ENG A party

A party
All week long Max was about telling his wife that he would not be able to spend Friday evening with his family. Before, he had not needed to deceive Mary but he could not tell her the truth about the party he was going to! The thing is that Max received an invitation from a closed user group on social media, where he had recently registered. In the neighboring city there was supposing to be a "meeting of new subscribers", or, more simply, a sex party. Any member of the group who paid the entrance fee could get in. Driven by his curiosity and a thirst for adventure, Max paid for being invited.
At first, he was afraid to go; he had never done anything like this. Family life flowed peacefully. Mary was a perfect housewife who raised two wonderful babies. Max was focused on building a career, and, by the age of forty, he had been appointed as the head of the lending department at a well-known bank. He could have considered himself successful except for his constant yearning for new experiences and impressions.
More and more he thought that his youth had passed away and nothing interesting had happened to him. Day by day was the same: home, work, routine duties of a bank clerk, shopping, wife, children ... His feelings were dulled by such mundane life. He longed for something bright and exciting and now there appeared a chance to take a step into the world of new emotions.
 “Darling, will you be home by six?“ Mary asked him while they were having breakfast, — Do not forget, mom’s coming today!
“Uh, I'm not sure yet. Today we are waiting for the boss from the head office. An important client is getting to take a consolidation loan for sure top-brass will arrange a meeting and I will likely be late for dinner.”
Max stated this confidently and sighed with relief. Now Mary would not worry, and, as for the party, he could also change his mind. He has a whole  working day ahead.
“How could I have forgotten about my mother-in-law's arrival? Now I should escape home anyway” Max told to himself on the way to the bank.
The day was unbearably boring. The air conditioners hummed noisily and the computer keys clicked monotonously. For dinner, Max went, as always, to the caf; across the street. The food was tasteless and the decaffeinated coffee was bitter, like a medicine. And then Max made a decision. He left the bank an hour before the end of the working day, got into the car and drove to the city where the party was assigned.
It was a small, cozy seaside resort. Max often had come here in summer with Mary and their children. The GPS indicated that the destination was directly by the coastline; a small pink granite hotel.
The receptionist asked him to show his text message with the confirmation of the order. Without asking any questions, the amiable employee accompanied Max to the third floor, where there was a complex of saunas and a large indoor pool. In addition to the guards, a smiling gentleman in a tuxedo, the manager of the party, was waiting at the entrance. He nodded to Max as if they were old acquaintances:
“Welcome! We're glad to see you! Please take a mask! Yes, all our guests are wearing masks! There are two more rules: please leave any cameras and mobile devices at the security and please use means of intimate protection. As for the rest, you have a complete freedom! Come in and enjoy!”
The manager handed Max a Zorro mask and showed him the entrance to the locker room. Five minutes later the new guest entered the sauna, dressed like all other gentlemen and ladies - in a mask and sheet. Max's heart started beating faster from the light fear and excitement. The sauna was lit by lots of pink and lilac lamps. Waiters scurried among the white columns, carrying drinks, snacks, and ice cream.
Guests were sitting near the bar, in sun loungers by the pool, and on the sofas. All the men hid their faces behind Zorro masks. Women’s outfitting was more diverse: flirtatious foxes, funny raccoons, graceful tigresses and a lot of animals unknown to Max. The clinking of glasses and cheeky laughter were mixing with quiet jazz music. Watching the movements of some ladies and gentlemen it was clear that they were already pretty tipsy. Security was unobtrusive, but watched the guests intently.
To feel more relaxed, Max climbed into the jacuzzi and asked the waiter to bring him some champagne. Alcohol and hot, boiling water gave the desired relaxation. Max's whole body was swept with languor. Now he was watching the people around him with greater interest. Some couples had already been passionately romping about, not being embarrassed by other people. The languidly sweet jazz was mixing with passionate moans and cries.
Max felt involuntary excitement, and began to look at the women with interest. The "little beasts" shamelessly dumped the sheets and dove into the pool, walking in the hall naked. There were represented all types of women-white, swarthy and dark-skinned, slender and plump, young girls and matrons, clearly older than Max. But for every animal there was a partner or even several ones. There were almost twice as many men at the party as ladies.
However, some gentlemen simply were sitting at the bar or in the pool with glasses of alcohol, watching what was happening. Apparently, they were tormented by uncertainty and embarrassment, like Max.
“Hi, Zorro! Let's chat? “Max suddenly heard a woman's insinuating voice.
He saw that a slender woman in a fox mask was sitting next to him in the jacuzzi. Her magnificent body, hot in the turbulent water, involuntarily attracted the eye.
“Hello” Max said, confusingly.
He did not know what to talk about. He had been married to Mary for fifteen years, and never, during that time, saw another naked woman. Of course, sometimes he watched porn at night. Sometimes daring fantasies about sex with a nice colleague or a waitress from a cafe came to his mind, but he did not even try to flirt with other girls. He simply did not have time for these adventures.
  2Why are you so tense? “the fox took his hand carefully, “Ah! I understand. You are for the first time here! Are you going to watch only, as they do?”
She nodded at the men sitting at the bar counter.
She smiled and began to speak about abstract topics; weather, politics, and new films. Max did not listen to her words. He waited to see if his body would respond to a naked woman whose delicate thigh touched his leg. Nothing! No matter how Max tried to adjust his thoughts to a sensible mood, everything was useless. It's amazing! He had been dreaming so long of erotic adventures, and now, sitting almost in an embrace with a charming naked woman, did not feel the slightest excitement. Moreover, he remembered his home, Mary and children.
Meanwhile, there was a real orgy around him. On the sofa next to the jacuzzi, a woman, wearing a Siamese cat mask with a pink bow, was having a good time with three partners. She made love with one partner after another, caressing by hands the third one. A tall lady in a mask of a tigress bent her flexible back, and everyone found a job behind her. The bunny and the panther arranged so stormy festivities on the sun loungers by the pool that a crowd wishing to join gathered around.
Max imagined that Foxy and him would shamelessly copulate under dozens of lascivious looks. His face was tingling with shame behind the Zorro's mask.
“What am I doing here, in this vile sink of iniquity? “he asked himself.
It was impossible to get excited with such thoughts.
 “I'm sorry” Max interrupted Foxy's chatter in a low voice, and getting out of the jacuzzi he quickly wrapped himself in the sheet. ”I need to go”.
After leaving the hotel, Max went to his favorite sports bar, where he was watching football for a long time, enjoying a fragrant beer with salted  smoked sausages.
Max returned home late at night. He opened the front door with his key, silently took his shoes off. In the dining room the dinner was waiting for him – a large plate of meat lasagna, wrapped up by a towel to keep it warm. Everywhere was the usual order, kept by the perfect housewife. From the nursery, he could hear a peaceful sniffling of sleeping boys. Mary also slept deeply, leaving her husband a night light.
 “There is no better place in the world than home!” thought Max, as he was going to the bathroom to brush his teeth. In the corner, near the laundry basket, he saw Mary's handbag half-opened. There was something white and pink inside ... While brushing his teeth, Max bent down and pulled the purse by the handle. A mask of a Siamese kitty with a pink bow fell out.
 His heart pounded, as if trying to jump out of his chest. The mask mockingly looked at Max with empty eyes, and it seemed to him that it asked insinuatingly:
“Hi! How are you?”