ENG Тhе trip of men s shoes

Тhе trip of men's shoes

In the window of a small store of Italian shoes, a pair of fashionable men's shoes stood out vividly among the others. Stitched out of fine black leather, elegant, glittering, they attracted the stares of passers-by. Everyone admired the luxurious shoes on the stand under the crossed light of two large lanterns. But, alas, no one, for some reason, bought this pair! People chose modest brown boots, neat oxfords, and light sneakers, but the luxurious handsome men's shoes in the window were avoided.
Black shoes with envy watched as their fortunate brethren were placed in cardboard boxes and were taken from the store. Some people removed their old shoes right here in the store, throwing the old worn shoes into the garbage bin. The black shoes imagined that the lucky ones went to an unknown beautiful world. Only a piece of the sidewalk and the shop window of the wine shop were visible to the black shoes from the window, but all the same, life outside the store seemed wonderful.
On the narrow street people were constantly walking past in different shoes. White sneakers famously twisted the pedals of a bicycle. Bright moccasins rolled on the skateboard. Old- fashioned shoes with buckles were stepping along ... Each pair of shoes had its own story. At first, the shoes from the window were trying to guess which houses all these shoes lived in; sneakers, elegant ladies court shoes; what roads they had to walk on, what service to perform?
“Those heavy boots, for sure, every day are at the construction site! “said the right shoe, more witty and eloquent. “You see, their noses are dirtied with cement!”
“But these sneakers have recently been in trouble", picked up the left, “they are all covered with something dark ... Wine, or maybe blood?”
The shoes were writing versions, composing romantic and detective stories about the life of other shoes. A great help was the television that was watching the store's sellers from morning till night. From there, the shoes came up with inspiration for their stories. Over time, however, they became tired of the fantasy and began to angrily quarrel among themselves.
“I'm sick of this meaningless shop life! “exclaimed the right shoe angrily. “Day after day is the same! And those lucky ones walk all day long in interesting places, travel, and help people...
“You're right” sighed the left shoe. “What are we doing here? We watch pieces of other people's lives and imagine stories ... Nothing new!”
“It's nice, of course, that we were placed in a special position, “the right shoe remarked sedately, “ we were raised above this shoe crowd, if I may say so. We are in sight, in honor ... but this routine is boring! Without moving, we will become stuck!”
“I recently chatted with the sports boots, the owner of which stood at our window, “said then the left shoe. “I heard so many interesting things! These sports boots go to the mountains every week. Can you imagine snow peaks, waterfalls, wild deer on narrow paths ...?”
The left one spoke enviously, and shivered itself, imagining the blows of a piercing mountain wind. It had a romantic heart, but was afraid of change.
“Oh you! “sniffed the right one contemptuously. “What mountains! Fate has assigned us a higher mission. We must shine in the high society, show off in theaters and expensive restaurants, accompany wonderful women's shoes on high heels. Any man who wears us will immediately feel strong and confident. Do you know what women value men for? Above all else for stylish shoes!”
The right shoe was smarter than her twin sister. In her youth, in the shoe store, she talked a lot with the experienced storekeeper's shoes.
“Just imagine how important our role is in human courtship! “continued the right in an imposing tone. “While our host seduces the lady, we should apply pressure to her pretty shoes.  As you snuggle with them, touch the most secluded places, inhale the scent of the leather from which they are stitched...
The left shoe asked shyly:
“And then? Well, after we enjoy the scent?”
Right smirked. How unimaginative is her sister's fantasy!
“Uh, how little you know about life! Then it'll be the most glorious thing that shoe has witnessed! When a man and a woman take off their shoes in the bedroom, this is followed by a terrific sequel. We will see the highest expression of human passion ... What could be more beautiful?”
The right shoe finished in a less confident tone:
“And then, maybe we can try to mirror this wonderful process...”
The shoe sisters unwittingly dreamed about how the relationship with the lady's shoes could develop. Immersed in pleasant thoughts, they did not notice when the seller took them off the shop window and politely handed them over to the buyer. The shoes were in the hands of a tall attractive man of about thirty. He carefully examined the shoes and asked the seller about the size and price.
“ It suits me”, he declared. “I will not try it on; these are perfect.”
The buyer paid with a bank card and took the branded box that the shoes were packed in. They felt a slight wiggle, but it seemed to them that it was a flight into an unknown beautiful life.
—"That's great, Dreams will begin to come true! “exclaimed the right shoe. “ Did you see the suit on this man? He is clearly from high society and now the whole world will be at our heels!
They could not hide their delight at how miraculously their fate had turned. A rumbled car was heard through the cardboard cover of the box. By the solid buzz of the engine and the smooth movement, the shoes realized that their new owner sat in an expensive car.
“How are you, honey?” asked a beautiful woman's voice. “Did you find the right size? And who would have imagined that the old shoes would not fit!”
“I have found, dear! “answered the soft baritone. “I think you'll like these shoes!”
There was a vague rustle — apparently a man and a woman embraced and turned to a love whisper.
“Well, there's nothing to hear at all!” with annoyance exclaimed the left shoe. “The damned box! They'd like to see it!”
All that the shoes had dreamed about only an hour ago, became a reality. What an interesting life is! How many wonderful turns and happy changes!
The bright light hit the top - the lid was removed from the box. A pretty woman in an elegant black dress leaned over it. She took out the shoes and, touching them, said:
“Great, darling! Now let's try them on!”
She turned, and the shoes saw an impressive elderly man in a black suit lying immovable in the center of the car. A woman gently placed the shoes on his feet.
It turns out that all this time they were in the hearse! He drove the final route for the deceased, for which luxurious shoes were bought.
“You could have bought simpler shoes”, the woman said with a light reproach, adjusting the black veil on her mourning hat.
“During his lifetime, he loved all the gorgeous”, the man replied, —"let him look elegant for the last time.”
The man looked sadly at the deceased and added, gently stroking the lady on her hand:
"Especially after he left us an inheritance.”
The widow coquettishly corrected the veil and slyly sneered:
“Not us, but to me!”
Listening to this dialogue, the shoes did not yet understand how short their journey into the beautiful world would be. Ahead is the farewell ceremony, at which friends and relatives will cry and say sorrowfully speeches. And then the old man's body, along with an expensive suit and gorgeous shoes, will absorb the merciless flame of the crematorium.