The Story how Vanya Zhukov began to write the book

The Story how Vanya Zhukov began to write the book "The Renewed Republic"

The day began with energetic speeches of comrade Friend and other leaders of the Republic.

The sounds of gunshots were somewhere far away.

Vanya remembered the words: "Revolution is waiting a decisive actions from us!".

It's necessary to stop sitting near the pool, to stop smoking a cigar and drinking coffee! One of the intellectual resources of the Republic should be in the thick of events and offer new initiatives beneficial for the Republic!

Vanya glanced with pleasure at his wife, who came up to the pool in a bathing suit, and he went to the capital, to the pizzeria.

There he started delivering pizza.

The streets were filled with energetic people, soldiers, military equipment.

Shots sounded.  A motion started in the capital.

Vanya, if necessary, was explaining that he is busy with delivery of pizza. This explanation provided Vanya the positive attitude from all participants of events.

"Humane society!" - Vanya thought. For some reason it was came to memory that during the civil war in Spain (in the thirties the 20th centuries) the parties, happened, stopped a military operations in traditional time of a dinner. They were dining at the usual time, as is customary in normal life.

"Humanity is moving forward along the path of historical development," - Vanya thought. - "For example, radio doggies regularly in one form or another raise the issue about the year of 1937. If we recall the biography of Maxim Gorky, his young years, the biographies of other writers of that time, we find that for a certain social strata a living conditions were as unbearable as in separate places in 1937... Of course, there were no paramilitary structures and state violence (similar to 1937), but they were not needed. People of certain social strata did not know other prospects, did not know another life. They voluntarily agreed to that work which later, in 20-30 years,  was made obligatory with the help of the state violence."

"Comrade Friend does not forcing anyone!"- Vanya continued to reflect . –"If you are a supporter of the revolution, you have the opportunity to join the rows of the "collectivos" or the home guard. No one is forcing people to work for free. Wages, until, a small. Sometimes 5-10 US dollars per month...»

"There are inconveniences - sometimes there is no water in the water supply system, and is no electricity - in the electrical supply system." "Perhaps the death rate because of this is rising…»

"But if someone does not like - he has the right to emigrate, to go abroad." "No repressions! You go  abroad, quietly, and  there you live, quietly!»

Vanya suddenly realized that the idea of the book "The Renewed Republic" appeared!

He began to take notes on scraps of paper and put them in pocket.

"The political genius of comrade Friend and his a humanism allowed the Constitutional Assembly to appear!" ”Nobody, for example, from tanks shot at Parliament...” "You can calmly produce a political activity... Separately... Into  "a side", behind a roadside... But do not interfere with the revolution...". "We must pay tribute to the political genius - no one was in a hurry to fool the public with the new Constitution..." "The theme of democracy does not tolerate fuss!" “They invented an unpleasant rubbish...  let's play a pipe a fife .. .! We, with Sergei Sergeevich!...”

"A new ecological era is approaching, a new ecological society - without centralized power supply and water supply systems. Maybe without money and without banks - at least in the usual form..."

Vanya thought further. "What about the balance of budget, what about the external debt of the Republic? To what social consequences will lead growth of external debt?..."

The topic was quite complex... But Vanya did not have time to think well about the external debt of the Republic and about prospects. Something seemed as if have punched him, and he lost consciousness.

He woke up in the hospital after surgery. He came under fire. Concussion, injuries. During the operation, Vanya screamed something, saying the words in Russian. Perhaps he quoted one of the revolutionary works of Maxim Gorky... Someone from the medical staff was familiar with the Russian language. A employee of hospital found the written notes - made in Russian. An official from the Embassy was invited.

Vanya saw an Embassy employee - the same employee who organized Vanya's participation in the  meeting after Vanya received an excellent costume from the Ambassador.

The employee looked at Vanya and approvingly frowned. Vanya fainted again.

He woke up in the office of the great diplomat. Vanya  was wearing what looked like a straitjacket. He was supported on both sides by two medical officers.

On the desk in front of the great diplomat was an extract from Vanya's medical history. To the right of the extract was a box with thimbles. On the left - there were sheets of paper for the book "The Renewed Republic".

The great diplomat with pleasure was wiping thimbles and a gold small ball with a special napkin:

- I warned you that you will regret about your behavior!

Vanya shook the head, in agreement.

The great diplomat waved fingers. But not from himself, but a little aside. Health workers removed from Vanya a dress, which he perceived as a straitjacket.

The great diplomat with pleasure looked at Vanya. His clothes were renewed after a wound.

Then he shifted a gaze onto the extract from Vanya's medical history:

- Not so bad!

Then he focused his look at the sheets of paper for the book "The Renewed Republic":

- I see you have new creative plans. Well... Not bad... not bad... We support talents...

The great diplomat turned to the medical staff:

- Escort him up to garbage containers and leave him there!

Then the diplomat told Vanya:

- You can to run – to fulfill errands, a while, for a time ...  .... As for preparation of the new book, we will find you...

The diplomat waved his fingers again. But, this time, from himself.

Medical workers brought Vanya out of the office and led him towards a garbage cans.

"His thimbles are excellent," - Vanya admired. - "Wonderful little golden ball!" "Not everyone can determine under what thimble the ball is located!" "Great man!" "Big head!"

Ahead the garbage containers already were. The flight down through the mine for  garbage  was involuntarily remembered up...

"Nothing of a bad can happen - owing to him!" "I will write the book!", - Vanya thought with enthusiasm, quickening the steps towards garbage cans.

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