The world of measurements

Firyuza Yanchilina

In the spring of 2010, Vasily received an e-mail from the editor-in-chief of the journal "The World of Measurements" Alexander Iosifovich Kirilov. He proposed to write an article in the December special issue dedicated to cosmology, gravity and metrology. He singled out six pages for the article. This was the first proposal for Vasily to be published in the official publication, however, technical.
Vasily agreed with Kirilov about a meeting at the editorial office. The conversation was very warm, friendly. Alexander Iosifovich immediately appreciated Vasily's intellect. He once again confirmed that he will publish Vasily’s great article.
Where did Kirilov learn about the theory of quantum gravitation? It turned out that the recommendation came from Yuri Vasilyevich Nemchinov. He once corresponded with Vasily. Nemchinov had his own theory about the nature of electromagnetic waves. He asked questions, and Vasily answered him. I did not know about the correspondence, I just knew that Vasily communicated via e-mail with Yuri Vasilievich. So, it turned out that Nemchinov is Kirillov's friend, they were united in studies at the Suvorov School, though at different times. Alexander Iosifovich explained that the graduates of this school pay special attention to each other. If Nemchinov recommended publishing Vasily's article, then it's serious.
After a trip to Minsk in August, Vasily sent an article to Kirillov and, with regret, learned from him that Nemchinova was no longer alive. The hot and smoky summer of 2010 turned out to be unbearable for his heart.
Vasily's article titled "An Atom against the General Relativity," describing an experiment to test his theory, was published in December of the same year, as promised. In the same issue, Nemchinov's article was printed. Kirillov wanted to continue the topic in the future and publish other materials by Nemchinov, but, unfortunately, it was impossible.
Vasily had published more than once in that magazine. Two years later, another editor, remembering that he was writing competently and understandably, suggested writing an article on an interesting and relevant topic related to the "sphere of measurements". So the second article "The World in Chaos" appeared:
My pictures with the image of Vasily’s formula, "Gravitational ocean", "Destruction of time" were used as illustrations. A scientist from Pushchino Nikolai Vekshin bought paintings with "destructions" before our move to Hurghada. He also bought my "creative Einstein", written by a palette knife, as well as other picturesque creations.
The third article “Quantum Nonlocality” was published in the journal in July 2013:
Quantum nonlocality is the most mysterious phenomenon in the microcosm. Most doctors of science and even academicians do not understand its essence. Vasily first explained this phenomenon simply and clearly.
Vasily's article "Atom vs. the general relativity" was always in the tops of the journals on readability, while these tops were not canceled. The article is in the public domain:
But you can see other articles only in hard copy or read the announcement on the Internet page of the journal.