Cosmic Hide and Seek

I am looking for you so long.
For how long? I just don't know
It seems to me that our culpa haven't begun then yet
And I looked for you everywhere
From Andromeda to Magelan Cloud
From Sculptor to Triangle
I looked for you in Bode, in Whirlpool
In Cigar and in Firework
I even suspected that you hid yourself in the Sleeping Beauty.
It is an old trick as usual!
I know that it is not your idea.
Who told you to hide yourself in the Milky way?
But it is dangerous!
You are here in a trap,
In the trap you also may enjoy yourself, do something,
you can water flowers, listen to music...
Our game... They would not understand

Iltifat Heydarov 30.07.2017
The Interpreter Laura Leshchiner


4 Kings Chapter2

2:9. And when they were gone over, Elias said to Eliseus: Ask what thou wilt have me to do for thee, before I be taken away from thee. And Eliseus said: I beseech thee, that in me may be thy double spirit.
Double spirit... A double portion of thy spirit, as the eldest son and heir: or thy spirit which is double in comparison of that which God usually imparteth to his prophets.

2:10. And he answered: Thou hast asked a hard thing; nevertheless, if thou see me when I am taken from thee, thou shalt have what thou hast asked: but if thou see me not, thou shalt not have it.