ENG Short life of underwear

Short life of underwear

“And buy me something beautiful and sexy! “said Ilona, playfully teasing her husband. Being with him in Milan and not buying something beautiful would be an unforgivable mistake!
She had already chosen in a famous lingerie store with an elegant lingerie ensemble with panties and a bra made of supple lace. It was very important to Ilona to have her husband buy her underwear so she could show off in front of her beloved man; of course, not in front of her husband. It was such a part of sweet revenge, because, in family life, there is always something to revenge.
Of course, her husband could not even imagine. He went to the store for women for the first time and spent a long time together with Ilona choosing a stylish and flattering ensemble. Ilona smiled with pleasure, and her husband, thinking that his wife's choice was based on pleasing him, gave advice and suggested colors. He liked bright colors, ranging from red to scarlet and burgundy. Her beloved man, Valery, however, really liked white, the color of tenderness and innocence, with which Ilona identified.
“And there will always be a deer, with big horns, who will pay for it!”
 Ilona remembered an old joke, looking forward to the excitement and impression that she would make on her lover.
“Oh, how lucky we are! Such a beautiful woman buys us!” the lacy panties exclaimed.
“It's not a woman who buys, but her beloved man, her husband, “retorted the morally stable bra.
“He buys for her, only for her! “continued the bra.
“We will do everything to make their relations sparkle with new bright colors and sensual experiences!” said the panties. “I adore these family games in bed! He will be so gentle and gently take me off, gently stroke! Mmm, I adore this feeling, “they continued to whisper dreamily.
“Of course, gently, you saw our price! We will be worn only on special occasions! “said the bra. What a strong family; guaranteed a happy and long life! Today is a good day! I feel a fantastic surge of strength and a desire to provide all possible help “the bra continued joyfully.
The panties and the bra understood their purpose and were proud of it. People’s lives always change and they have helped the lovers to be even more reverent towards each other. They have offered themselves, instead of their mistress, and they have received tenderness and affection. Very often, even the underwear received its own piece of love.
Ilona was unaware of the conversation between her lingerie.
She flew home alone while her husband stayed on to handle important business matters. Ilona wore her gift for the first time as she knew that Victor would meet her at the airport and they would immediately go to the hotel. There she, a little bit tired, even from a short flight, could revel in her beauty and her chic lingerie, which enhanced her lovely features. Ilona would stand in front of her lover and turn around as if in front of a mirror and say:
 “My dear, this is a gift from my husband! “ Then, embracing, they would share a passionate kiss, joking and exchanging witty remarks as part of their foreplay.
“How happy she is! “the panties exclaimed impatiently.
“Yes, she glowed with happiness,” quietly began the bra, it makes us so happy to see the person who wears us happy! It’s our mission”, he continued, although he did not really want to talk with the bra. He had heard many different conversations about family visits and fervent lovers' meetings.
At the airport, Victor met Ilona, giving her an inexpensive bouquet of bending roses. Kissing her quickly, and taking Ilona's suitcase, the lovers quickly went to the car.
“I missed you so much, I want you passionately! “Victor exclaimed excitedly so expected and banal words, whispering it in Ilona’s ear.
There were not a lot of cars in the huge parking lot and absolutely no people. The car was parked in a dimly lit corner of the lot. No wonder they say that darkness is a friend of youth, although Ilona and Viktor were not so young.
“Sorry, honey, I have very little time. I broke out just for an hour, do you want your sweet teddy bear? “Victor began hurriedly, stroking her blouse and starting to unbutton buttons.
The car was cramped and uncomfortable.
“Vic, it is not comme il faut to do it in the car,”Ilona tried to cool down Victor, "and I've just come”.
“ I know”, his quick and strong fingers were already fingering Ilona's body, causing her to tremble. The desire to be with her, here and now, had captured him completely.
“Oh no, please, be more careful“, panties groaned, worrying about the fragility of their snow-white lace.
“And I told you, everything cannot be so rosy, “muttered the bra, groaning and grumbling in his cups, worried for the integrity of the straps and fasteners.
The ardent lover began hastily undressing Ilona, rigidly removing her little resisting hands, breaking the buckle on the bra, and quickly removing her panties, and finally tearing their beautiful lace.
Everything somehow very quickly ended.
The winner, kissing the cheek of Ilona, pleased with his achievement, took her into the house.
A new day began, a new sunrise blinded the road and sunny bunnies tried to break into the car. But the existence of cheerful panties and grumpy bra ended. The panties, the lace of which Ilona admired, were laying on the floor under the backseat, torn and stained with the remains of dirt on the carpet. A few hours later Victor would take his young pregnant wife to the hospital and she would see someone else's beautiful panties under her husband's car seat. And he will not be able to express her delight with a beautiful thing.
The bra was hopelessly spoiled by the strong hands of a man and Ilona, without regret, will send it to the trash bin at home. In a week it will be found, somehow repaired and will decorate the bust of a local alcoholic woman without a fixed place of residence.