Gullible Miki-Mouse. Chapter 3


          It turned out the next morning that Chika`s alcohol had not cured the headache at all: it only relieved the symptoms for a while. "It was too much of booze yesterday," Cardan thought automatically. "You have to spin!" his inner voice urged him. He jumped to his feet, his head pounded. After drinking a mug of cold water and washing his face, he went to look for another gullible simpleton.

         Meanwhile, Michael, nicknamed Miki-Mouse, was speaking to a self-taught TV repairman called Miner. This IT specialist moved from Donbass to our region, where he worked in the coal mining industry, that is why he had such a nickname.
“Come on, show me your TV set,” said Miner, holding a tool bag with a flashy display.
“Come in, over there, in the corner,” Miki-Mouse pointed at an old TV set. Make yourself at home. Maybe you need something?”
“Nothing yet.”

The Miner opened the back cover of the TV set and began checking the parts with a tester.
“Yes-yes. Not here, not here, uh-uh-huh-huh,” he muttered into the nose. “Everything is clear: and not here uh-huh-huh-huh. So, we checked over here, now let's go over there. So, and not here, uh-huh-huh-huh.”
Half an hour, an hour or two elapsed and Miner's words started sounding unconvincingly. Finally Miki-Mouse could not take it any longer and asked the repairman, “Maybe we'll have a drink now?”
“Do you have something?” Miner asked incredulously.
“Yes, I do.”
“Come on.”
One drink, two drinks, three drinks and a bottle is empty.
“You know, Mouse, I need to go home. I'll come tomorrow to finish it.”
“You`d better not. I'll take it to a town repair TV center, there`s a very serious breakdown, I think. I am sure It can be fixed only there.”
“Even if I couldn`t detect a faulty part, then you definitely need to take it to the workshop,” Miner agreed.

          Miki-Mouse led Miner to the street, said goodbye and lit a cigarette. The scorching sun shone mercilessly at his head forcing him to find a cool place urgently. Miki-Mouse moved closer to the fence and, squatting down, found shelter from the unbearable heat in its shadow. "And how could I trust such a woeful repairman? Of course, he was so vociferous which led me astray: "I! I! I! I'll fix any TV set"... It's a reward for my gullibility. Trust but check," Miki-Mouse`s head was being filled with bitter meditation.
          In the distance the silhouette of a man appeared who was approaching him with a confident gait. In a minute it was already possible to discern in him an always inspiring face of Cardan. Greeting Miki-Mouse Cardan started an amicable conversation, “What are you doing here? Are you hiding from the scorching sun?”
“Yes, It`s too hot today. Just imagine,” started Miki-Mouse dejectedly, “Miner came to me to fix a TV set,  spent two hours trying to identify the problem and couldn`t do anything about it.
“You shouldn`t have trusted him. He is not a good repairman, he is a liar. No TV set in our village has been fixed by him yet. He just goes around people`s houses; fussing about, fumbling with electrical appliances, until they give him a drink and food, only then he goes home.
“I had a similar situation. I wish I had never met him in my life. I`ve got a terrible headache because of him.”
“My head is also heavy after yesterday`s party,” Cardan changed the conversation to another topic.
“Listen, Cardan, I`ll give you some money. You`ll buy a bottle of vodka, we`ll have a drink and mull everything over.” Mouse wanted to complain to a sympathetic man and to pour out the accumulated indignation.
“If you give me the money, I'll be back in half an hour."
“Perfect. While you`re away, I'll fry some potatoes.”
          Cardan went to buy alcohol, and Miki-Mouse began to prepare a snack zealously. He peeled some potatoes, heated a frying pan, splashed a little sunflower oil into it. Sizzles! Beautiful! The mouth is watering! "Maybe one bottle is not enough?” a thought flashed in Miki-Mouse`s head. “After all, with such a snack, we`ll probably finish even a liter of vodka. I was definitely mistaken. I should`ve given him more money."
          The smell of fried potatoes spread around the kitchen. Cardan will come any minute soon, I need to hurry. Miki-Mouse took out cucumbers and tomatoes from the refrigerator, cut them into slices, added onions, salted to taste and seasoned with sunflower oil. Then he put the salad and chips on the table and sliced some bread - the snack was ready. He sat down on a chair and began admiring the dishes cooked by him. For a complete set only vodka was missing. "Cardan will be back now," joyful thoughts filled Miki-Mouse`s head with delight. Although half an hour had already elapsed, Cardan was not back yet. Miki-Mouse went out into the street and began to peer into the distance - no one. He started walking from side to side impatiently. He sat down vehementlyly. Got up. Walked over there, walked over here. But Cardan was not back. An hour passed by, then another. "Goodness, where is he?" Miki-Mouse mumbled plaintively.

In the end, his patience came to an end, and he quickly started down the street to look for Cardan. After a short search, Miki-Mouse met him going home drunk and singing,
“Love me, do not love me;
I'm still young, after all.
Time will come - you`ll fall in love with me,
But, darling, It will be too late.”

Miki-Mouse like a predator rushed to his prey with all his might.
“So, there you are! Where's the bottle? Where's the money? You`re a scoundrel, you decided to deceive me?!”
Cardan realized that he would be beaten and went towards the approaching aggressor. Falling to his knees and embracing his legs with his arms he began to plaintively exclaim, "A little Mouse, my little Mouse!" I'll give it back! I'll give it back! I'll work it out - I will! Sorry! Sorry! I had a horrible headache! I could not resist!
I'll give it back! I will give everything back! I'll make it up to a penny!”
Never had Miki-Mouse been so infuriated, nor had he ever been begged for mercy so pathetically. His heart was crushed, anger, like melting snow flowing from a warm hand, changed it`s physical state. Compassion and pity gripped his heart.
“Well, okay, when will you give it back?” He demanded soothingly.
"Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I will make up for everything!”

Cardan did not pay his debt neither the next day nor any another one... At last Miki-Mouse realized that his credulity to people had failed him. He sighed desperately and wispered angrily, "Oh, scoundrel!"