The Future. The Main Aim And The Options

Tribute to #Kaduri

In my opinion, there are three main scenarios of possible development, both countries and the world community.
One of them is the path of progressive and harmonious development of each and every, which can be called #EraEden , or #ERARAJ , #MessianicAge .
Other two ways are named by me: #RegressiveEra and #MisanthropicEra are one worse than the other.
Each of these options has its own picture of the world, worldview, socio-economic model and lifestyle. But briefly they can be defined as follows.

1. The Best Option: #ERARAJ , #EraEden, #MessianicAge .

The main reason of poverty of citizens even in the rich states is a low extent of participation of each citizen in obtaining the income from national wealth.

#EraRA is the Era of #Robotics , #Automation & #AI receives full support and causes a great increase of the efficiency in all sectors of the economy of the future - #Noonomics , #NooEcon .

In the battle of economic models - #HeadsEcon Vs. #HandsEcon - "economy of smart heads" wins "economy of hands".
Most of people will be emancipated from the need to work for survival. Crimes for the sake of survival loose its economic motives and disappear.

New meanings of life are created.
Main aim is the all-round spiritual and material development of each personality.
The Main Aim adjusts education, government and social life, science and culture to create a new way of life in accordance with the
#ParadiseParadigm :

#ERARAJ = #ERARA + J ,   Hi-tech+Hi ;
(J is Joy , Justice, Absolute, #MoralImperatives, God the Creator).

Citizens transfer their work functions to #AI , #Robots , #Automaton, but become co-owners of Global #GPCo and of National People's Corporations #NPCo .
In this way each citizen receives #Hi_HumanIncome, i.e. the dividends from an equal share of each citizen in #HoneycombProperty / cellular ownership which is consisting of the main wealth of the state and society.

 #BacicIncome could be a part of #Hi_HumanIncome *.

Hope of #HoPe = Honeycomb Property. Human Income = DIVIDENDS from Global and National People's Corporations (GPC, NPC) + UBI FROM BUDGET OF STATE.

Honeycombs Property (the consumers of goods and services are the owners of producers of these goods and services) will create an infinite Mobius tape in which production and consumption become unceasing process.

A referendum in which every citizen has one vote is a political form of direct democracy.
A Honeycomb Property (HoPe), in which every citizen has an equal share, is an economic form of direct democracy.

#HumanIncome , #UBI  could be promoted step by step, starting with the most deprived and defenseless persons, and then reaches to all citizens, each of which has an aggregate income at the level less than necessary for a decent life.

If we simplify this scheme, we will get a painless and optimal principle of transition to #ERARAJ by creating a new type of ownership – cellular or #HoneycombProperty in accordance with slogan :
"Jobs 4 #Robots, Incomes 4 People"!

This principle should solve the tasks of maintaining a decent standard of living for any person, as well as retaining the motivation to receive additional income for a higher standard of living.


Hi-tech will dramatically reduce production waste, demand for raw materials and labor, energy, etc.
With a high standard of living, education and health, population growth will also naturally decrease.

Therefore, we should understand that the limits of economic growth is a reasonable balance between production and consumption, which can be compared with a constant high "cruising speed" of the airliner, but not a limit is calculated on the basis of modern knowledge about the reserves of resources and their use in current non-effective and non-environmental technologies.

However it is impossible to allow that free time became useless or criminal pastime. We need to make G.R.O.W. i.e. Great Renovation of Old Worldview.
It is necessary to bring up new generations for which the purpose of life is not an infinite carnival, but also not a hard work for the sake of a survival. For new generations the full development of the identity of the person becomes the purpose of life.

It is very important that introduction of “the share of the citizen in national wealth” will not destroy a basis of existing economic system, but adjusts new economy on harmonious interaction of interests of the citizen, the society, the state.
As citizens will have got stable income for comfortable life, it will be possible to cut down social expenses of budgets of all levels; to lower tax burden; to solve problems of pensions.
The enterprises can promptly implement innovative technologies, cut superfluous jobs and raise labor productivity without serious social conflicts.
If each citizen will become real beneficiary of national economy, the share of creative activity will increase. Honeycombs Property (HoPe) as a basis of the Noonomy (ECONOMY OF THE NOOSPHERE) will create equal starting possibilities for citizens, will become an economic basis of the democratic state and will reduce critical difference between incomes of people, etc.

* See more about this in the articles written by #GennadyZherebilov "The Rising of Honeycomb property", "The Honeycomb's Property", "The National People's Corporations", etc.

2. The Bad Option: The #Regressive era .

Citizens demand jobs because it is the sole legal source of funds for their survival. The rulers promise (especially during elections) to create many new jobs, but this promise contradicts the reasonable development of hi-tech.
This policy creates obstacles for the offensive of #EraRA – The Era of #Robotics , #Automation & #AI .

In the battle of economic models #HeadsEcon Vs. #HandsEcon  the "economy of hands" not inferior the main positions to the "economy of smart heads".

Moreover, in the battle #Robotics Vs. #Rabotics the rulers and businessmen promote "Rabotics" - that is a system of actions (ideological, theoretical and practical) which are aimed at the use of low-skilled and cheap labor in the conditions of "barbaric" exploitation of man (this definition was developed by #CennadyZherebilov from Russian word "Rab" = "Slave" and word "Robotics").


Whether voluntarily or unwittingly, the promotion of #Rabotics as "civilized slavery" is promoted by lion's part of the leaders of the modern world including heads of state, public and commercial organizations and all of those who declare the goals of full employment of the entire population, increasing working hours, retirement age, etc., and even more so - the use of "cheap labor" of labor immigrants.

This path leads to the regression of society and the economy, and its supporters only hypocritically cover their unwillingness to share power and wealth with society.
They look like a jumper who spends all his strength to run, but can not break away from the ground.
Let's support Robotics, but don't allow Rabotics!

3. The Worst Option: #MisanthropicEra .

Unfortunately, this scenario is also possible, although it could arise only in the minds of madmen who think of themselves as "rulers of the world."

Probably, they dream of creating a Paradise on Earth for the so-called "world elite", for the "rulers of this world" who have power over the peoples and owns of wealth of the world.

Maybe they dream to privatize the "Gardens of Eden" and radically solve the problem of "useless people", which, as these madmen think, has become too much on the Earth –  on a small planet with limited resources.
The essence of these misanthropic ideas can be described with great certainty in the form of a perverted "Paradigm of the Paradise" :

#ERARAMS = #ERARA + MS, where MS is abbreviated
 the Misanthropic Society .

The Society without a healthy human morality will turn into a "herd of rams" which the "unkind shepherds" lead to the slaughter…

In a broad sense, #ERARA includes #4IR , #Society5.0 etc.

It is very important to understand and always remember that the onset of #ERARA, i.e. wide use of #AI, #Robotics, #Automation, the creation of unmanned technologies and the possibility of universal replacement of people with "smart #Machines ", would create a great temptation for VIP-misanthropes to get rid by all ways and forever from the "unemployed people", which will become useless for the "masters of the world". 

Some adventurers-futurists promote a view that transition to #ERARA , #4IR you can make also simply and easily and securely as to transfer from a horse carriage to a car with a powerful engine at hundreds of horsepower. And a little discomfort could be caused only by sentimental attachment to the working cattle... They are very wrong! 
Completing a brief overview of the possible main options  of the Future, I want to note that there is a little time left for each of us to choose our own destiny, the fate of our descendants and of our world.

I am sure that the" twenties of the twenty-first", i.e. the twenties of the 21-st century will become a kind of "door of opportunities" through which we could successfully enter to a new global "smart home" on the Earth in which there are a worthy places for everyone.

Each Person Has The Right To Choose The Future ,

- your pilot into the Future Gennady Zherebilov ...