War Stars

    War is a very useless thing, which cannot bring benefits to anyone in a strategic perspective.  Of course, thoose capitals which was acquired thanks to the war, will keep a "feeder" to some self-proclaimed elite for some time. However, it will not last forever, because they have violated the basic moral principle of virtually all world religions and criminal codes of most countries. And in that situation they are placing themselves in position above the law, but also outside of it. Because that principle is quite simply and strongly says: “Do not do take any action against another person, which you would not like that somebody do to you!” And I suppose most people, which lives on Earth now, will be in solidarity with me if i'm gonna say that even if someones might want to rob and kill somebody, there is a very small amount of personalities which would like to be robbed, or humiliated. Therefore, bankers, heads of corporations and others so called owners of life are so unpopular, no matter if you would probably find a lot folks which would not mind to take they place in life. And therefore there is a lot voices which is trying sometimes to justify activities of those powerful assholes, aimed mostly at protecting the resources taken from the rest of the us. And while there is no possibility of reaching those jerks, who are sometimes literally sitting on a bags filled by cash, others starts hate everyone who have income slightly higher than average, even if that income came for quite good reason without robbing and stealing by using current finance system. For example, if you will invent something that can improve life for everyone, or gonna write a song, which will turn you into very popular, you gonna find haters anyway, because most people lives in purgatory or hell and they always can say that there is a butch of such talents in they own town, while show and huge business is always corrupted. And you always need to sell your body and soul to gain something even you are incredible smart and talented. Which is not far from truth, because today even youtube or any other public service hardly gonna show you a lot of new stars. And even if you see someone fresh and new, most time it is temporary or it is someone who is fucking a lot or related to someone who is already established. So even if you got someone who has made somethings really outstanding or unique without huge promo company he probably will not be noticed. Otherwise he would need to make something the opposite to unique and fresh. Something that can include all common triggers and cliches. And even in that case he would need to crash the hardest and basic obstacle in his way of glory. This obstacle can be named as permanently wounded sense of self-worth of ordinary citizen of this planet. Which can also be wounded even if you are not so ordinary. Anyhow it is really hard to admit that your neighbor or roommate got a talent, especially when you haven't found one in yourself. Because after that you will have admit both of those facts and literally say to yourself that you are the trifle in comparing to your friend or classmate or whoever lives near you and got similar financial and material situation. So it is much easier and harmless to admit some talent of someone you hardly know or someone who has been born in some royal family.  Because in that case you can justify and explain someone else success by money or luck or both. And that is why unique artists mostly accepted by artists who has the same level of extraordinarity. While the ordinary and popular once creates awards shows to find out who is the best asskisser to audience or critics. And politics doing the same by using bankers and corporations money. Sometimes they are the money which has been stolen from people (like in Russia), sometimes they are hired to save someone's money, which has been stolen as well (like in USA). Anyhow most people would not cry if someone will robb or even kill the banker while they will be shocked if anyone will do the same with some political figure. “King cannot be killed!” – rule of most popular king's game (chess). Queen can be destroyed, but not the king. Cannot understand how feminists still haven't noticed that and havent start call for change?! (Like turn queen into imortal entity and king into a pawn.) Of course it will not make any real change, but I guess they gonna be happy.
  Nevertheless what can really change that situation is absence of any queens or kings. Which was not  possible hundred years ago and still not! Because society is not ready, while everyone is hate the king or queen and at the same time wants to replace him or her by himselves or herselves. Because it is really tempting to sit near big pool and drink cocktail while someone is working on three jobs just to pay rent and do not die from hunger.  You can even start a few wars to protect such life style even if you are the one who is only cleaning that pool and dreaming to replace his owner...

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