The International Exhibition of Fine Arts

The final part of the XXI FIFA World Cup will be held in Russia from June 14 to July 15, 2018. Russia for the first time in its history will become the host country of the world football championship, in addition, the World Cup will be held for the first time in Eastern Europe. Also, for the first time the mundial will take place on the territory of two parts of the world - Europe and Asia. The championship is scheduled for 12 stadiums in 11 cities of Russia.

The opportunity to look at this most popular sport game in the world, not only from the stadium stands and through the TV screens, but also through the prism of the aesthetic beauty of football, will become one of the unique options of the Russian mundial-2018. But isn’t it always during the world championships when we enjoy the aesthetics of football, watching the matches of the strongest national teams? Don’t we revel in it during the broadcast of slow repeats and while watching the digests of the best scoring chances? Yes, all this is true. But there is one more aspect of admiring football - this is the world's fine art!
As the subject of high art, football will be the topic of the International Exhibition of Fine Arts "BALL&ART-2018" in the Central Manezh in Moscow during the World Cup in June-July 2018.

The exhibition "BALL&ART-2018" is intended to demonstrate the great cultural and social significance of such a global sport phenomenon as football. Through the aesthetics of football, the exhibition aims to show the great unifying role of this most popular game in the world and to show that high art, like the sport of high achievements, can overcome any political, racial and national contradictions, rewarding millions and millions of different people on our planet with brightest emotions and high aesthetic experiences. The exhibition is meant to prove once again that art and sport have a common highest goal, which is to make people kinder and better.

Structure of the Exhibition

The work of the exhibition includes the simultaneous functioning of 3 genre-stylistic clusters:

Cluster A. Retrospective exhibition "Football - from the classics and social art to the present day." This cluster will feature works by famous Russian, Soviet and foreign painters and sculptors who created works dedicated to football in the period from the mid-19th century to the late 1980s. In this cluster of the exhibition the works, which can be distinguished as to some extent realistic or close to it methods of reflecting reality, will be presented. The approximate number of exhibits is up to 100.

The main exhibits of Cluster A:

Jan van der Straet (Netherlands)
• Image of a football match in the square of Santa Maria Novella in Florence in Italy, canvas, oil (second half of the 16th century).

Thomas Webster (England)
• "Playing football", canvas, oil (circa 1839)

Alexander Kars (Scotland)
• A series of works depicting football, canvas, oil (1818-1830)

William Ralston (Scotland)
• A series of drawings depicting the match between Scotland and England, played on Hamilton Crescent - the first ever officially held international football game (1872)

William Heisman Overend (England)
• "Football match", canvas, oil (1890)

Thomas M. M. Hemee (England)
• "Angular blow", canvas, oil (1895)
• "Goal!", Canvas, oil (1896 -1897)

Harald Hersing (England)
• "Players in football", canvas, oil (1917)

John Singer Sargent (England)
• "Poisoned with gases", canvas, oil (1919)

William Reginald Howe Brown (England)
• Wembley, canvas,oil (1923)

Lawrence Stephen Lauri (England)
• A series of paintings and graphic works on the theme of football (1923-1938)

Vlaho Bukovac (Croatia)
• Image of a son with a football ball standing on the balcony, canvas, oil (the turn of the XIX-XX centuries)

Milos Jiranek (Czech Republic)
• "Football match", canvas, oil (1901 and 1902)

 Unknown artist (Germany)
• "Dresden English Football Club", canvas, oil (1892)

Angel Zarraga (Mexico)
• "Three football players with a beret", canvas, oil (1921)

• "Footballers", canvas, oil (1922)

• "Young Footballer", canvas, oil (1926)

• "A blonde woman footballer", canvas, oil (1926)

• Portrait of Ramon Novarro, canvas, oil (1929)

Domenico Durante (Italy)
• Football poster (1903)

• "Self-portrait in a «"Juventus" T-shirt», canvas, oil (1926-1930)

Umberto Boccioni (Italy)
• "The Energy of the Game of Football" (1913)

Andr; Lot (France)
• "Players in football", canvas, oil (1918)
• "Footballers", (1920)

Elizabeth Thompson (Lady Butler) (England)
• "The game of football near the village of Los en Goyel on September 25, 1915", watercolor, (1916)

Nikolai Zagrekov (Germany)
• "Three football players", canvas, oil (1930)
• " " Hertha "attacks", canvas, oil (1931)
• "With the ball - Gunn", canvas, oil (1932)

Felix Nussbaum (Germany)
• "Still life with a mask, glove and football", gouache (1940)

Jean Jacoby (Luxembourg)
• "Football", canvas, oil (1932)

Aurelio Arteta (Spain)
• "Idyll on the sports field", pastel (1920).

Jos; Arroye (Spain)
• A series of paintings depicting the stadium and “Atletico” football players from Bilbao, canvas, oil (1928)

Jeffrey Smart (USA)
• "Children play football", canvas, oil (1947)

Nicolas de Stael (Nikolai Vladimirovich Stal von Holstein) (France)
• A series of works devoted to the football match held in 1952 France - Sweden at the stadium "Park de Prens", canvas, oil (1952-1953)

Martin Teague (Australia)
• "Last parting words", canvas, oil (2003)

Peter Douglas Edwards (England)
• "Portrait of football player Bobby Charlton", canvas, oil (1990)
• "Portrait of Manchester United striker Ryan Giggs", canvas, oil (2007)

Alexander Deineka
• "Football", graphic sheet (1923)
• "Football", drawing (1928)
• "Footballer", canvas, oil (1932)
• "Goalkeeper", canvas, oil (1934)
• "Goalkeeper", sculpture (1950) and
• "Footballers" (1955)

Yuri Pimenov
• "Football", canvas, oil (1926)

Joseph Chaikov
• "Footballers", a sculptural composition (1928)

Fedor Bogorodsky
• "Football", canvas, oil (1929)

Elena Janson-Manizer
• "Footballer", sculpture (1928)

Nikolai Dormidontov
• "Sports festival of the Baltic Fleet", canvas, oil (1933)
• "Football match of the USSR - Turkey", canvas, oil (1935)

Sergey Grigoryev
• "Goalkeeper", canvas, oil. (1949)

Evgeny Tikhanovich
• "Football fans", canvas, oil (1952)

Boris Yermolayev
• "Stadium", a series of color autolithographs (between 1950-1960).

Alexander (Fedorovich) Kozlov
• "Goalkeeper", a graphic sheet in the technique of black watercolor (1962)

Nikolay Muravlev
• "In the cloakroom", canvas, oil (1958)

Peter Scriabin
• "Dynamo" accepts congratulations. In the cloakroom », canvas, oil (1957).

Leo Kotlyarov
• "Footballer", canvas, oil (1955)

Misha Brusilovsky
• Ball Game (Football), canvas, oil (1965)

Andrey Surovtsev
• "Footballers of the Arbat yard", canvas, oil (1980s)

Vera Matyukh
• "Football", graphic sheet (late 1970s)

Cluster B "Football - from avant-garde to street art". In this part of the exhibition the works created by both domestic and foreign artists from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day will be presented in such areas as abstract expressionism, non-objectivity, dadaism, constructivism, cubism, suprematism, surrealism, futurism, pop art, actual art, street art, as well as the synthesis of arts (video art, installations, paratheatrical art, etc.). Approximate number of exhibits and / or participants is from 100 to 150.

The main exhibits of Cluster B:

Pablo Picasso
• "Footballer" ("Player in football"), sculpture (1905)
• "Football", lithography (1961)

Rene Magritte
• "Performance", canvas, oil (1962)

Salvador Dali
• "Footballer", canvas, oil (1980)

Kazimir Malevich
• Suprematism. Picturesque realism of the football player, colourful masses in the 4th dimension », canvas, oil (1915)

Angel Atienza Landeta (Spain),
 artist, football player (defender of Real Zaragoza, Real Madrid, won three La Liga and as many European Cup championships)
• Mosaics, stained-glass windows, ceramic panels (since 1976)

Lazar Lisitsky
• "Footballer", mixed technique (1922)

Gustav Klucis
• "Football. Sports festival", mixed technique (1928)

Alexandra Rodchenko
• "Political football", mixed technique (1930)

Oscar Rabin
• "Footballers", mixed equipment (1956)

Ilya Kabakov
• "Footballer", mixed technique (1964)

Anatoly Zverev
• A series of works on the theme of football, canvas, oil (1970s)

Konstantin Zvezdochetov
• "Tiffozi and the paparazzi" (2003)

Vladimir Dubosarsky and Alexander Vinogradov
• "Earth is the champion!", Canvas, oil (2004)

Aron Zinshtein
• "Football", canvas, oil (1986)

Georgy Kiesewalter
• "Football (under the sign of the golden owl and silver eagle)", canvas, oil (1988)

Sergey Zarva
• "A  case in Chongar", canvas, oil (2016)

Egor Dmitriev
• "The Miracle of the Old Hottabych", canvas, oil (2003-2016)

Cluster C. Contest "Long live Football!" This part of the exhibition will present the works of Russian and foreign modern authors in any styles, genres and techniques that, through competitive selection, will reach the final of the contest in several categories:

- "Football is speed!"
- "Football is the stars!"
- "Football is victory!"
 - "Football is the audience!"
- "Football - before and after the match!"
- "Football is life!"

Such modern Russian artists as Leni Smoragdova, Konstantin Khudyakov, Natalya Nesterova, Alexander Zhernokluyev, Sergei Fedotov, Stanislav Plutenko, Lara Ken, Dashi Namdakov, Zorikto Dorzhiev, also such foreign masters of pictorial art, pop art and street art as Marcus Marin, are among the participants of the exhibition…
The jury will consist of famous artists, art critics, football players, TV commentators.

The award will be held on July 12, 2018. The winner in each of the nominations will receive a cash prize, as well as memorable photos with world football stars and veterans of national football.