in 6 hours I will be on the way from this magic space to usual reality, full of ordinary people - 36 hours in trains, busses, airplanes, transit cities.. but now - you are lying so close to me, as I see and hear how you breathe, sleeping calm in the first lights of our last Ozorian sunrise.. and I don't need anything more to be happy.. we lost each other again as in our first night, something went wrong in the trip.. but I found you and why should I care about anything else.. I don't have right words, even in english or russian, I will never find them.. I already found alles in August 2013, when saw how buddha was laughing in your eyes.. I saw it many times again and again and again.. whatever changes, whatever stays the same.. names, faces, winds, firies, traces of falling stars in the sky above us, killowats of sounds through us, 50000 people around us.. you know, I never met anyone with your name, it's all sounds infant and dreamy, I know, that we all are just forms of energies, I know, that we meet each other again and again in different ways and spaces, playing the same and different games.. I know, that winds and waves of Black sea at nights whisper our names.. I know, when I look in your eyes - stars are dancing through us