The Story how Vanya Zhukov applied international e

The Story how Vanya Zhukov applied international experience in "The Intercontinental project"

After a pleasant and useful sleep the day started not bad.

Vanya got into the Internet and got acquainted with the experience of the most interesting projects.

He realized that the main thing is not the project itself, but its proper development.

Making an entry in the diary, Vanya thought about own intellectual progress.

If previously  he's seen cases of the different usage of Internet content by the great diplomat and by other well-known figures  (Vanya in this scheme possesed a role or of a donor, or of an admiring observer), now Vanya has become the Internet-information-user  (other players could take a role or of a donor, or of an admiring observer).

Vanya immediately called by phone to comrade Friend. The decree about the appointment of Vanya on the position of the chief of the project was signed, but has not yet been published. The decree was immediately changed.

Yes, the revolution is putting forward a new, global initiative. But neither the name nor the surname of Vanya was mentioned in the decree. The "competent authorities" were instructed to take all necessary measures to develop the project.

The original text of decree was transferred up to Vanya and used at a convenient time to kindle a unnecessary branches of trees in the park.

From the East African country the Manager of the estate with powers of attorney and with two participants of the harem were delivered. These  two participants were included in structure of the harem already after the moving to the South European country of "the International center of intellectual efforts for the tropical region".

The Director of the East African Department of the Center (he received such a honored title) showed sufficient activity. He kept one of the accounts in the local Bank, regularly visited the great diplomat, and under own bed he accumulated a significant number of bags with hard currency.

So, the project of "The Intercontinental Wall" had both initial monetary resources, and a fresh staff.

The Director of the East African Department of the Center was appointed the "Project" Manager and one of the new harem participants was appointed the "Project" President.

Vanya decided to follow the wisdom: "Keep the window open, but do not invite a wind into the house." He established the Institute of the project "The Intercontinental Wall" and appointed himself its Director (comrade Friend appointed Vanya the Professor a little earlier).

The Institute was to study both the Project and its implementation.

After solving organizational issues, a Grand rally was convened with the participation of comrade Friend. Such an information occasion gathered a lot of media representatives.

The "Project" was declared an outstanding new modern initiative, which is promoting economic, political and cultural development.

Accurate forecasts of independent experts have shown that the Intercontinental Wall only as a tourist object will attract a 1,000 times more tourists than, in sum, the Ancient Wall, Troy and Machu Picchu.

There was a tremendous uproar all over the world.  Investment and loans went. But all they were simply a insignificant small crumbs.

The main thing was in another. The project "The Intercontinental Wall" promised rapid development of micro, midi- and macro technologies that can give an incredible effect in the Arctic and in the gas industry, as well as in the production of hydrocarbons. These technologies will make the cost of products, produced in the Arctic (if to take into account the temperature and environmental characteristics of this area), lower than the cost of products produced in areas with normal temperature conditions and familiar environmental standards. Naturally, - not at once...

The integration of "The Intercontinental Wall" project with projects: the Arctic projects, the hydrocarbon projects and the gas transportation projects, - will produce an immediate positive effect.  The "Project" Manager continued his regular meetings with the great diplomat.

At the same time, the state structures of the Latin American Republic did not stand aside. They either in the role of the units with functions of a control, checking, or as intermediaries-contractors of the fourth-fifth levels provided the flow of Finance into the  budget sphere of the Republic.

The prospect of the direction of doubloons into the monetary circulation was moved into the uncertain future. Perhaps, doubloons will not be necessary for a wide circulation? Everything will be good?

In a narrow meeting of Vanya and comrade Friend (after relative normalization of the financial situation of the Republic) a decision about the direction of the project "Intercontinental Wall" toward the final phase was made.

A sale of the project's shares was undertaken in favour of the "International centre for intellectual efforts in the tropical region". The sale was made not for hard currency, but with usage of a securities. Today, these papers are not worth much, but in 20-30 years they will cost a lot.

"International center of intellectual efforts in the tropical region" was under the tutelage of the great diplomat.

All the media's elephants and pugs, radio doggies and radio bullterriers, maestros of video luboks (video lubok - a kind of a primitive movie) began to eulogize a new unprecedented success greedily. What prospects opens the project "Intercontinental wall"! In ten or fifteen years, this project  will become an engine of economic development and will ensure the filling of the budget!

At the same time, a document was issued about the mandatory using by all the people of a rubber Slippers, size 36 (almost children's size of footwear), - regardless of the size of the foot. Deputies with care of people showed the own role: the using of rubber Slippers of the bigger size was allowed, but on condition of preliminary registration of such Slippers in a virtual Internet "office-room", installation on such Slippers of the special chip and payment of the tax according to the approved tax scale for each additional millimeter of length of Slippers. Slippers 36 size (and a smaller sizes) all people had the right to use without paying tax.

Everyone was happy. The impact of Vanya onto financial flows in connection with the Project  was well known. Often at the end of the day he found in the office-room a portfolios, folders and packages ("forgotten" by an interested visitors) with the currencies of different countries.

Vanya and his wife became doctors of philosophy. Thesis Vanya was "The Philosophy of Intercontinental Wall." His wife wrote and defended her thesis "The Project of the Intercontinental Wall: global aspects".

In addition, Vanya wrote the book "New initiatives - a New future. Intercontinental wall and a world development". The book was nominated for the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. Vanya wondered how unexpected a future can be. He imagined himself as a modern Russian writer, even if without the identity card of member of the writer's association. And world fame found him when he became a specialist in the world economy. ("One way or another, but it was with comrade Friend I was photographed, wearing a nice suit. And it was an employee of the distinguished Ambassador who provided me then with a suit and shoes," - Vanya recalled).

One major country was pleased that in ten to twenty years, its budget revenues from the acquisition of the Wall Project would certainly increase. Such a situation is prooving an extraordinary effectiveness of the management of budgetary resources.

Another large country has incurred virtually no costs. But the constant mention of the Great Ancient Wall (in connection with the Project), firstly, increased the influx of tourists to the "original wall", and secondly, contributed to the growth of a common reputation potential.

The Latin American Republic has resolved its budgetary problems - for the near future period. And the distant future? Comrade Friend was full of optimism...

The "Project" ex-Manager, together with the ex-("Project") President and ex-assistant to the ex-("Project") President, returned to the East African country. The "Project" ex-Manager was gaining more and more political weight. He applied for one of the first places in traditional hierarchy. Much respect, many advantages…

Both Vanya and comrade Friend, and the Latin American Republic successfully left the project  of "The Intercontinental Wall".

Vanya settled near the pool. Coffee, cigar, fruit. His wife in a bathing suit came up to the pool ...

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