The Light of Queen Library chapter 7

Chapter 7. Sophie Lonkrua and Jean-Flynn Carsen
If the code is broken, you can track the Center. Jean-Flynn suddenly woke up, almost falling  off the bed. Alice! Alicia! He looked at the bedside table and understood everything. Alicia was gone. Surely something must have happened to the Library. Code. When he was in the garden of Alicia and remembered that insanely long day when he was Jacques Lonkrua, he suddenly wanted to destroy Sophie. At least this time, Milady should be saved by all means. But ... the 21st century, the Queen of the Serpent and her servants, the age of madly rapid development ... Wars for resources, aggression, technology absorption ...

Jean-Flynn went to the wall.  After he tore off the "wall" of Alicia, he scratched  his hands, and now they were covered in thorns and blood.
- God ... - Jean-Flynn tried not to notice the blood and pain.
At last he freed the wall and touched it. She reacted with a 3D image.
- So...Well well ... I can switch you off, and make you work the other way around? Let's try to take it off and put it here ... Year ... Oh, and I'll postpone it altogether ... You're a puzzle, are you not? Sophie could not create what would not have been a mystery ... So, what do we have here ...
Jean-Flynn noticed an ultra-flat box - a microchip. He had to tinker, but the result was not long in coming. "Now we  have to find a way to escape. Surely there is something like a signal system. Phone. With me. And it is better to remember."
Jean-Flynn returned after a while. He found a way to escape. Yet  time is running out, and the owner of the apartment will soon return.
Cars’en threw the backpack into the vent pipe and started the mechanism of the puzzle, that is, the "walls". The mechanism buzzed and one of the Center's departments appeared on the screen. The staff disassembled flat stones, many books lay on the floor. Jean-Flynn looked closely. A part of his Library in New York was visible in the window. Books ...  What are they to her?

Jean-Flynn heard the siren scream and ran into the other room.
- Newlyweds? - he heard the policeman's voice and click - he loaded his weapon. Perhaps a revolver.
- Go to hell, - Jean-Flynn whispered and jumped into the vent pipe.
The policeman guessed everything. He immediately ran into the room with a ventilation shaft.
Sophie Lonkrua followed.
- Where is he?
- Mistress, we can still stop him. He cannot escape from the roof.
Sophie wounded the policeman with sharp claws:
- I do not forgive betrayal, - she hissed, - and because of you, we missed them.
The policeman fell.
- I can rely only on my people. Henry!
Sophie called her helpers and her clan.
- Take Cars’en alive! He is still useful to me. You, Jacques, will not die quickly …
Jean-Flynn looked around. It was necessary to choose a turn. It seems - here.
He threw back the hatch and squinted at the light.
- Mr. Jean-Flynn Сars’en, stay where you are, you're under arrest on suspicion of murder! - He heard from the helicopter.
- No, gosh! - Jean-Flynn threw the bag on the roof and ran ...
- You do not have to run!
- However, - Jean-Flynn smiled slyly and jumped.
The clan was already on the roof, but did not have time to grab him. Jean-Flynn rolled on a wall resembling a sail, and at some point broke through the glass, throwing a stone at it. This he immediately understood. Ordinary windows are made of ordinary glass, windows are walls made of heavy-duty stuff and are on the same material. Jean-Flynn jumped into the room, not even injured - a miracle - the glass did not remain in the window.
- Hah! - Jean-Flynn shouted proudly and rushed to the exit, but he was deafened by Henry's electric shock.

Jean-Flynn woke up in a place reminiscent of the cave. He was surrounded by the Snake Clan.
- What do you say, Jean-Flynn? - He heard Sophie's voice. - Did you see the books in my office? These are the books of your friend. Alicia ... Ts-ts-ts .. Naive girl still trying to save the books. Saves them from the fire, restores the lost ... You know, Jean-Flynn, I already have what she's looking for. Join us.
- She's not naive !!!
- How long have you loved me, and now you're defending this girl.
Jean-Flynn bared his teeth.
-  That was a long time ago. In a last life, darling.
He was seized and held.
- Are you afraid of me, Sophie? Yes?
- No, Jacques.
Jean-Flynn began to break away and was able to shove off one of the bandits holding him. He picked up the spear and began to fight back.
- You will not give up, Jacques Lonkrua, will you?
- That's it!
- But why?
- Milady. My lady is not you.
But still Jean-Flynn was seized and handcuffed.
- To the camera! - Sophie ordered. - By the way, your girl will forget everything soon. Forgets you just as you forgot me.
- Damn you, Sophie, if you hurt her!
- I'm already cursed, fool!

Jean-Flynn was thrown into the cell.
- Snake! - Jean-Flynn cursed.
He began to walk around the cell in search of something that would help him escape.
The man working for Sophie went into the cell. He attacked Cars’en more quickly than he managed to defend for a strike. Jean-Flynn crouched in pain and fell to his knees.
- Sophie said not to kill you. It's a pity. - The Snake-man became a boa constrictor and crawled past the policeman.
- What a day ...
Jean-Flynn sat on the floor and pressed his foot under him. How it hurt! He lost his friend, he lost the Library, but his new Library he could not give in without  a fight.
It seems  as the evening approached, he  felt a little better.
At dawn, a girl appeared in the corridor in front of the camera, incredibly  resembled Alicia. In a black dress, a hat with huge fields and an ostrich feather, and on her hands were rings on top of gloves.
- Alicia!
Jean-Flynn was free of handcuffs just now.
- We  don’t have much time.
The girl began to open the lattice.
- Now, now you're saving me.
- I'm not milady. I'm her assistant, Olga.
The door opened and Jean-Flynn jumped out of the cell.
- Do you know where to run? - Olga asked.
- I think so.
- There is a more reliable way.
Olga threw a grain of wheat onto the floor, and they disappeared in a haze.
Jean-Flynn and Olga were already in the other wing of the Alicia Library when Sophie discovered the disappearance.