Red maple leaf with green veins

Русский  текст

The wind tore ruthlessly the leaves and they, like the sparkles of a salute, scattered beautifully to the sides.
Alexey walked along the street which was completely covered with yellow and scarlet leaves.
He thought: once another week and there will be very few leaves on the branches.
What a pity!
A woman passed by and smiled to him. He smiled back. Then someone else smiled at him.
Today, probably, is the day of a smile! - he thought.
- Please Sir, you have a red sheet on your hat! - sprinkled a girl who studied in the evening secondary school.
He touched his hat to his hand. In his hand was a scarlet maple leaf with green veins.
- Miracles! - he thought.  Never it happened!
And it really was a good sign: the next morning he received a wonderful letter, which he had not hoped to receive.
It was a letter from the woman with whom he had been familiar for a long time, but then the wind of change took the leaves of the senses: gold and red with green streaks ...
And he was  glad more than ever because she remembered him.
10 June 2016
Translated on the 28 of November 2018
Photo from the Web.