The Story of how Vanya Zhukov wanted to study the

The Story of how Vanya Zhukov wanted to study the "Kerch" politics

Carrying out the next assignment, Vanya Zhukov lingered near a some office TV.

At this moment by him there passed the important diplomat. Vanya knew him a little. He once taught Vanya  to diplomacy.

Vanya decided not to lose opportunities:

- Comrade diplomat! Teach me "Kerch" policy!

- I am busy!

- I beg you! Teach me…

Meanwhile, the important diplomat and Vanya went into the diplomat's  office-room.

The diplomat sat down at a table and attentively looked at Vanya:

- Do you have a money?

Vanya laid out on the table several coins earned for a month of bustle on offices.

The diplomat looked at the coins distastefully:

- Look! – the diplomat knocked with a finger on the article in the Russian-language newspaper, - "This territory does not belong to anybody" — the admiral of the USA warns China and Russia about the Arctic!"

- I at one of offices saw this article in English. It is article not of the admiral, and of author (by Joel Gehrke). Who is Joel Gehrke, I do not know …

- What difference! – the diplomat raised a voice.

- The admiral is an official. But there is order. There are officials, representatives, who express the US position on foreign policy, - Vanya indecisively spoke.

- "Admiral", "official", "Joel Gehrke", - the diplomat with an irony repeated the Vanya's words . – He is commander of the U.S. Naval Forces Europe and Africa and Joint Forces Command Naples! He warns China and Russia! About the Arctic!

The diplomat made a small pause for an impressiveness:

- Got that?!

- I found a translation of the article title on the Internet: «'It's nobody's lake': US admiral warns China and Russia over Arctic».

'It's nobody's lake' can be translated as "It not someone's lake" …

Can't the admiral think? And to report to others about the conclusions?  Is the Arctic a someone's lake? I read the article "Arctic" (in English) in Wikipedia…

- Will you be teaching me English?! – diplomat interrupted Vanya. - Do you know how Stalin recommended diplomats to learn a foreign language?

- No … I do not know … So far … - Vanya in embarrassment answered.

- Well, here …, - the diplomat slightly calmed down. He turned in a chair, slightly having touched with sleeve the coins. They fell into a half-open desk drawer.

- I have no free time any more! You is free!

- And training? And the "Kerch" policy?

- Run and think. This is useful for you.

"Dexterously he knocked with a finger on the article". "A cool man!", - Vanya thought during a bustle across the city.

February 22, 2019 12:51

Translation from Russian into English: February 22, 2019 13:57.
Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Рассказ о том, как Ваня Жуков хотел научиться «керченской» политике”.