The Story of how Vanya Zhukov received proof of su

The Story of how Vanya Zhukov received proof of success of  "The Intercontinental Wall" project

Vanya came to the estate and put a chair near the pool. Cigar, fruit, coffee.

Vanya felt alarmed. He started big international business.

Vanya's wife in a bathing suit came up to the pool. This improved the mood, but anxiety remained.

What's his experience? What are the achievements?

A bustle around the city according a small instructions and the performance of tasks of the great diplomat? What did it give him, except a rubber slippers?

The membership in the  literary Association? The certificate of the member is lost and still is not restored.

The publishing a collection of your own works? Copies of his books were presented to neighbors in the manor, but the mailing into a libraries was not carried out...

Whether will be to him, to Vanya, to accompany a success in the implementation of the project of "The Intercontinental Wall"?

At night Vanya had a dream.

He, with Nikolai Gogol, visits the cinema hall at a some important government dacha.

The film "The Nose" begins.

The main character is Vanya. It detects the disappearance of the own nose.

Vanya is overloaded with emotions. He's walking around town. He comes up to a large square. And suddenly sees, how through the square the beautiful car is racing . And in the car - his nose. The car drove into the gate and out of sight.

Everything was turned over in Vanya's eyes; he felt that he could hardly stand; but he decided at all costs to wait for the return of the car, all his body was trembling, as in a fever. After a some time the car with the nose really appeared. The car increased a speed and disappeared from sight.

Poor Vanya almost went crazy. He did not know what to think of such a strange incident. How is it possible, in fact, that the nose, which yesterday was on his face, could not drive and walk - now is racing in a luxury car. Vanya ran after the car, which, fortunately, not far drove and stopped in front of the Kazan Cathedral.

Vanya hurried to the Cathedral. He saw that his nose had completely hidden his face in a large standing collar and was praying with an expression of the greatest piety.

"How to approach him? — thought Vanya. — It's obvious that he is not an ordinary person. How to do this?!»

Vanya prepared a whole speech: "of Course, I... however, I am a member of the writers' Association. To walk  without nose for me, you should agree, this is indecent. You judge, yourself... I don't know, my dear sir. (At this moment Vanya was going to shrug shoulders). I'm sorry... If you look at it according to the rules of duty and honor... You can understand... The whole thing seems pretty obvious... Or you want... Because you're my own nose!"

Nose, seemed, sensed Vanya's thoughts. The nose glanced at Vanya as if he wanted to say to him:

"You are mistaken, my dear sir. I'm on my own. Besides, there can be no close relationship between us. Judging by the buttons on your uniform, you should be serving in another Department.»

Nose quickly went toward an exit, got into a car and drove away.

Vanya decided to go straight to the newspaper office.

A gray-haired employee was receiving visitors.

— I ask...— Vanya said, — there was a fraud or cheating, I still can not find out. I'm just asking you to publish ... Escaped from me... the nose…

- "And this gentleman Nosov robbed you for a large sum?" -  the gray-haired staff member asked absently.

- It wouldn't be such a big Scam! He now travels around the city and calls himself a state councillor. And therefore I beg you to declare ... as soon as possible...

The gray-haired staff member looked suspiciously at Vanya.

In the newspaper Vanya achieved nothing and went home.

A few hours later, a voice was heard near the front door:

— Does a member of the writers ' Association Vanya live here?

— Come in, — said Vanya, jumping up hurriedly and opening the door.

A police officer of a good appearance, with sideburns not too light and not dark, with rather full cheeks, came in. He who stood in the morning at the end of the Isakievsky Bridge.

— Have you lost your nose?

— That's right.

-  He's found.

-  What are you saying?  - Vanya cried. A joy disabled his tongue. He looked at the police officer standing before him. On the lips and cheeks of the police officer brightly a quivering light of a candle flashed . — How?

— A strange case: he was caught almost on the road. He traveled on his yacht and on his private jet. And passport been written out - onto a name of one official. He received a lot of capital from projects: the Arctic, the hydrocarbon and gas transportation ones.

And the strange thing is that I myself, the first , thought about him as about a mister. But, fortunately, there were glasses with me, and I saw the same hour that it was a nose. For I am nearsighted, and if you stand before me, I can only see that you have a face, but no nose, no beard, I will not notice anything. My mother-in-law, that is, the mother of my wife, also sees nothing.

Vanya was beside himself.

— Where is he? Where? I'll run.

— Not to worry. I, knowing that you needed it, brought it with me. Your nose is exactly as it was.

At the same time, the police officer reached into his pocket and pulled out a nose wrapped in a piece of paper.

— It is he!  - Vanya cried. - That's him! Have a Cup of tea with me today.

— "I would have thought it a great pleasure, but I can't: I have to go from here to the madhouse."…

The police officer went out the door.

Waking up and accidentally looking in the mirror, Vanya sees: nose! —  just a nose!

The same nose, which traveled in the rank of state Councilor and made so much noise in the city, found himself as if nothing had happened again in his place, that is, between the two cheeks of Vanya.

Vanya decided to have Breakfast.

His wife brought him blini (pancakes), freshly baked.

The nose indifferently sat on his face.

And Vanya has since walked as if nothing had happened along the Nevsky Prospekt, and in theaters, and everywhere, and he was eating the delicious pancakes baked by his wife.

The film ended.

Nikolai Gogol smiled approvingly.

Gogol and Vanya went out of the cinema hall to fresh air.

Gogol spoke approvingly about the film and went to Paris, then to Rome.

Vanya woke up.

Morning came. Vanya realized that his plans related to the "Intercontinental Wall", will be successful.

It was time to set to work.

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Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Рассказ как Ваня Жуков обрел уверенность в успехе проекта Интерконтинентальной Стены”.