The Light of Queen Library chapter 8

Chapter 8. The Broken Heart of the Library
Alicia raced so fast that even she was  frightened. Suddenly, her horse could throw her down, or dead. She heard the hawk's alarmed cry. There was a misfortune, she felt.
Alicia stopped the horse and ran after the alarmed hawk who was calling her into the house.
The Queen ran upstairs. There, near the book-case, was the tied-up Judson. Milady  untied him.
- Sophie found you. She believes that you are the last stronghold of the Library. And what you and Jean-Flynn should ... - Juhson hurried to tell her.
- Hush - hush, - she tried to calm him down. - Neither this bitch, no one will be able to kill us. You do remember the fire in the Public Library in New York, as people said then? And Flynn is alive. Let him have another life, and may he not learn about the old, but he is alive. She won't hurt you while I'm alive. Where is she? Did she do everything?
- You guessed right, - milady heard behind her.
The clatter of heels. Alicia could hear everything perfectly.
- Alie, - Juhson called to her. - Take care of yourself, daughter. The memory is your weapon. Not only knowledge and magic.
 - I know.
Sophie gave the order and her man began to approach the Queen with a sword.
- Oh, how scared I am. Stop it. Otherwise, I will not be responsible for the consequences! - milady rose firmly in front of her.
- You're mortal. You need centuries to gain strength, Alice La Sven, but I cannot forget. Forget the day when you, little witch, get in my way and in the life of Jacques!
- Well, you are a fool, for so many centuries - living a life full of revenge for a man who does not remember you!
- He remembered. Will remember. I'll take care of that. - Sophie grinned and tore the sword from her henchman.
- Finally an honest fight? Arhen!
Milady's sword was at once in her hands. Sophie and Alicia crossed their swords.
- Why do you always save him? - Sophie hissed.
- I'm the only one who cares about living. At any cost. - Alicia leaned forward and tossed Sophie.
- You're no better than me, you took everything from him!
- It was a different life. Sophie, you know perfectly well who is guilty of that accident and what happened. It's you who broke everything up - before and after. And there was no time to lay aside the meeting. You had a lot of opportunities, but you just control and kill!
Sophie saw before her only a barrier. Milady repelled the blow and slipped, pulling out from under the fallen cabinet, a box. She threw back the lid. In a huge box, there were hidden wings and a mask of white feathers. Alicia put on a mask and brushed one glove off. Her hand became a wing.
- Neither you, nor anyone else will win the library!
The Hawk pecked bandits from the Lonqurua Clan. A bright light struck through the floor, when the boots-cossack on Alicia's foot-hit the floor. Milady grabbed the vine. The outbreak dazzled the Clan.
- I'll help you. - Everybody heard.
It was Stepan. Alicia quickly  grabbed along the vine and jumped on a high crossbeam, from where she looked down on everyone.
- Alicia! - He screamed. - Very soon, I will give you a present. You will forget everything, child!
- I won’t have anything to do with you! - Alicia smoothly flew off the crossbeam, spreading her snow-white wings. Now she looked very much like a strange bird.
- And so?
Stepan began to turn over the book-cases. Sophie stepped back. This family quarrel was good for her.
-  Я  попереджала   тебе, Степане!   (Ya poperedzhala tebe, Stepane!/ I warned you, Stepan! -пер. автора и транслит. )
- Дурній людині і розум зайвий. А ти, любонько, вшивалась би звідси, тебе не запрошували на нашу вечірку. Древо! (Durniy ludyni i rozum zayvyy. A ty, lubon'ko, vshyvalas' by zvidsy, tebe ne zaproshuvaly na nashy vechirku. Drevo!//  For silly man  don't need mind . And you, girlie, let's go from here, you are not invited to our party. Tree! -пер. автора и транслит.)
- Is the Queen behaving this way? Carry everything you can!
 Alicia went to the throne and reached for something. It turned out to be a huge whip. Alicia swung and struck one's legs with a few strikes.
She threw Stepan back against the wall and he began to choke.  Alicia's long hair created the wind (?), and her eyes darkened. Her library collapsed, the garden was again spoiled. Alicia threw Stepan to the first floor.
- По Біді (Po Bіdі!- транслит. автора .) - Alicia said and raised her hands-wings.
The Snake Clan could not stand the light, and was forced to retreat. After all, the light of knowledge is special.
- You ... It cannot be ... You're the Bereginya!
Sophie disappeared. Stepan also disappeared with her. Alicia drove the Clan to the very border of her possessions. Sorry, this border was now blurred.

Alicia felt weak with anger, but could not stop it.

Jean-Flynn saw the end of this battle. She and Olga looked out the crack in the doorway.
- And often she is full of rage? - Jean-Flynn asked, feeling his heart beat in fear, but he was able to calm himself down.
- She tries never to give  in to anger, it kills her. - Olga explained. - I'm afraid we're too late.
Before that, Olga and Jean-Flynn went to the secret archive of the Alicia Library.

The smell here was surprisingly different, similar to fresh printing ink.
The smell here was surprisingly different, like fresh ink and pine. This archive was  different from the Archive in the basement of the Jean-Flynn's Library ...
- How strong is she? - Jean-Flynn ducked, passing through the arch, and meanwhile carefully studying the room.
The archive was filled with a brown half-light from the candles, and there was a sense of security in it. Candles ... Fire ... He still remembered how a mysterious letter called him for an interview, and how Charlize hid a photograph in a frame from him in her desk.
- You yourself must understand this, - Olga stopped at the golden chest with the catholics. - How strong are you yourself, the Librarian? How strong can a woman be, capable of turning a ladder into a waterfall, a carnival room into a garden that can create a New Library when she "die"? Excuse me, I'm only an assistant here.
- What is this dresser?
- This is a card file from the books of Queen Anne Yaroslavna's library."
- Really?!
- She will hear you, Flynn. She needs you. Now.
- There are so many Libraries and Librarians in the world ... Even we had ... But she chose only me.
- Believe me, she knows what she's doing. By the way, about your Library. She will scold me, but I will help you.
Flynn did not see Olga's face. She hid it under her hat. The mysterious assistant of Alicia took him to the distance.
 There was a whole picture hall here .... The Librarians? And a few paintings stood nearby. On one of them were two brothers from different parents - Brayan and Jean-Flynn called themselves so ... And on the other, a man named Flynn Carsen and a woman ... This man was like Jean's twin brother.
But his body ran goosebumps. As if from a portrait of Flynn, he looked at himself ... Perhaps because the Library accepted him so unconditionally? But the woman next to him is not her. This lady is taller, stronger, and most likely a bodyguard. And then the librarians ... Brayan ... Jean sadly returned his gaze to the portrait of them with a friend ... but Brian was always similar to Jean, people were even confused who is who ... Is this Alicia's plan?
-The Queen will then tell you everything herself, -  Olga said gently and with regret, slightly touching his hand.
- Why ...
Jean-Flynn touched the picture of his twin ... Although the next one did not give him any peace ... Too strange he felt after the accident, he remembered too clearly Brayan’s scream, and the feeling that his friend was gone (he was  dead).
-  Where is Milady? Take me to her!
- Yes, my lord, - said Olga reluctantly.

Olga left him, disappearing. Jean-Flynn saw how milady struck her palm against the ruined bookcase. Her house was destroyed. Barbarously destroyed. Even the tree on the first floor began to die, and the source ... In there was almost no water left in it. Milady screamed ... would ... if she could. She was suffocating. They tried to calm her down, but she cursed in Ukrainian, and even in anger she was shining. Her eyes were like the sky during a storm.
- My lady! - Jean-Flynn went to her.
- Якого біса я тебе врятувала, якого біса ти на моєму шляху постійно з'являєшся?? Вона зруйнувала мене, і ти знаешь, вона має рацію. Але мене зруйнувати неможливо! Бо я живу не заради тебе, Лонкруа,я живу, допоки я можу дихати. Я живу для себе, бо якщо мене не стане....( - Yakogo bisa ya tobi vryatuvaly, yakygo bisa ty na moyemu shlyakh postiyno z'yavlyalysya ?? Vona zruynuvalasya mene, i ty znayesh, vona maye ratsayu. Ale mene zruynuvaty nemozhlyvo! Bo ya zhyvu ne zarady tebe, Lonkrua, ya zhyvu, dopoky ya mozhu dykhaty. Ya zhyvu dlya sebe, bo yakshcho mene ne stane .... /  What the hell you rescued me what the hell you're always in my way  ?? She destroyed me, and you know - she right. But I can't break myself ! Because I don't live for you, Lonkrua, I live as long as I can breathe. I live for myself, because if I will not...-пер. автора и транслит.) - Alicia grinned, rising and answering Jean-Flynn.
- I do not understand you! Ah, the tree! This is a language tree, I should have guessed! Milady! We still have something to talk about!
Milady began to move away from him, frightened, stumbled and began to crawl away.
- Milady, trust me!
It began to rain in the Library, and the books were covered with special protection. Milady wanted to fly away, but her wing (arm) was wounded. Jean-Flynn caught her and threw her over his shoulder, and she tried to beat him with her legs and hands.
- Calm down, Queen!
- Наказую тобі відпустити мене! Негайно! Пусти, паскудо! Мерзотнику! Ненавиджу цей день! Чому ти не відпускаєшь мене! Хей! Ти звильнений, ти! не маєш...  (- Nakazuyu tobi vidpustyty mene! Nehayno! Pusty, paskudo! Merzotnyku! Nenavydzhu tsey den;! Chomu ty ne vidpuskayesh; mene! Khey! Ty zvyl;nenyy, ty! ne mayesh... /I order you to release me! Immediately! Let go of me, you bastard! You heinous! I hate this day! Why don't you let go of me! Hey! You're fired, you! you have not …-пер. автора и транслит.)
- I still do not understand you. Ouch, it hurts!  Stop hitting me!
Jean-Flynn went down with her to the first floor and went to the tree of Languages. The source under the feet of the Library was filled with water, and the tree came to life. Jean saw the blood on milady's feathers. He even forgot about his pain. Milady was exhausted ... She looked at him. The rain soaked them to the bone.
-  Will you understand me now? - Jean-Flynn asked.
- May be..
- You ... blood ..
- Flynn ...
Milady noticed how hard Jean-Flynn was beaten.  His shirt was opened on, and she saw the bruises on his chest, the marks of the electric shock on his neck, the fact that he was constantly holding on to his hand, then to the ribs. He turned pale. The tree of languages came to life. Milady snatched a twig from him.
- Jean-Flynn ... I'm sorry. It seems like you and I had a bad day ...
- Sorry?? What happened to me with the Library! What with Brian! I saw a portrait of Flynn Carsen!
- Brian ... I hope he alive. And then he owes you and me. But I do not know what happened to him. Do not shout at me! What? How did you see this portrait? Olga?
She put on gloves and her wings became hands. Not to say that she was angry, and the question sounded almost without emotion. What is strange. But it was worse than hurricane Irma.
- Brian has disappeared from my life before you can think, more precisely from the life of the Library, and this is Ron’s decision, not mine. According to my brother, your friend was not who you thought he was. But this is not my concern. I saved your Library, and it was up to you, Jean, I couldn't save everything ...
Alicia led him to the mirror and gave him a spear, much higher than her height. It seemed familiar to him ... Spear of fate?
The reflection suddenly found its life. Alicia turned away, sighing heavily, it was clear that it was hard for her to look at the reflection, for now two Flynn Carsen had met. One was alive and the other was looking at him behind the glass of a mirror.
-   What should I do? Jean asked, and his voice growled.
- Nothing. Flynn Carsen is your reflection. Yes, I could not save everyone, so I acted differently. And ask Brian why I couldn’t save everyone, and where was he when the Archive was burning? With the new life of you, Jean, you will never be Flynn again. I forbade to show that portrait ... Everyone died in the fire. But I couldn't let you die, you are idiot! I live in the Library, and could not allow her to die ... But alas, this woman cannot be returned ... The past cannot be returned.
- It was my life ... And there on the bridge. What do you have against Brian? Are you  looking for me?? Then. At night. Brian called me and said that the artifact we had come for was stolen. I immediately went back to the hotel, but on the phone I heard someone call him, a shot and ... Everything. When I was driving, I saw someone on the road. And it seems it was a truck. I turned the steering wheel, the light blinded me ... a special light. Something pushed me, and when I woke up ... everything seemed the way it was before the Librarians. Alice, what have you done?
- Do you accuse me of murder? Get out! Go away! Leave me alone!
- Alice ... They must be alive ...
- If you find a cure for memory, tell me. Go away.
- I also need it, dear Queen of Libraries ... And it doesn't matter to me who I was. I've always been Jean-Flynn Cars'en …

Jean-Flynn went out. But he did not go far. The library did not release him. And he could not leave. Now. The rain changed to snow. Alicia was cold. She lost her voice and curled up in a fetal pose in the arbor. The Hawk called Jean-Flynn. And Jean followed to the bird.
-What a pity, Jean-Flynn, that you did not understand. I was always there. I saw everything. I am the Light. Light of the Library. I am your Light, and I cannot ...
-You have cold hands.
- I ...
- Live, Alice, I ... lied. I understood when you said "I live."
Alicia hugged him.
- We had a bad day, right?-  Jean-Flynn smiled.
Alicia smiled. The rain has ended and a rainbow appeared. Alicia, Jean-Flynn and the queen's people went out to look at it.
-Actually, thank you. - Said the librarian.
Jean-Flynn staggered. Alicia took him to Vyriy. To the source under Oak. Alicia's assistant put Jean-Flynn in the source, and the water began to heal it.
Alicia bent on her knees and wrapped his face around her.
- I do not know what's going on. But I will not leave you in distress. You and the wound in my heart, and my light, Jacques Lonkrua, because of you I became the Light. You were already a Librarian. - Alicia gently looked at him, his thumb stroked her cheek, she leaned so low that their eyelashes touched. - I did not interfere in your life and gave you what I could.  Sophie broke us. Jealousy. Fear. But help me now. And you can come back ... I created you a new candle, and you're alive again, just as I was resurrected. You're my heart ... I'm sorry if ...
Alicia stood up. Jean-Flynn could not take his eyes off the girl. And could not get up.
- Do you love me? - Jean-Flynn tried to get up.
- I just need to be close, like a guardian angel.
Alicia was gone.