The main thing in prose

The main thing in the goal or desire (desire as the beginning).

Hello, I wish you to be whole, if your whole is all, whole with the Great Whole, goodness, love, happiness and the best that we don’t know, if it signs me from above on the laws of the universe by the gods ....

This I wrote to you the main thing in life, which is determined by desires. The main desire is from the instinct of self-preservation (I want to live, be safe, whole) and more (happy, successful, rich life and health for those who sacrifice their lives in the name of the main thing nothing). I think about it (to be the Whole) or who did not think and did not speak in this way.

But this is some sinful part. And here's why: initially I thought only about the Whole, but by a sign from above from my god, who is related to me in essential (I amuse him), I learned that I need to wish for more of the Whole. After all, when a person's desire is fulfilled, he wants more or to continue ... (in this one word, my faith).
Therefore, desire to be whole with an increasing whole (better) like an increasing universe.

This is of course a philosophical question, but if you digress from the joys or worries and problems around you, you can guess what the main person for you said about the main thing for everyone. Will it continue in the future or for a minute of reading, when I will be for someone Sanych, and for another ... But I will continue in the future like this ... But my patronymic Sanych tells me to hide, not to call the “final” dignity .

To not look blinding, you need to look at the topic and ask, and who will fulfill this desire? Answer: guess if I am outstretched to you by the VC (Computing Center ... or the Great Whole).

The one who has been given the most important thing from birth, also becomes the main after a proper understanding of this expressed desire to communicate to improve the collective, independent, winning way of thinking, expanding circles of communication with the paternal approach even to the elder, to create a common soul of the worlds of faces, when she noticed a common aspiration drop by drop and strengthen it.

Only the main thing needs to take into account the other, not only what is given to it from birth, but the fact that the whole is greater - constantly increasing. Do not take one day and one desire. First ask to reason with you! You will be prompted with the word: bypass ... or everything, or bad; but it's better if you tell me to avoid something ...