Boiling Civilizations

Scenery plan

Two general ordinary people are talking in the simple house room.
One of them (A) looks worried. Another personage (B) looks calm and confident.
A - What do you think about time which left for our mankind to exist on the Earth?

B - I think not too much is remaining.

A - What d’you mean? Is End soon? How soon? Why? (Rounding his eyes)

B - Don’t worry. I hope that for our life and for the life of our kids and their kids our civilization will exist. At least in its present form.

A - Good to hear this. (Swiping the sweet) And what d'you mean saying “form”?

B - You see, basically, existence period of any civilization in our Universe is not endless. Sooner or later mankind will come to its end.

A - D'you mean nuclear war or anything like that?

B - It can happen, of course. However, the principle of time frame for civilization is not based on the people stupidity. It is much wider.

A - Hmm...

B - Suppose, in the huge Universe we are not along. (showing “ “) In the billions of galaxies with trillions of stars and planets for sure it should exist stars and planets with the same or at least similar condition which acceptable for appearance of life.

A - OK, it must be.

B - Next view. How long our mankind is exist in the Earth history?

A - Hmm, let’s say one million years. Probably, more or less modern people have appeared less then one hundred thousand years ago.

B - That’s right! So, comparing to the whole history of the Universe which by now exists around four billion years after the Big Boom, time of our mankind on the Earth is much less than one thousandth of percent of whole Universe history. Look, even within this very tight time frame of plus minus one million of years it might appear billions different civilizations within the Universe.

A - Why so many?

B - Cmon! Just because endless amount of the stars.

A - Okay. I see...

B - And all of them sooner or later come to the situation of so-called scientific and technical revolution. Civilization start to develop itself exponentially. Which means faster and faster. Population increases, technical ability increases, reachable horizons in the surrounding space increases drastically!

A - ...

B - Civilization history looks like bubbles in the boiling pot. Calm water - the Universe is warming for some time, then light noise and small bubbles appear and then within seconds bubbles-civilizations become big and move like crazy trying to reach all available space!

A - So, you wanna say aliens from other worlds should be everywhere? And when may we expect to see them on our planet?

B - If suppose that life of developed civilization is endless we might meet all of them right now!

Background is changing for something “fantastical”.
Many different colorful aliens stay and seat in all around the stage. The main personages shaking their hands repeating “Hi, Earthman!”
Aliens reply “Saturn’s man, Andromeda’s, 457-th Left Galaxy” and so on and so for.

B’s whispering to the A’s ear: Luckily there is a level of developing when civilization either disappear or change it’s form becoming kind of what we call God. This civilization becomes invisible, untouchable, untestable for our senses and instruments. It’s like live voice of the form of air vibration after passing through a special electronic converter obtaining form of electro-magnetic wave.

A - True!

B - And if we glance to previously mentioned example with the boiling pot, we will find that invisible vapor is the new form of super-developed bubbles-civilizations. Unfortunately for UFO funs, we don’t have enough time to meet each other in the Universe. At least while we are remain in our initial biological form.

Background of a scene changes back to the room, at which conversation started. All aliens disappeared one by one. It would be very impressive if disappearance of each alien will accompany with a sound of bursting bubble.