The Story about the scientific trip of Vanya Zhuko

The Story about the scientific trip of Vanya Zhukov to a significant bank

Being an applicant of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, Vanya felt obliged to reflect on improvement of a financial banking system of the Latin American republic.

At this time laudatory articles began to be published regularly in world editions.  The articles were devoted to the head of a large semi-state Bank and the excellent results of work of bank under the managment of this successful leader.

In the presence of comrade Friend Vanya several times in an uncertain form said a something positive about a good banking system.

Once, Vanya accidentally came to a meeting with comrade Friend, holding the magazine, with a portrait of the successful bank head on a cover. The head of bank was smiling with a mysterious and kind smile.

Soon Vanya received the report from the national intelligence Service of the Latin American Republic.

It turns out that a certain organization "Disserbelt", operating in a large country, found textual similarities between the books from the collections of works of Vanya and numerous reports made by the Academy of Sciences of a large country. As Vanya became the central local scientific figure, the situation threatened to become unnecessary international scandal.

Through diplomatic channels preliminary consultations were held.

Vanya prepared a bag with currency and a small suitcase with doubloons. The small suitcase was convenient for a carrying by one person.

The bag and the small suitcase were placed under a bed.

At one of the regular meetings with comrade Friend Vanya suddenly learned that on the European island in the Caribbean Sea a plane with the launched engine is expecting him.

It was necessary to immediately fly to a large country to negotiate with the leaders of the local Academy of Sciences on the issue of intellectual rights.

It was required to rush to the estate urgently. The sport bag with currency and the suitcase with doubloons were necessary.

But this problem was solved by the easiest way. Vanya was handed a bag with currency and a small suitcase with doubloons. Nothing delayed its departure. The high-speed government ship brought Vanya to the European island in the Caribbean Sea. Soon Vanya with two women - assistants took places in a cabin of a plane.

The flight started and after a while plane arrived in the big country.

Vanya phoned to the representative of Academy of Sciences. The questions of an intellectual and creative borrowing always were in a group of the most confusing and controversial ones. The representative of the Academy invited Vanya to meet in one of the offices of the largest semi-state Bank.

Vanya remembered the laudatory articles, remembered the mysterious and benevolent smile of the head of the Bank and agreed, without objections.

Vanya and his two assistants were transported to the Bank's office by the official car of the local representative office of the Latin American Republic.

It was not convenient to conduct negotiations with the huge sport bag and the small suitcase, standing nearby. Vanya was forced to ask assistants make several steps with the bag and the small suitcase. 

The employee with a bag entered the general hall for visitors.

An employee with a suitcase went down to the basement. She placed the suitcase in safe deposit box for confidential storage of valuables.

Vanya went to the room for negotiations. On an entrance and in corridors he was met by portraits of the head of bank. The head was smiling with a mysterious and benevolent smile.

Vanya wanted to watch not onto portraits of considerable people, but onto women - the employees of bank, but Vanya was reminding himself that he a married man.

As for men - the staff of bank, they  made the most positive impression on Vanya, with their benevolent smiles.

Vanya entered the room for negotiations. Negotiations with the representative of Academy were going successfully.

There was even a scientific story "with a beard" about the fact that if two citizens have one doubloon (at each), and they exchanged, among themselves, by these doubloons, then, after this exchange, each of them has one doubloon. It is quite another matter if each of them has an object of intellectual property. If they exchanged by these objects, among themselves, then each of them has twice as much knowledge than it was before the exchange.

However immersion into a memoirs, probably, negatively influenced Vanya's partner in negotiations. He, most likely, remembered up something unpleasant, jumped up from chair and loudly cried: "I do not agree with robbery!".

The polite people in stylish clothes and with weapon entered the negotiations room. Soon Vanya sat in an office-room of the important person in important public institution.

The conversation on questions of intellectual property began. But this conversation quickly ended. There arrived the employee from the the local representative office of the Republic and, through a person on duty, transmitted to Vanya the telegram from comrade Friend. Comrade Friend asked Vanya to come back urgently for a participation in a meeting on an important question.

The owner of an office-room also attentively read the telegram. He asked Vanya when the departure back is planned (" - in two hours, an  urgent case") and wrote out a pass.

Vanya got out and went to the Bank by the car of the representative. There two employees waited for him.

The visit of the bank storage room left a questions. After opening of the safe deposit box the small suitcase was not found. Probably, it was some other safe deposit box. But time for search of the correct safe deposit box was not.

Vanya passed to the hall for visitors. He took the bag with currency from the employee and went with the bag and the employee to the car.

Vanya was seen off by benevolent smiles.

However day was far from end.

As soon as the car distanced from the office of bank, a minibus with tinted windows appeared.

At the crossroad the official car (with Vanya and employees inside) decreased a speed.

Immediately  a men with benevolent smiles poured out from a minibus. In hands they had axes and traumatic guns. They began to beat with axes a car windows,  trying to reach the bag with currency. In response to their benevolent smiles to act impolitely -  it would mean behaving inappropriately.

The bag moved to people with axes, traumatic guns and friendly smiles.

Vanya without the bag, without the small suitcase and without an agreement with the representative of the Academy, but in the company of two assistants arrived up to a ladder of the plane and took off for the Latin American Republic.

During the flight there was an opportunity to learn the latest news. Vanya learned that an incident at the intersection is already in media. And a some deputy of some City Council addressed to participants of an incident at the intersection through social network with admonitions.

Strangely enough, but a minibus (in a very far edges) was found, and one of participants of an incident told to the world a sad story about a combination, confluence of circumstances and about own consent  to repent and admit guilt...

About a small suitcase no information appeared. Probably, he will wait year after year, locked in some "non-found" safe deposit box. How now to find him?

Vanya arrived in the Latin American republic in the sad feelings. Where bag? Where small suitcase? Where agreement on settling of a question of the intellectual rights?

But comrade Friend was, as always, optimistic.

After the recieving from Vanya an information about the events, he offered to remember up Shakespeare: "There are more things in Heauen and Earth, Horatio, than are dream't of in our Philosophy."

Vanya was sure in Shakespeare's sagacity, but asked how the words from Shakespeare are connected with the events discussed...

Comrade Friend kindly patted Vanya on the shoulder, and quoted Pushkin (in Russian): «Мы все учились понемногу…» ("All of us succeeded in a learning, gradually - a bit, a little, step by step...").

It reached up to Vanya's consciousness that there are economic sciences, and is – "skills", that are a skills of life, an "abilities" to live, to survive...

- Your scientific trip to a significant Bank was useful for Your development as a consultant. Do a travel towards the Maldives, sunbathe there on the beach, think and develop suggestions useful for the Republic!

Vanya sighed, having reminded that both the bag with currency, and the small suitcase with doubloons are lost:

- I was going to spend time in reflections near the pool, admiring a sea.

- I leave this question on your discretion! –  comrade Friend resolutely said. – The Minister of Energy will explain a details for you!

He  looked at Vanya kindly:

- Banks and financial circulation!

- Economic Sciences and a life skills!

In the evening Vanya learned from Alex that by coincidence of events in the bag with the currency lost at the intersection the banknotes of some central tropical state, only for tourists could be interested, were. A loss, it became clear, not big. As for the small suitcase, in it there was a pilot initial test batch of doubloons.

Test doubloons were making of an alloy of Nickel and copper until the moment, when  a full similarity with the doubloon, lifted a year ago from the sunken Galleon was reached. A part of test doubloons was stored in a small suitcase. In a hurry, this suitcase with test doubloons, made of an alloy of Nickel and copper, was handed to Vanya, who was going on a scientific trip.

The manager of the estate brought fresh mail. Vanya with a frozen look stared for a few seconds at the magazine with an article about the comparison of different financial and banking systems.

Vanya automatically glanced under a bed. There were a sports bag and a small suitcase.

In Vanya's ears the words of comrade Friend  (that is, of Aleksander Pushkin) sounded: "All of us succeeded in a learning, gradually ...".

Vanya returned to the pool in confusion, drank a sip of coffee and watched a sea ... "There are economic sciences, and is – "skills"...".

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