The Light of Queen Library. Chapter 4

Chapter 4. Sophie Lonkrua

The blonde in a strict black suit watched in the window of a skyscraper in the concrete jungle. In this city of almost no greenery, all people are going somewhere in a hurry and   never forgetting to look at their smartphone. Each of them was happy with the new technological innovations. Everyone was in a hurry to own the next iPhone. Century - hurry, the time of technology. The woman put placed her hands on her chest and lit a cigarette. When she heard someone coming towards the door, she quickly extinguished the cigarette on the ashtray and  turned around.
- Miss Lonkrua, you have a visitor, he said that you know him.
- What  an audacity? - Sophie went to the table. - Let him in. And close my blinds, Natalie.
- Ok, - the secretary hastened to execute the order and left.
A tall man with a snake tattoo on his arm came into the  room. His Vest was smeared at the  ends and he was casually wearing it. He was more like a gangster than as an innocent visitor. The man, however, bowed respectfully to Sophie Lonkrua.
- I greet you, Madam.
- Greetings, Henry - Sophie said, and walked over to him, throwing her hand on his nape and kissed him.
Their tongues become like a snakes’ tongues and entwined when they kissed.
- What brought you here? - Sophie asked.
- Mrs. Lonkrua, I found what you are looking for.
Henry opened the cloth in his hand, and showed Sophie a great book covered in burgundy velvet cover, where it held tight with a silver branch with brilliant drop on a leaf.
- Original?
- Sure. Most likely they wrote the text from the boards.
- Well done. In the extreme case all will be done to search for Veles book on the boards. - Sophie took the book.
- Only, Sophie ... That's not all. There is a certain Book of Life, and only Queen-Library knows where it is. Without it, the owner of the book doesn’t have all power.
- Nonsense! I can write in a book! - Sophie said angrily. - Again this girl! This Alicia is everywhere!
- Of course, we took away her book.
Henry sat down on a chair.
- So what? Find where she is hiding! Explain, Henry, she really is aware of all the books that she keeps ???
- Probably.
- Okay. At least Jean-Flynn will not bother me, this eternal librarian and rights activist will not risk the Library. Is everything ready for the company?
- All. You'll be the perfect candidate ... But he took the chance.
Sophie went to the window and touched a panel on "windowsill". A small movement, and she can see every street. Anger boiled in her soul. In New Orleans, she faced the mysterious Jean-Flynn. It was his knowledge that led her people to one of the Veles books, although he did not understand this himself. When she saw him, her memory transferred her to 317 years ago ...
- You need me? - Henry asked.
- No. Go. Nobody should know about the Clan.
- It's out of the question. The Clan of the Snake is faithful to you, the Queen.
Sophie continued to look at the street through a special card.  She has seen this similar view in Tokyo. Everybody in a hurry, everybody is angry, and all they look at are their smartphones. Rarely does someone asks a stranger to take a picture of their friends. Now there is a front camera for selfie. The parks’ been the most irritating to Sophie. The people experience a different life in the parks, resting, talking to another person, and not through the social network. Parks and books have taken away the opportunity for her to lead people's thoughts.
- Miss Lonkrua? – She was  distracted from her thoughts by her secretary.
- What do you want? - the boss asked.
- We brought a new stand for you. Where do you want to make a presentation?
- Interactive Wall is ready? At least the one book became useful to me.
- It is not quite so. She's better.
- Bring this to the meeting room.
Sophie has gathered everybody from the leading specialists. She herself stayed in her room.
Lonkrua touched up her makeup and looked at herself in the mirror. These arrows on the eyes were so nice on her snake eyes. Very good that people don't see her essence. Only her character. The character of the king cobra. If she did not cheat Jacques hundreds of years ago, did not make a mistake with the young witch Alicia La Sven, and did not have the threat of penalty, who knows, maybe Sophie Lonkrua  would not been first favorite of the king, and after his death - the Queen of the Snake's Clan. Also the curse had partially transform her into a snake. But Sophie has learned to use her deadliness just as Alicia builds more and more and revives, carefully hiding valuable books from the Clan.

But the most important thing from the books she could not save. From the people.