The New Tale about the Pink Riding Hood

The New  Tale about the Pink Riding Hood

The journalist has come to the big building where the most influential people of different political parties express  their state will.

But he needs neither numerous elects, nor the conference hall where they periodically gather.

He needs a certain office. The journalist has an editorial task to prepare material, article, about the Supporteress of Purity and Legality.

The corridors are long. The journalist walks along and thinks.

Something is not "glued" in logic. The Code has several hundred articles. They describe the crimes! What's a"crime"? The journalist is not an expert in criminal law, but assumes that a crime is - a socially dangerous act.

So what "she" wants?

She wants that one of type of crimes has been "eradicated". That such a types of crimes no exist.

Some here ambiguity … And why not to set the task "to eradicate" all crimes?..  In common – all! Everything!

So it would be better: there would be no criminals in our society in general.

"Ah!" - the journalist exclaims. – "You won't eradicate all types of crimes".

So … All – isn't possible … And one – taken separately – is possible!.

Well, and why isn't present?

The journalist is not an expert in criminal law, but had literary education. He has begun to argue, using art exaggerations.

Let's say Yemelyan Pugachev was carried in a cage. Then it was publicly cut for parts … It seems, a new Yemelyan Pugachev haven't appeared after that? 

We will make use of historical experience …

And "this" crime will disappear …

And then we will enter the same punishment gradually for other types of crimes. And crime will be eradicated completely!

Some doubts remained with the journalist.

Let's say new Pugachev haven't appeared. Though who knows? But, if everything was so simply, what, other countries wouldn't guess to get rid of crime? But however she exists practically worldwide …

"Well!" - the journalist has corrected himself. – "Punishments will work against this type of crimes. Against others they will be not effective …" "Therefore against this type of crime these punishments will apply, and against others …" "And against others?..."

He has remembered the beginning of the reasonings: "From several hundred types of crimes the one "is allocated" and eradicated" …". "We always tried to show to the world something new …" "Or it is "old", known, but in a new wrapper?." "In new sauce?"

Of course, he listened and watched the transmissions devoted to the corresponding subject. It is clear, as he has been "prepared" …

But after all, somewhere once he met a thought that eradication of crime is promoted by improvement of social conditions, by the optimization of  the device of life …. And in addition, the famous story of the "deathly drunk" little boy who dragged automobile around the yard with a woman driver behind the wheel – this story is superimposed on other cases and caused new reflections.

So, the journalist goes along the corridor. Slowly goes, looks at plaques. Interestingly …

And suddenly he sees one of the offices leaves the Pink Riding Hood. "Yes, known history!" - the journalist thinks. And with the Pink Riding Hood is passing … "Can't be?!" - the journalist is surprised. – "May be so?" "Of her?..." "Already?"

He for a second is disconnected from amazement.

Suddenly he feels how someone slightly pulls his trouser near a knee. "We go!" - the Pink Riding Hood exactingly speaks.

The journalist sees that they left an office of the Supporteress of Purity and Legality.

Everything has floated before the journalist's eyes. And he, apparently, in due time mentioned something about the  loud history of the Pink Riding Hood … Akh-akh-akh … And if using the ultraviolet to light … whether then traces from his trouser will be found there … Oh, oh, oh!. To argue further desires wasn't … An algorithmized the situation... The professional competence was "enlighting" a situation …

Heart suddenly began pounding. The image of the world before his eyes was started turning and became upside down. He has just in case taken a pill.

He has sat down on the sofa standing in a corridor and, without coming into an office-room, has begun to write quicker an article  : "The Supporteress of Purity and Legality continues the sincere fight for safety …".

July 30, 2018 19:53

Translation from Russian into English: July 31, 2018 07:11.
Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Новая сказка о Розовой Шапочке”.