The Light of Queen Library. Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Return of Milady La Sven
Charlize was very indignant, seeing how Jean-Flynn Cars’en  was 10 minutes late, and also in this form! All her career as an accountant and account keeper was under threat, and therefore the lightning in her eyes sparkled very opportunely. And all because the Library's boss disappeared right before the check, and now he, Jean-Flynn smiled apologetically, shuffling his foot on the floor.
- I hope I did not lose my salary – Jean-Flynn’s almost feline, full pleading eyes looked at Charlize.
-  Check today! Lord, Jean-Flynn, the walls of the Library could see this, I have never been so angry! I will not see that you are my boss! How many years have you been working? How old do you think you are? After that trip to New Orleans, for several years you go haywire,  on the same date! This can’t continue!  Put on at least a shirt and  get yourself in order! Surely you can’t have a hangover  during the weekend??? - Charlize was already flushed with anger. - Your antics will be the death of me?
- But ... I'm sorry, Charlize.
- Leave me alone! I hope nobody is interested in you. By the way, you have a  proposal that you can’t refuse.
She handed him an envelope.
- What is it?
Jean-Flynn took the envelope.
-  What is this? - Charlize was surprised. - You did not know about the Library in Prague? The Klementium library?
- I knew, but I’ve never  been there.
- Then you should definitely go to Prague.
- Frankly, I'm afraid to take your advice ... - Jean-Flynn smiled and hurried to get away.
Cars’en went to the mirror in the bathroom and looked at himself. Hmm, he  didn’t really look good. Suddenly he noticed a white feather, a note and a glove, things that musketeers wore.
Curiosity prompted him to open the note.
- Wojan;w Gardens.
This is the only thing that was written in the note. Jean-Flynn took it all and left.
Right away, in the corridor, he ran into a woman - blonde with a determined gaze and attractive appearance.
The woman held in her hands a notebook and a tablet-folder, and is seriously and carefully looking at Jean-Flynn Cars’en.  Fortunately, his appearance was a little better, but...
Charlize was nervous, though trying not to show it. The woman looked at the librarian and handed leaflet a to Charlize.
- We do not have that kind of money!
The woman straightened her jacket and looked at Charlize:
- In any case, your library only has more than a month. Then you will close the library, like the others. Cut in funding, the Public Library no longer has a need for us...
- Sounds like nonsense, - grumbled Jean-Flynn.
- What did you say, Mr. Cars’en? - woman asked him.
- Pardon me, what's your name? - the librarian asked her.
- Sophie Lonkrua. Department of finance and control.
- Miss Sophie, or even mademoiselle ... Lonkrua. You cannot close the library. This is absurd!
- Alas, people are more interested in technology than books. Your library will be converted into an electronic format.
- This is nonsense, you do not know what you're talking about!
- Mr. Cars’en. - Sophie looked sternly at him. - You have a chance to save the library. If you give up the trip tomorrow.
- And now - never in my life! I'm going to Prague!
- You have chosen this path. See you!
Sophie left,  clicking heels on the floor.
 - This is her whom you expected? - Jean-Flynn asked Charlize. - Maybe she's a very beautiful woman, and woman who checks us, but she is such the damned wretch! How can she close the library!
- Because of your stubbornness, she can do it! One month...
- I'll find a way to save the library. Do not worry. I always find a way.
- I know. - Charlize said, and walked away.
Jean-Flynn, just in case, gathered his belongings and ordered a ticket. Wojan;w Gardens, Klementium  ... Who is waiting for him in Prague?
Flynn went to Juhson. Some of the load was on his soul.
The sun played with the emerald foliage in the beautiful garden. Calmness is  abundant here, and time seems to have stopped. As if someone embodied a part of beautiful past in our world, some invisible gardener carefully watched the trees, feed the fish in the fountain, support the silence and solitude ... If the library was a miracle of nature, she would  looked like this, with cozy alleys and trees,  carefully hidden in the shadow of weary city dwellers and tourists. In this park people hide from the hustle and bustle of the modern world.
No less amazing, was meeting with peacocks  that live here and do not mind taking a picture with them.
From the Malostranka station,  emerged two Americans . One - an old person, with blue eyes, and  other - a young man with dark eyes who was wearing a suit and sneakers. The young man adjusted his bag and pulled out a card.
- Are you sure that was you never here, Juhson?
- In Wojan;w Gardens - never. And I hadn't the time for it. - Said the elderly man.
- Well, ok... We’ll go there.
They walked about a hundred meters, then turn right, crossing the tram tracks and just down the street - 200 meters ... But it seems they ...
Juhson has gone missing again.
Jean-Flynn was in the beautiful garden, with comfortable benches, where there was a peacock, fountain and chapels that was tucked away in a historic place. To some people the garden - park is invisible, but ...
 Amidst all the people in this hot day, there was a strange girl in a blue dress and a snow-white parasol. She was young and as  though she  step out from the pages of a book about romantic and challenging times. Jean-Flynn sat on the bench and watched her. What surprised him was when she held out her hand, and on the fragile gentle hand of a stranger was the other half of a pair of gloves, that Musketeers owned! The man briskly shifted in place, and he was curious what will happen next. In the eyes of the girl was some sadness. She stopped under a large oak tree and whispered something. A hawk flew from the tree, onto the glove and said "hello" to the young lady using a bird language.
- Mr. Cars’en ... -  Juhson’s voice distracted  him from his thoughts . -  What are you looking at?
- I've never seen in America such...
Juhson looked at her and smiled.
- What?  - said  Flynn.
- For once,  your trip  could have a happy ending, if you help her.
- What?
 - Soon you will learn. I suspected that she was the one who called you. I myself have not seen her for a long time. By the way she can save...
Juhson paused. Jean-Flynn went to her.
- Why are you alone?
- Sometimes it is useful. - Said the girl.
- He's ... yours?
Flynn pointed to a hawk.
- No. He is on his own.
- You look so strange ...
- I take that as a compliment.
She was not very tall. In her eyes with changeable color he felt incredible power and loneliness of the blond stranger. Her hair... Is neither sunny-color nor red nor ashy. The copper sun reflected playfully in the blond curls. Jean-Flynn could read any person, because his  knowledge of physiognomic, learned from  from his father, but he could not read this fragile girl.
- What do you think about the garden-park for you, Mr. Cars’en?
- You know me? - surprised Jean-Flynn.
- I'm the one who called you, Jean-Flynn. After all, not only are you not the only Flynn Carsen in this world, and your name ... It reminds me of something remotely. By the way, I am aware of your situation with the Library. Can I sometimes call you Flynn?
- Of course you can. And how can you help me?
She let go of the Hawk and put  her gloved hand on Jean-Flynn’s hand.
Beside them stood a carriage.
- 317 years is so little and so much. I'm 317 years old and has been looking for you, and now that I finally found you, I do not know what I must do. I want to show you my world. My library.
- You are a vampire?
- No, - she laughed - it's just a date of our separation, but not here.
They got into the carriage and drove to the Klementium library.
- Separation? Do you think about it every day? - continued the  amazed Jean-Flynn Cars’en.
- No. Random thought, when I was the librarian in one of the libraries. Besides ... Not now. A little bit later.
She smiled sweetly and put her hand on his.
- I remember you. You are Michelle Aist?
-  That was not my real name, but yes, we have met before. It was about this library I said. - The girl shyly looked away. - Do you like the baroque style? For example, I love him very much.
-  So do I.
The two entered the carriage - a young girl and a young man, slightly older. The beauty of the library, near where the carriage stopped, was impossible to describe in words. No wonder it is called the most beautiful library in the world. And  no wonder the young lady  chose this. No matter how vast and beautiful   Jean-Flynn's Library  was, when compared with the Klementium library, it was only a faded copy, except for the hall.  With delight, Jean-Flynn's lower jaw dropped.
- God, I didn’t know that it is so beautiful. So what's your name, lady?
- Milady - corrected the woman. -  Milady Alicia La Sven.
- How strange that your name has an Italian heritage, but ... How's that?
- I heard, people called me "the Swan".
- Ah ... yes ... Princess Swan - Flynn smiled.
- Yeah.
They climbed up the massive old oak staircase,  arriving at the reading rooms. Here, the sight was amazing. Bookshelves rose to the ceiling.  The globes and artifacts, standing across the room, reminded him of the artifacts in his library. Majestic patterns - mosaic on the ceiling, as if with the high ceilings - the arcs in the library, and the angels  looking down on them. Bright and spacious, the library looked stunning.
In the Library reader's room, there were people.
- You see them? We can go there next, and they will not notice us. And many of them doesn't notice this place. - Alicia tilted her head towards Jean-Flynn's and whispered: - Do you know why? Pay attention to that young man.
Jean-Flynn looked at the guy who is sitting in front of them. Indeed, in such an ancient and rich Library, that was radiant purity and light, he looked ... in a tablet.
- And there, two girls. - Alicia said. - Every day they always take the same books. But no matter how many times I did not pass by, one page is always open. Only that elderly woman at a table near the globe...She is always reading. I saw her in the park.  She reads even on the move. But other people look at her as if she is a freak.  A person can love a book or ... Animals. But that does not mean anything. Sophie Lonkrua, for example, was the famous defender of animals. And she once was here often when I lived in Prague. But the cause of human actions here and now, can be hidden anywhere. For example, in the past.
- I agree with you, Alicia ... Milady?
- You can just call me Alicia. They do not see me, even though I live here. I am like you. Come on, I still have something to show you.
- Milady, you mentioned Sophie Lonkrua. The woman gave the New York Public Library ... 1 month before closing it. What's wrong with her?
- You know about Sophie or the Library?
- Sophie . - Said Jean-Flynn.
-  This will have to wait. When the memory of the soul wakes up,  something curious will  emerge.
Alicia pulled the chain and opened the pendant on it. Hidden within,  was a tiny old key.
- In your library, there is that door too. If that  is the case, you can open it.
Alicia opened the door ...  Soft light filled the passage, and they stepped over the threshold. As soon as the door closed behind them, Jean-Flynn began to remember something, as soon as he saw the quaint maze of green, flower beds, gardens, and a distant building, as if once there was a square. Alicia led him away, without saying a word ... And suddenly he was transported  to 317 years ago. Nearby river writhing like snake; the forest  grew during this time, and several gardeners cared for the garden and flower beds. A bit farther was a white-golden bridge, and where the Artifacts in Jean-Flynn's Library were in the building, here they were under a bright blue sky. (Heaven? Where is this place? Like ... paradise?)
- I gave all my strength to build this place and I cannot allow Sophie Lonkrua to close or destroy it. Nothing happened then, but I will not give up, I will survive in whatever it is, and no one will stop me! – Alicia said with a barely audible  whisper.
Jean-Flynn  dropped to one knee. He can't  breathe; this was hard for him. You can   possess tens of diplomas,  graduated from hundreds of universities, but even then, the knowledge memory will not drag the load, from which Alicia cannot get rid of. It cannot be a special ... Library.
- Alicia! - He called her Flynn. - Alyssa, you're alive! But ... But you ... I ...
- Jacques!
Alicia ran to Jacques, but suddenly she stopped. His eyes ... it seemed he was about to cry. She did not know what to do. So many years of searching, and suddenly so confused.
- Alicia ... So you ...
- I   am not the library's soul, I am their Queen. Queen Library .
Jean-Flynn got up and  started to step towards her, but she stepped back.
- What are you doing? You wrote to me that we must meet.
- Wrote. But just in this life we have just met.
- As far as I can remember - Jean-Flynn looked around - it was enough; one night and one meeting. I did not know what you did, just by the look and eyes. This place has a strange effect on me, I say strange things.
- Why  is that? And suddenly one day he realize his prednaznachnie and carry cargo -  only one  memory that I want to erase, but you cannot be erased... What hurts the soul  more than the body  pierced by a sword.
- Wait, do not go,  sometimes I have shortness of breath ...
- We have communication.
Alicia took his hand and led him to the fountain. They bent over the water.
From the reflection, Jean-Flynn saw that he was in the wide-brimmed hat with a big black pen, a white shirt, his clothing was from 1702, and the excitement of a duelist was burning in his eyes... Alicia had a mask of white feathers on her face, and she was  wearing   a ball gown with wings on her back.
- It's  us – said Alicia, with barely audible voice. - But this does not make any sense to me,  This is the day when Sophie Lonkrua hired a killer.
- Sophie? Sophie... Yes, there was still a continuation of your story. All fled from the garden, when you began to create this place. I thought you were dead. I noticed who was in the square. You have here something like gazebos?
- Of course, - Alicia said gently. - I have everything; I like to build.
Alicia  led him into a small alcove near a small pond.
- For some reason, I feel more comfortable here, even though my previous life suited me just fine... almost ...- said Jean-Flynn .
- If you do not mind, I'll call you Jean-Flynn , Jacques - asked Alicia.
- I do not mind, milady.
- Tell me what you know, and you yourself will find the key to your suspicion about checking your Library.
- You melted on my hands. People began to disperse, calling you a witch. Even when you are angry with the king, and created the garden, when you went into Versailles, I suspected that they can ... Kill you. As for Sophie, I did not expect. And I blame myself. If I did not betray her, perhaps she would not have thought you were my paramour.
- Paramour? Why do I need it? - Alicia grinned.
- Well, who else would understand you girls?
- Kheh Kheh ...
Jean-Flynn  continued:
- Jacques, Arthur, Jean-Flynn ... These are different people.
- Yeah ...- Alicia smiled.
- Are you? Well, some habits of the soul remains.
- Exactly so. So what happened to Sophie and Michelle? I know the story a little later. Without you.
- Sophie Lonkrua and Cardinal had ordered the killing .
- I suspect that the cardinal wanted to see me ... in general, I was in love. So many letters have been written about the  meeting.
- Duchess Michelle understood,  she was waiting in the square. And then  Alicia escaped . Sophie ...  it was so long ago, and if not  for this place, I would not have talked about it. ... What is  that? - Jean-Flynn  heard a noise.
- Looks like he made his way back here. - Alicia looked unhappy.
- Alicia! You thought I can’t find you? Aliiiciiiya! - Man bawling in the garden.
- What are you yelling about, Stepan? - Alicia yelled at him. -   Why the hell  did you broke into my house ??
Jean-Flynn went out with Alicia. Some slovenly man categorically insisted that it all belong to him, and Alicia, a kind of little wretch, didn’t leave him the land.
- My dear friend, I left you in the Library in Great  Burluk? What did you do? Sold all the Bolsheviks, because you want to have enough vodka? You're a walking mess. - Alicia spoke calmly and confidently. - After your visits to my gardens, my gardeners have everything restored within months!
- Oh! - Stepan waved his hand.
Alicia leaned back on Flynn's chest . He held her with one hand, watching  Stepan.
- Stepan, go away! Because of you, I have lost my book, and I will never give it to anyone else, if I can find it.
- Come on, I'm ...
Stepan left.
- Who is that? Another  person from the past? - said Jean-Flynn .
- How do I explain to you. Distant relative.
Alicia and Jean-Flynn  came to the barton. She opened her door and .... What a surprise it was to Jean-Flynn , when it turned out that this is another library! The House - Library.
- I know that the Klemenium library is a large complex, large enough, and  within it, is quite possible to hide anything, but your garden and this house ... And where is Judson?
- In the House. With my brother of my soul. I'm younger. Very young. And Juhson doesn’t like being reminded how old he is.
- Yeah !! I told him that he created the Library.  You are all so confusing .
- Well yes. Well, we can also talk   between us comfortably. I'm younger. I'm absolutely younger. Judson does not like to be reminded how old he is. Therefore, he never acknowledged.
-  Explain to me now. I don't understand. - Jean-Flynn tried to understand.
- Later, my  librarian.
Queen's Library – The house was spacious, two-story; in the lobby was a tree, surrounded by a small moat. Behind a tree on the second floor that led to light brown stairs, with walls decorated with mosaics, were vintage windows on the first floor, and the second - the windows were normal. The Tree continuously bloomed pale purple flowers. In each room were stillages. In each stillage  was a book that has been place as a picture . Everything the stillage has itself a picture.
It was a real home. Bedroom, living room, kitchen, hall, ballet hall, a small, but cozy, and the infinite library ...
- You read all these books?
- Of course, Mr. Cars’en. Would you like some tea? You've just arrived.
- I wanna.
Alicia took him into the kitchen. There was also a fireplace, and a massive marble table. The kitchen was very large, overlooking the garden, and brightly lit, like rest of the house.
- Hi, Juhson, - Alicia greeted the man  who was standing with his back them  and  was cooking something near the stove.
- Milady, I again heard you called me a part of your family. - Juhson wanted to make a comment  to the hostess.
- But you, and this is the truth ...  is dearer to  me than Stepan.
- Milady, can you leave us alone? By the way, your favorite apple pie with apples almost ready. But the librarians may have their own secrets.
- Okay, good. - Alicia left them.
- Juhson ?? You  were here all this time - Jean-Flynn was stunned.
- Why are you playing with the girl's feelings? She had long been trying to find  a replacement for you and to run away from Stepan, but nothing worked, and she has learned to live alone.  And so Alicia almost does not trust anyone, except me.
- I  am not playing, Juhson, I swear, this garden threw my memory back    several centuries! - Justified Jean-Flynn.
- If so, tell me what happened to Sophie? - Juhson's eyes narrowed.
- Sophie was seized and taken to the scaffold. She screamed, cursed me and told me that the day will come when she will avenge. What I  cannot remember  was the reason, and I cannot change anything. But  she is not put to death.. She had a paper from Cardinal that justify her and forgive any sin. So, somebody killed a man, well,  something happened ... Cardinal's God  forgiven her. She also had time to visit  the courtyard like a secret favorite of the king. The King is dead, and Sophie disappeared,- Jean-Flynn was again under the influence of the past.
- Then I believe you.
- Do you know everything Judson? Alicia really knows?
- Alicia remembers only things that could happen again. Like you. But the Duchess de Latverian ...
- Juhson ... And who is this, Stepan?
- He was the uncle of Alicia. But  don't talk to her about him, and it's true ... not the best relative.
Jean-Flynn helped put the plates and mugs on the table... Such graceful and tiny.
When Alicia came back, she was rolling up her sleeves, in shirt and jeans. A bit sloppilly she left the smartfon on the table  .
- Juhson,  I have not seen him, is this a miracle that make him go away? - asked Alicia.
- Stepan? Yes, maybe .- said Juhson
- I cannot find a way to  not let him come  here.
- Who knew ...
- Yeah ...
- Your Highness, - smiled at Jean-Flynn. - Can I take care of you?
- Yes. You can.
Juhson took the cake, and Jean-Flynn cut to pieces and poured tea.
Alicia thoughtfully drank tea. Flynn tried mentally to find an explanation for all that happened.  Like how a garden can be in the depths of the finest libraries, that Alicia was alive, why Stepan haunts her, what she was looking for ....
- Thank you for the charlotte, Juhson! - thanked Alicia.
- You’re welcome, milady.- said Juhson.