Леди Морковки. Малышам

Mother Earth's Children by Elizabeth Gordon:
 The Frolics of the Fruits and Vegetables (1914) is a collection of poems for young children to appreciate the joy of fresh food! See if you can make a game of finding and naming them next time you are at the farmer's market or grocery store.

 THE Carrot ladies love to go
To church on Sundays in a row;
And, tall or short, each lady fair
Wears a green feather in her hair.

Леди Морковки всегда  кампанией гуляют,
Леди Морковки всегда рядком шагают,
Их платья, всегда в оранжевых цветах,
И шляпочки зелёные, у Леди всех, на головах.

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