The Story about interest in the Bureya theme on Ma

The Story about interest in the Bureya theme on May 2, 2019

1. Inspection, assessment of the situation.

Staff officers of the Eastern Military District assessed the condition of the duct [channel] made [punched] in the landslide on the river Bureya

12:03 30.04.2019

The visual inspection was carried out using the mi-8AMTSH army aviation helicopter, the need for this event was caused by the unstable flood situation in the region.

A group of officers of the staff of the Eastern military district inspected the state of the the duct [channel] on the Bureya river, where at the beginning of this year the military engineering unit of the district eliminated the consequences of a giant landslide.

The visual inspection was carried out using the mi-8AMTSH army aviation helicopter, the need for this event was caused by the unstable flood situation in the region.

During the flight, a reconnaissance of the hydrological regime in the area of the so-called proran was carried out. (Proran was created by military engineers).

The results of the examination of irregularities in the functioning of the duct [channel]  [proran] have not been identified, the task the channel performs in full...

Carrying out such inspections will allow to identify in advance the possible threat of flooding of the area and take timely measures to eliminate potential flood events.

Recall that in the Eastern military district to combat possible floods on the rivers of the Far East and Eastern Siberia, about 140 groups were formed, more than 240 units of automotive and more than 30 engineering equipment, as well as about 50 mortars were involved.

More than 12 tons of explosives, more than 3,500 mortar mines and about 60 aviation bombs have been prepared for the practical blasting of ice


Russian emergencies Ministry helicopter brought scientists to assess the situation at the site [location] of the landslide in Verkhnebureinsky district

April 29 16:25

The situation created as a result of the landslide in the riverbed of Bureya of the Verkhnebureinsky area, is on constant control of the Ministry of emergency situations of Russia. However, experts are concerned not only about the safety of the passage of the spring flood in this area of the Bureya river, but also the probability of re-descent of rock [landslide].

In this regard, within the framework of interdepartmental cooperation, the Mi-8 helicopter of the Khabarovsk aviation and rescue center of the EMERCOM of Russia delivered scientists to the site of the landslide to assess the situation. During the day, they inspected the hill, conducted aerial photography, made the necessary measurements of cracks in the rock and assessed their depth, width and direction. Also, the representative of the Institute of tectonics and Geophysics examined the earth's surface, soil and stone debris for the detection of ancient rocks, indicating the depth of the cracks formed as a result of the landslide.

"We assessed the landslide bed to assess the risk of a possible re-landslide. Primary data were obtained. However, the final result will be only after the calculations in the office. At the moment, we can only say that there is a possibility of re-descent of rock [landslide], but its volume will be several orders of magnitude less. In this case, the damage will be minimal," said Andrey Ostroukhov, head of the laboratory for optimization of regional environmental management of the Institute of water and environmental problems of Feb RAS.

To ensure trouble-free passage of flood waters through the proran and control over the situation until the middle of the second decade of may, an airmobile group of the Russian emergencies Ministry will be on the site of the proran, consisting of specialists of the Main Directorate of the Russian emergencies Ministry for the Khabarovsk territory, rescuers of the far Eastern regional search and rescue team and the Amur rescue center of the Russian emergencies Ministry. They continue to work on the riverbed. The life support of the group is organized in a field camp, where the helicopter delivers provisions, fuel and lubricants as necessary.

Another group of rescuers is located in the village Chekunda Verkhnebureinsky district. Specialists of EMERCOM of Russia are equipped with the necessary equipment and tools to carry out emergency rescue and other urgent works, if necessary, as well as to assist the population in case of unfavorable development of the flood situation.

Currently, the flood situation in the Verkhnebureinsky district is calm. Constant monitoring of water levels is organized. In the upper reaches of the Tyrma River the  ice drift began, in the lower reaches remain ice

May 2, 2019 02:52

Translation from Russian into English: May 2, 2019 03:15.
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