Help of St Seraphim

Traslated from Russian into English
The original text in Russian here

Brothers and sisters!

On the 14 of January the Russian Orthodox Church celebrate the day of memory of St.Seraphim of Sarov. I must tell you a story: once He heard my prayers and helped for the glory of God.

It has happed nearly a year ago (this story in Russian was written by me in Jan.2013). Helen, a woman who is one of my friends in social networks, had an 8-month-old son, Nikita, who had burnt himself by the boiling hot water. He was transferred to intensive care. There he was treated for ten days. Helen asked us, her friends, to pray for her son.

I prayed to all the saints whose icons I had at home. I also prayed to St. Seraphim of Sarov. And I have a dream: I am in Diveyevo, at the tomb in which Saint Seraphim rests I bow before him three  times to the ground and my tears flow. And suddenly He sits on the bed and looks at me. I see in His eyes an unspeakable Love for me. I am not afraid at all: He was a holy man. In the morning when I have waken up,  I did not tell anyone about the dream. Also I did not write to Helen. After about 2-3 days, she wrote that her son had been transferred to the common chamber. And then he has recovered soon. So it was the healing of the baby for the glory of God.

P.S. Praise God in his saints, praise him in the affirmation of His power!
Translated on 29 Oct 2018.