ENG dangerous guests

The Adriatic coast of Slovenia is full of with in summer. Convenient roads to Italy and Croatia, delicious Mediterranean cuisine and ancient Italian architecture attract people from all over the world. In the hottest season, from July to September, Europeans come here for vacations. At that period of tim the real pandemonium begins at the famous sights and on the beaches.
 For Marco, the owner of several apartments in a beautiful resort town, this time was not easy. He had to work a lot, renting out the apartments on short-term leases. But Marco even liked these problems. The profitable tourist business gave him an opportunity to interact with new people, made his life varyable, as it has become very boring from the end of October, when the flow of tourists faded away. The landlord was over fifty, but tried to look younger — he did the sports, often swam in the sea. Marco dressed in light jeans and youthful T-shirts — he could afford it because of his slim body.
Today he met new guests — two girls, tourists from the near Eastern European states. They were waiting for the owner at the door of the apartments. Marco was a little surprised by their appearance. The younger girl, named Jeannette, was small and fragile, like a teenage boy. Her black hair was short-cropped, and the temples closely shaved. Despite the heat, Jeannette was wearing a leather miniskirt, a black and blue T-shirt with the inscription "Hard rock" and heavy boots. Bright lipstick on her lips and bizarre tattoos of multi-headed dragons, Turkish scimitars and writhing snakes complemented the outrageous image of this girl. She looked about twenty years old.
Her friend Linda seemed completely opposite. She was really tall, half a head taller than Marco and much wider in the shoulders than he. But Marco could not be called a short man - one hundred and eighty-five centimeters, perfect male height. Despite the impressive sizes, Linda’s figure was very proportional. A tight fitting dress without sleeves set off her curves. It was hard to guess Linda's age - either twenty-five or thirty-five... Pretty woman, but very large sized, - Marco thought. The girls did not have any luggage, except  small red backpacks.
The owner of the apartments started a welcome conversation. How was the trip? Where did they come from? And where are they going next? Do they like the site? Simple questions which helped get to know new guests better.
Entering the apartment, Marco showed them the bathroom, explained how to use the air conditioning and set up the television channels. Along the way, the man listed the sights that were worth seeing - the old city, the fortress with towers, the Catholic cathedrals. The girls asked how to get to the beach and the supermarket, and most importantly - where is twenty-four-hour car park? Marco told them about everything in details.
Jeannette mainly led the conversation. Fluent in English with an expressive sound "r" told sophisticated Marco that she was from the US or Canada. Linda mainly kept silence. Sitting down on the sofa, she looked at the walls and furniture. Marco noticed that when she was sitting on the sofa, she seemed smaller, and her bare long legs look very elegant.
Having checked the guests’ passports, Marco was very surprised. It turned out that both tourists were from the Czech Republic. Moreover, Linda had recently turned forty. After checking passport data, the owner asked:
— Could you pay me at once?
— Unfortunately, we do not have any money, — replied Jeannette pitifully. — We did not have time to withdraw cash!
— How far do you live from here? — Linda said, looking at Marco with a sweet smile. — Would you mind coming back in two hours? We will withdraw cash and pay you!
Marco did not really want to return in the evening for money. At the same time, the girls were profitable guests - they had rented the apartment for five days. In addition, Marco was going to visit a jazz club in the evening, listen to music and enjoy a couple of mugs of lager.
— Okay, — Marco answered agreeably, — I'll be this evening in the next street. I'll drop in at ten p.m. Relax ... By the way, the ATM is in five minutes away from here, on Tartini square!
In the evening, in the bar, Marco drank German unfiltered beer with his friends, and then a couple of glasses of Slovenian red wine. In the midst of the feast, the man remembered that he needed to take the money from tourists and so he went to the apartments.
From the street in the brightly illuminated windows of the apartment he saw two female figures in light dresses. Apparently, Jeannette and Linda were busy in the kitchen. Being drunk, Marco was in a playful, festive mood. He had managed to rent all the apartments profitably; his wife and children had gone away to their parents for a few days, which meant that he could expect the weekend to be cheerful. He knocked at the door. Linda opened it.
— Good evening! — Marco said.
— It is a good evening! — Linda smiled and, opening the door a little wider, let the owner enter the apartment.
Entered, Marco was surprised with the appearance of his guests. Linda and Jeannette were in short translucent dressing gowns, through which exciting tiny panties shined.
— Here is the money, Marco, — Linda started friendly, — thank you for giving us the opportunity to relax and take the cash from the card!
There was a scent of light fascinating perfume from this woman. She approached Marco almost skin to skin and asked in cushioned voice:
— Would you like to keep company with two bored women? We could not even open a bottle of wine ourselves!
She pointed at a two-litre bottle of "Kraski teran" wine standing on the table. The unexpected question caught Marco by surprise. A storm of contradictory thoughts flashed through his mind, but he quickly said:
— Sure! I will be happy to join such wonderful women!
With a heart beating desperately, Marco began to open the bottle. He tried to remember the last time he had been in such situation. It seemed only once, and it was about fifteen years ago. Last time he had drunk with two tourists from Sweden, and then until the morning indulged in amorous amusements with both girls. Is it possible to repeat the adventure?
The company sat down at the table and began a simple dinner - Slovenian bread with spices, blue cheese, fresh ham, yellow-green bananas and figs. Red wine generously flowed after the appetizers.
— Well, you look great, Marco!
— Jeannette smiled. She pulled the curtains at the window, sat next to the man and looked him straight in the eyes.
Everyone started joking about the piquant situation. A handsome man alone with two single women! He was the lucky one! The conversation was casual, funny toasts followed one after another. Marco was, as they say, at his best. He artistically told old anecdotes about the Jews, about mothers-in-law and lovers, and women were laughing loudly and clapping their hands.
Jeannette announced that she knew how to read palms. She took Marco's hand and started studying the lines. Her short hair amusingly became tousled; the transparent dressing gown did not hide the absence of a bra. Marco could not take his drunken eyes away from her small breasts, quivering lively close to his lips.
— What do the palms say? — Linda,who was sitting opposite, asked with the smile.
Marco felt her touching his ankle with her toes. She gently stroked the man's leg, gazing playfully into his eyes.
Marco could not stand it, and grabbing her wrist, he kissed her hot palm.
— Shall we go up to the bedroom? If, of course, you are not afraid of two passionate women, — Linda suggested with a tempting smile.
Marco jumped up, but then he staggered - his head was spinning from alcohol and excitement. Linda grabbed him by the arm and led him to the stairs that led to the second floor.
— Take the bottle, — she asked her petite friend, turning around.
The bedroom seemed to be deliberately prepared for erotic fun. The bed was open, pink flat candles were burning on the night tables at the head of the bed. Soft melody was playing. Despite the alcoholic fog in his head, Marco recognized the hit of his youth - "You're a woman, I'm a man".
— You’re a woman, I’m a man, — he muttered the words of the song in Slovenian. — Relax, honey, — Linda said quietly, hugging the man by the shoulders, — you are so tense...
Her palms glided on Marco's back.
— Go to the shower, my dear, and we'll wait, — Linda said tenderly, but with authority.
Marco obediently went to the bathroom. It was a useful idea - the cool water helped him to sober up a bit and strengthen the male power. Marco cheered up and felt the pleasant tension in the lower abdomen. He looked there with the pride - even in his youth his body was not bursting into battle like today!
— The main thing is not to rush, — Marco thought. — Such luck does not happen every day!
The women were waiting for him, elegantly spreading out on the wide bed and talking softly. Marco dropped his bathrobe and lay down between the two women. Hot, driving and crazy petting began. Linda and Jeannette both indulged Marco. Lyrical melodies could not drown out the sighs and groans of heated lovers. The man was shocked. It seemed to him that in sex there was nothing to surprise him. But the girls knew such exotic love-making techniques, which the Slovenian owner of the apartments had never heard about. Marco did not even have to move. Embracing his body with hands and feet, the women brought him to euphoria.
— Honey, would you mind, if we tie your hands?
Linda neither asked, nor waited. Her hot breasts, no more than a sixth size, fluttered in front of Marco's face. He did not have time to reply when he heard clicks on his wrists — Linda fastened him with handcuffs to the back of the bed. Then the woman began to bind his feet with scotch tape.
— Beauties, listen..., — the man cried, but Jeannette deftly stuck a ball for sadomasochistic games in his mouth.
Then she wrapped Marco’s tool with some sticky tape together with the testicles. Everything was done so quickly and neatly that the Slovenian did not have time to be scared of the consequences.
After this, to the surprise of Marco, the girls began to make love to each other. Little Jeannette played the role of the man. Wearing a belt with a phallus on her thighs, she indulge her big friend until she brought her to the peak of bliss. Disoriented by this spectacle, Marco wanted to escape and enjoy Linda for himself, but the handcuffs and scotch did not give him a chance.
The girls took a short break. Leaning back on the pillows, they smoked one cigarette after another. The sweet-suffocating smell of marijuana spread around the room. Apparently, the grass made an exciting effect. The girls attacked bound Marco. Sitting down on the man from above in turn, they galloped like ecstatic riders, until they reached an orgasm. Linda writhed exceptionally, she required a lot of time to be satisfied. Her huge hips moved furiously up and down, her hands rested against the chest of the exhausted Marco. He groaned, trying to explain that it was already unbearable, but the women did not pay attention.
Jeannette sat with Linda, stroking her friend below the navel, kissing and fondling her swollen nipples.
— Come on, honey, a little more, — Jeannette whispered hotly.
— It seems our boy has lost his fighting spirit, — Linda said, breathing hard. Jeannette immediately put her hands on Marco's neck and began to choke him gently. Marco croaked and tried to throw Linda off himself. However, it was impossible with bound hands and feet to cope with such giantess.
— Yeah, like this, warm him up better, — Linda groaned, without stopping the crazy race. Then Jeannette took a long satin scarf from her backpack, wrapped the neck of the frightened Marco and began to tighten it. The body of the man jerked convulsively, and then became limp and froze.
Linda gave a blissful groan, got off Marco and stretched out in languor across the bed. Jeannette lay down next to her friend, covering her body with light kisses.
— I think we overdid it with him, — Linda said in a relaxed voice.
— Yes, sex with two hot girls — is not a joke, — Jeannette sneered, — what should we do?
— We need to get out of here, right now! It's a good thing that we gave him false passports for registration. Get up, we must get ready. Take off the handcuffs, they will be usefull, — Linda ordered.
The girls packed their backpacks in ten minutes, went out of the apartment and left.
Fortunately, Marco was really lucky. He soon rcame to himself and caught his breath. Of course, it took a lot of effort to get off the bed, get to the first floor and find a knife to remove the scotch and sticky tape from the swollen parts of the body. Limping and holding on to his heart, the man went home.
The jazz bar still was full of colored lights and cheerful voices. But Marco did not want to continue the evening with friends.