantum level with all other people. Initially, not knowing what happened on Earth.
And if suddenly all living things die, then the cosmonaut will die at once, as Biomass that supports life in every organism will disappear.
The quantum theory of life rejects the hypothesis of natural selection. By the way, Vasily repeatedly found arguments against this hypothesis in the ordinary life of animals and plants, even without resorting to the idea of biomass.
He is going to develop his theory of life and also write an understandable book for students in quantum mechanics. Now the literature in this field of physics only muddles the brains of the younger generation, without giving a clear understanding about subatomic world. However, since Vasily started working as a scientific journalist, he does not have time for books. His ingenious mind is used to write about the scientific work of other scientists.