For the Resurrection of Him Who is One

Try to specify the name of the One, in which atheists also believe, with its uniqueness (a word that does not have a plural understanding) from the following:
I wish you to be whole with the increasing whole, the whole of the Best: love, happiness, goodness. What we know and do not know! Together with loved ones.
Under the sign from above, I am the hand of the Great Whole and will fit people in Him.
I will make a compliment, I hope that thought is appreciated: you are in charge. Because the main thing (I want to be whole) is given to you from birth. You are more important than me, because you immediately understood what I was walking for 49 years, but I was corrected by the God of Truth.
Truth cannot answer the inanimate question "what?". She is "whose?" God of Truth.
The Spirit of Truth will be given, but we did not pray to him ...
Remember that the Sin of separation has passed from the outer (rich-poor) to the inner - the “divided” parallel thinking that separates a person who wants to express his own, from the true in the converted ... I know a single “god". That he is, atheists believe. He is originally one and does not need rites for dedication to him, churching. The beginning of his name is whole ...
The main desire from me is a holiday gift! 28/04/2019