The Light of Queen Library chapter 2

Chapter 2. Michelle Aist

- Good afternoon!
The girl of small stature adjusted her spectacles and   held her book to her chest. The librarian looked at the new assistant. She smiled.
The library was large, high and, seemed, old. Mrs. Leonard held  on to the librarian desk.
- Big file cabinet? - Asked the girl.
- Yes. But I think you can work here. You have an accent.
- I'm on an experience exchange.
- What is your name? - The main librarian opened a magazine.
- Michelle Aist.
- Aist?  That’s an unusual surname. Sign here.
- I've heard it ... - Michelle signed in the journal
- You ...
Michelle looked at her. In her  blue-green eyes flashed "flower" - yellow streaks, which when merge with a different color changed the color of  her eyes. Michelle took off her glasses.
- You can count on me. Libraries have long been part of my house. What a pity that  we have less and less  books in world, right?
- Yes. - The  brunette-librarian nodded.
The little blond girl began to sort through the book as soon as the librarian left.
The students had gone, and only one student stayed.
Michelle again put on her glasses and sat down, looking intently at him.

Jean-Flynn Cars’en,  the name of the student,  hadn't noticed a new librarian. And every time this fragile young lady quickly climb the stairs  to take the book, his American heart with French blood skip a beat.

- Flynn, are you  coming? -  called his girl-classmate.
His friends decided to shorten his name. So it was more convenient for everyone.

That's right... The university is closed, it was time to go into a hostel.
- Do not wait for me, Sarah, you know my foolish habit.
- Okay! Goodbye! I see you tomorrow!
Night is  approaching, and in the library there was only the light from a small lamp. Michelle was different from other librarians. She was much younger, in  an elegant dress and light long jacket. Her curly hair is constantly falling on her face. Now, in the warm light of the lamp, she  looked almost like a child.
Jean-Flynn went to her. She sat with some book. Cars’en noticed her rings and massive bracelet.
- Have you been in Shambala? - Jean-Flynn quipped.
- Yes, - said the girl and smiled faintly.
- You ... - Man was confused and crumpled his neck.- You a newbie?
- I'm an assistant. I'm on an experience exchange... Why  didn’t you  go with a your girlfriend? Sarah?
Jean-Flynn  almost  dropped the book from surprise,  the one he  took on Michelle's table.
- Ah ... She's just a friend.
- Of course, the books interest you more, than the girls, or you would not linger,- Michelle took off her glasses and looked at Jean-Flynn mysteriously.
More precisely her  prying eyes  looked "normal", but what they were!
Michelle leaned over and removed the leg bracelet. She tied it on his hand.
- You now have the attracted attention  of any other librarian ...
- I'm telling you, I'm not a librarian. And I may get a reprimand tomorrow. - Said the girl.
- Thanks for the gift.
- You must go, Jean-Flynn Cars’en, - she said. - And you will have a girlfriend. Maybe more than  one. And remember, you are not the only Flynn Carsen in this world.
- How… You...
Michelle has risen and stood behind Jean-Flynn's back:
- I do not need to disclose  how I know your name. It's just knowledge. Yes, and you followed me the whole day. I'm a loner in life, Cars’en, but I love when somebody cared for me. Go!
- I hope to see you again. What is your name?
- Michelle. But ... My other  name you will know later.
Jean-Flynn had to hurry to leave the university.
 Michelle hid the book in the bag.
- My lady, you have not found? - masculine voice distract her.
Michelle looked around and hugged grandpa with blue eyes, like a granddaughter:
- I'm so glad! No. I did not find. Here, too, no, I have seen all the books, Juhson. And you?
- I also. And who was that? - Juhson looked  at where the student had left. - Oh, it's Jean-Flynn?
- Yes. - Michelle nodded.
- Oh, my lady, again, this is your opinion.
- Do not make things up, Grandpa Judson!
- Take  him?
- Perhaps I will make a list, as we have done for hundreds of years. Although, after the past experience, I would not like to hire a Librarian in the  Library, but Roy himself  could not cope. I think I've already seen it ... It's not in this era, and it's better for me not to wake up those memories. And I am already 317 years old but I cannot forget this. I'll choose him if he comes ... But do not tell him anything about me. I will return when I consider it necessary. You can always find me.
- If you have chosen him, I will bring him.
- Well.... good. But do not tell him about me. I'll be back when I  think that this is necessary. I can always find you.
- I  am glad to see you again, Miss.
- See you!
Michelle looked at the library. The lights went out, and in the corridor she glimpsed the light from the lantern guard. She went to the back door and reached for the door. The door opened and a bright light shone in her doorway. Michelle left. Jean-Flynn also soon forgot about the stranger, but, left only with a bracelet with a pendant,  that was like memory about a girl – librarian.